Imagine Peace,always!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one's level of peace of mind.-Sydney Madwed

Honestly, I didn't know how to start this post on PEACE. Hence,looked up on a quote.I loved this most. It totally conforms to what I'd like sharing with you all  especially after those chocolate breaks ;)

Isn't that what we eventually want in life? We are constantly searching for peace. For peace of mind. Even at church,every Sunday, we exchange our -peace be with yous. All of us want to draw that connect with everything and everyone around us that brings us peace. Peace of mind is different to different people.

It's almost equivalent to venting out or displaying our talents! We are making peace with
ourselves. Why do our parents berate us when we go wrong? Just so that we lead a life filled with peace and love.Peace is not those eyeball grabbing campaign or winning those extra "votes" on tv ,the media claims today. It's far more powerful than we think it is!

You don't just carry white flags all over the place or it's not just a truce between two nations.It's more than that.It's extending arms to live harmoniously etching out all that negativity building between people/nations. 

In reality we even belong to different religions because every religion treads it's own path to PEACE. My search for peace might not be in parallel with your search for peace. Probably that statement might prove blasphemous back in the old century.But today, people brag that they've "modernised" bringing with them a heavy load of  baggage that brushes with insanity. Modernisation has lost it's meaning today. That's another post. I'll stick to Peace now :)

This post happened when a friend had posted a beautiful video on Peace from the Quantum Level. Check it out here

It talks about creating real PEACE.It's more or less like The Ripple Effect.For example ,when you drop a stone in a pond,It creates ripples and now those ripples have spread to the entire pond.Now ,think about world peace,if each of us just contributed a little of our "ripples" those ripples would keep rippling turning into a tidal wave! Isn't that amazing? Those ripples of peace are more powerful than the nuclear force itself. So "creating PEACE" can actually bring a lot of positive vibrancy ,even ending the warring countries to win their people with more than a gift of truce!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.-John F. Kennedy.

So there, IMAGINE PEACE ,always! :)
Peace be with you all! :)

An Ode to Granpa

Here is a lovely poem my Uncle penned for his father.My grandad! Our grandad.

It's the 5th anniversary and he along with my beautifully living Granma raised four gorgeous kids who've grown out to be responsible beings with strong values for our system of life and bestowed upon us the paths to independent thinking with chivalry.Letting us be free like those birdies in the sky yet never letting go when we are scathed or go awry! The whole concept of bringing us in they're grip of life and letting us free from the clap of their hands requires reputable strength and honor. Grandad had that .And those genes have slipped down to my Mom,Uncles & Aunt.

Isn't it a wonder to grant freedom where one can enjoy responsibly yet nuture it without having it tainted?! That is,some kind of FREEDOM of sorts ,isn't it?! Not everone is lucky to be a part of it.

Little did we know that morning ,
God was going to call your name.
In Life we loved you dearly,
in death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you,
but you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you,
the day God called you home.

You left us fond memories,
your love is still our guide.
And though we cannot see you,
you are always by our side.

Our family chain is broken,
and it seems we are adrift
But as God calls us one by one,
We'll be linked again at rest.

Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
To sweet eternity.

We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We are all meant to live our life,
But never meant to stay.

Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know,
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.

But when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the Lord.

We luv ya,Granpa! 

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Hellooo all my chocolate lovers! It so happens I have my project review tomorrow and here I am sitting and pounding away on my keyboard though nights wear me out. Infact I love nights. But tomorrow is a busy day for me so the fact that I'm sitting up late is a bit of my other-self's concern.However,I've come here to entertain you with some chocolate chatter! :)

I don't know how far this is true but they say Women love chocolates more than anything.But I do know guys who can bear all for a chocolate(I mean,not literally!).So chocolate is another thing other than love that has surpassed all human caste/creed/religion from simply meandering into residing in the hearts of people young and old.

People,old and young,white or brown or black or yellow have all gone gaga over chocolates!(not being racist,just describing people how this world does!) And I don't think the chocolate madness will ever end.Owing to it's ingredients that delve into each of our taste buds are TRUULY ...A class apart! 

