Monday, 20 February 2012

They say white lies are pure,
how can you be so sure,
if that was so true,
then why do we more than- 
white lie?
When all we can
is  relentlessly
be truthful.

Carrying the cross,
for being so gross,
let's bear the pain,
and anchor our reign.

For it is us who make our life,
so we never harbor strife,
if pregnant with lies,
leads us to the mice,
for if we show might,
then there is no reason,
to blight.

Every time you lie, maybe you want to mark "x" in your scrapbook? Reminds us of the magnitude with which lies live in us.


  1. Carrying the cross for being so gross :P
    simply superbbb..
    It was like a HARD SLAP !

  1. Raj said...:

    "When all we can is relentlessly be truthful." - A very beautiful line. Wonderful words to express a wonderful thought.

  1. _____ said...:

    a lot of energy seems to flow from you...... :)
    the 2nd para of the poem is simply grt!!!

  1. Just a simple one I made to bring the gist out :)!! Thanks *Raj :)

    That is such a sweet thing to say.Thanks *______!! :) Wonder why are just a blank. :|

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Liked the last para :) Gets to the heart of the problem. And I like the pic too.Both of them :)

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