When you spot a baby dragonfly..

Sunday, 26 February 2012
Er.Sorry people,for being on such a superstitious high. I mean ,I'm not like this always but today is just the hour of superstition for me.It just struck me from the glass breaking incident to now this one.However,anything I post is going to be happy and non-freaky.So I'm sure you don't have to take snap me yet by indirectly mouthing no-more-of-this-superstition-crap.

Well,This is something I'd love sharing. My mom had spotted a baby dragonfly at home near the window sill. People say when baby dragonflies are spotted inside homes it's a great sign coz it means there's going to be a baby. I mean isn't that awesome if my bro and sis in law have a baby soon? Of course,I feel this house is just infested with too many grown ups now.Too many grown ups just forget to be a sport. It's time our family witnesses another decade of baby giggles,laughs and high baby spirits. Obviously I adore babies.

Some say,Dragon flies are a sign of Life Cycles / Ancient Times / Water /Clairvoyance / Transformation .Now whatever that means.Basically it all boils down to happy times. Don't you find dragonflies fascinating? They look so hep .Look at the above pic,Doesn't it look like it's enjoy the sun of her/his life flying away in her cool huge pink shades?! I think dragonflies are so cute and err, STYLISH! :)

Fly like the stylish dragonfly! Fly your life, dear friends!! ;)


  1. Jill said...:

    Hi! Thanks so much for joining my blog today. :) I'm happy to be following you now too.

    I do adore dragonflies!

  1. Seema said...:

    beautiful pictures...

  1. They look similar to a Helicopter
    and this post reminds me of my childhood !
    catching a dragon fly and tying a thread to its back and flying it :D
    hehe :(
    good post !

  1. LOL! Hope it brings a baby in home soon. God.. I remember catching a dragonfly and keeping it in a cage wanting it to live with me. But, it died :( It could not breathe. I was a 6 year girl when I did this.

  1. *Jill!!!Thanks for coming by! :) Yea,dragonflies are such freaky-beautiful creatures!! :)

    Thanks *Seema!They are simple google images I liked very much :)

  1. Oh yes yes *Deepak,my small cousin brother used to do that!! :) Poor dragonfly.That's dragonfly exploitation!! :P

    OH freak, that's kinda sad!!But yea ,you've been so brave *Sahana :).I never even went nearby insects.I had this huge phobia towards anything swift flying and crawly!! Eww.

    And thanks for coming by to read and comment!! Makes me really happy :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    me too me too! i love dragonfly! they're so fast and beautiful. very elegant!
    and i learned a new thing again today about what a baby dragonfly in house means! :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    didnt know dragonfly had something to do with superstition.. :-S news to me! :P

  1. LOL! *Della,you sure did!!:) I love looking at them but freak out when I see my close friends carrying it around as if it were a badge!!! :|

    *egnahcaes ,Me too didn't know till Mom told me! And I googled,there is a superstition behind every animal. But I chucked reading it coz then every time I see some animal, I'll be reminded of that superstition.Sometimes,Ignorance is Bliss :)Thanks a ton for stopping to read and COMMENT. Makes me :)

  1. Raj said...:

    wow.. they sure are fascinating. Didnt know that they brought transformation or life cycle changes. I hope and wish your bro and sis in law have a baby soon. :)

  1. As long as superstitions mean happiness who cares!! lovely pics...have never looked at a dragonfly like this before...thanks for sharing!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hey i dinno bout the superstitions that are attached to dragonflies:)
    hope yoou get a lil baby in the house to play with soon and the superstition is not a superstition:)

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  1. beautiful pic.... and may your wishes for a new baby in your house come true....

  1. Oh thank you so much *Raj!! I really hope that happens soon!! :)

    Your welcome *Little Princess.Even I didn't till I spotted a close up shot of this one! :)

  1. He he ,Yes *Alka I would like to think Superstition is not a superstition :D
    May babies rain my home ;)

    Really *Santa! Can't wait for the new arrival!! :) Babies just cheer up a home!! :)

  1. Even I believe in Superstitions. And yes, Too many grown ups and you can never have so much fun as you could, with a tiny tot :-)

  1. Oh yea,*Ashwini!!! :)A tiny tot washes away all the blemishes of hypocrisy and paints innocence all the way!! :)

  1. kattyg said...:

    Aw! I found your blog looking for a nice pict of a dragonfly to pin with pinterest! And I read your story! wow! thankyou for sharing, I didn't know what you have written and now I love more dragonflies!!! thankyou!

  1. Blitzy said...:

    Found your blob today, 7.7.13 after having a conversation with a dragonfly on our tomato plants that are waiting for bees to polinate them. I love dragonflies but bees better. So the gist of our conversation was asking the dragonfly to leave because dragonflies eat bees. We need the bees to take care of our tomato plants, and all plants on earth needing polination. I am happy dragonflies eat lots of insects but as I said, I asked this beautiful bronze dragonfly to fly away.

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