Chocolates? Don't you think it washes away all our sorrows.Or maybe not. It atleast puts our thoughts to rest. Right? Don't you think the moment you start relishing it more,the more you start slurrrping and enjoying every ounce of it,it momentarily erases all the subconscious negativity?

I am not stating any scientific facts here. Merely saying how concentrating and relishing on smaller things in life can get you where you have to. It's amazing how one can fully finish a bar of chocolate in one gulp and not remain unhappy. 

Do take a break from your heavy schedule/diet/work/study or whatever and give into a teenny-weeny temptation to a little chocolate snack! ;)

Enjoy every bite and taste the insides of this sugary miracle.A sure masterpiece indeed that keeps the world in enigma surrounded by this heavenly la choclatier story!

*Dance the chocolate style yo!* 


Star-dusted in brown,
coated like sugary burn,
simmering with glee,
guess who can it be?

Enchanted chirps,
from north to south,
from east unto west,
tweeting so merrily,
my ecstasic power,
my power that can stun, 
throwing everyone,
 spell bound!

I dissolve all sorrows,
I dissolve all pain,
I emanate energy,
so full of ecstasy,
my aura can thunder,
like lightenings surrender,
that the time has come,
to give up their gloom!

Women love me,
Men love me,
Children love me no less,
so can you now guess,
what i might be?

This is your quest,
don't put me to the test,
for i will soon melt,
at anyone's compliment!


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The word Smile reminds me of:
1)The song Words from Boyzone that begins with "Smile, an everlasting smile ...." 
That is one hell of a song that sure makes everyone smile,doesn't it? :) 

2)My Mom's smile when I tell her something happy.She almost always smiles.Probably the most warm hearted person I've ever seen till date.
Moms are really the world's bestest people. I think if God never created Moms ,I don't know what I would've been today. :)

3)My Dad's smile when I tell him I've scored good grades or when I win some contest.
Dads make a daughter's world so colorful and supportive,don't you think? My dad used to support me everytime I got in trouble with back-answering my mom or did some mischief at school,ofcourse in a healthy way :) 

4) My Brother who used to call me "frown face" when I was a kid! 
I think that helped a lot during my growing days.That phrase used to remind me how often I get agitated over petty things. And how easily irritable I could become.

5) Smile..When that someone so special gives you without asking!
Life gives you that one person you'd rather do anything to retain they're smile and keep them safe in your arms for ever.

6)I'd recently gone visiting a Home for the run away kids.
And those girls. OMG! They're so mighty adorable. They are sent to private schools.Everything is looked after.They have few generous donors. It's amazing to see those girls circling around you with love & laughter in a few words of friendship you exchange with them. I think those are few things I'll never forget in life. When I left the Home, a small girl gave me a toffee and swiftly ran inside the house.Was that a token of love?Of happinesss? I was so touched. That's another post altogether. I smiled! :)

7)Reviving an almost broken Friendship.
It's funny how certain people ,when they become a part of your life,we don't realise how happy they make they're presence felt.The realization comes after they've ALMOST walked out your door.I grabbed that one final chance and made peace with a friend. I smiled. :) All the joys came  flooding through those empty spaces.

8)Angels on earth.
There are another set of people ,who walk into your life so untimely,that they're very existence saves you of having you carry all the burden yourself!

9)And there are few other friends ..
Who simply stand by you no matter what. Be it,during the storms of life or a sunshine peeping through.
This smile is for the few constant people in my life who never failed to make me SMILE! :)

10)There are those who's connections we forge are very short-lived ,yet it makes our day!
I make mine almost everyday.You Go ahead, make that connection today with someone new! I'm sure you'll smile!

In this post, I wanted to stress the importance of SMILE but ended up writing a list of what makes me smile in turn making me happy!

I read my list, re-read it. Re-re-read it. It made me SMILE! :)
 What about you? What's on your list of SMILES today?


