a house is a home

Monday 27 May 2013
a house of warm
a house of swarm
scents permeating 
so sweet and sour
bees whizzing
airflow swift
covers adrift
pillows astrewn
and curtains so trim
mellow down the sound
thrust in some melody
drink nectar of sweetness
and breathe a whiff of perfume
swim the goodness of laughter
and waft away the gin of sin
breathe! oh breathe!
a house built is a home 
no less.no more.

Knock open the sleeping YOU!

Sunday 16 September 2012
You are what you do repeatedly. EXCELLENCE is not an event ...It is a HABIT. 

Aristotle said that once!

And it doesn't need a genius explaining you what that means. That goes without saying- there is a genius sleeping in all of us. And it is upto us to awaken it. Knock at it's door and say "Hey man...You're time is over! This is not happening any more. We've got to work!"

And believe me , WORK IS WORSHIP.Tell me the truth ,today anyone who is unemployed or not in that cliché list of "well to do" employment ..are they really respected? People have to earn their dignity and work towards excellence. It is what makes them truly human. It accomplishes the very desire of nature in placing you and me on this planet. We have to keep working towards something. Something Rock Solid. Something that defines us into what we want to be. I read the above quote and it just struck a cord in me to tell you ..to tell the world that Excellence is really Everything! Each of us excel in different lines of a spectrum. And it is in those that we mirror ourselves. We mirror our souls.It is not the work that we do matters! How we do it is what matters!

Ciao guys!
Happy Week! 
<3 <3  

My Twin Diamonds

Thirty years ago,
You were raw,
You were naive,
You were a delicate lily,
Waiting to taste the world,
through each others eyes..
through each others lives..
For there was nothing more sacred,      
Than being devoted to one another.

You  both gave each other,
The wings to fly,
The eyes to see,
The ears attune,
To the cry of laughter...
and reigned the emerald way.

You gave us your lives,
Toiled blood and sweat, 
Gave us more than we needed.

And today we stand-
Our heads held high,
Parading in pride,
the very fruit of your lives Mom & Dad!
We couldn't ask for more! 

Happy Pearl Anniversary Mom & Dad!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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