I wish I could just climb roof tops and hill tops just to praclaim how happy I am. I have no reason. No specific event in my life at the moment so "happening"! Infact certain things are going totally downhill. But I'm still feeling happy and worried for nothing at all! Feeling some kind of internal peace. I'm just relishing every moment of it. I'm just worried I can't write much because of my exams in exactly 9 days and 10 hours .However , my urge to write is undying. 

I am happy I am happy! I hope you all can sing along!

 Khalil Gibran's words express exactly how I feel now!
Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. 

I was just reading a lovely blog.And this blogger, she had written on why one quotes on quotes and how much she likes doing the same.Taking cue from that , I'd like to tell you that today, I have no words. No written language to proclaim how happy I am. I just am. And I quoted Khalil Gibran because those words were exactly how I wanted to describe the current situation of my soul, into words. However , I find it difficuilt to prize those words out of my soul  now that I'm so happy. The same happens when I'm  very sad too. It's either extremes. It's a kind of brain-lock, soul-lock or whatever you call it! 

So, I'll just wave good-night to all my friends out there, before that,SMILE! It sure makes you live LOOONGER than the number of Os I've addeded in the word. 


Thank you,Universe.

Pamper Thyself

Sunday, 22 January 2012
{This is a simple google image yet loved it too much to share!}

Ever thought about pampering yourself? Self indulgence is a lovely treat to you-mindwise,body wise and soul-wise. Look around you, you find beauty parlours at almost every corner of the street or a spa at almost every crossing street. Also ,in the recent years there has been a wide frenzy over how one looks and how one styles himself/herself.Yes,they overdo it.However look at the positive side of it.. Is treating yourself really that bad?

Yes,crossing the line is not advisable.So what exactly does "crossing the line" mean.Simply that one needn't go to the wild extent of doing a nose job just to have a better nasal sound in her voice. indian audience should know whom I'm talking about *wink*wink*. But pampering yourself is great! The word pampering itself creates waves of optimism. But that nasal thingy,I think that goes right under "spoiling thyself" category.

Here are some obvious ways you'd like pampering yourself!

Body pampering 
1)Go for long walks every morning! Really helps the blood circulating generously all over your body.
2)Go for your regular regime of parlour vistits( I know how women feel everytime they get a new haircut.The happiness just glows all over their faces! I'm not yet sure about guys.)
3) Hit the spa once in three months or anytime you wish. Thai massages are supposed to be the world's renowned massage technique! So make that nearest spa your second home! 
4)Change hairstyles or haircolor. Did you know that hair-do/hair color determines the kind of person you are? Interesting ,ain't it? Go get that flaming red hair and your lovely mane gorgeously layered! It's Upto you.
5)Keep changing your wardrobe.The same wardrobe filled with the same clothes ,same colors cites a melancholic life and maybe you could pep up your wardrobe today?

Mind-wise/Soul-wise pampering
This is the most important part. The better your mind is set and free of clutter ,your soul sings with joy! So your soul-pampering depends on your mind pampering.

Whenever you are in doubt regarding what somebody did to you was mean or whatever- Clarify,go up and confront the person or if you are not comfortable with the confronting session just sit tight and practise patience! Just bring your mind to PEACE.And your soul will rejoice!
And for those with subtle souls ,MEDITATE.It's a real breather.For those who don't find the need to meditate,simply go jogging/play with your pet/talk to somebody you can just unwind yourself to,at any given situation.

So guys,Thanks for following me through uptil here.Now comes the actual beat! 
Always remember : When your mind is rightly pampered ,so is your soul and eventually so will be your body. How one moulds oneself , indulging in loving oneself and believing in oneself follows the way you pamper your mind , soul and your body.

The order you pamper yourself in:

1.Mind 2.Soul 3.Body

Before bidding adieu,just a mention about how one should never forget the lines blurring between spoiling oneself and pampering oneself today.
Always,Keep your head on your shoulders and Set your heart in the right place. I'm sure you will never fail yourself!

Thank you my Bestie!

Today when I checked my blog in the wee hours of  morning ,right after going to church, I was stunned! Like practically,STUNNED! 

It was planned last night that Kavi would finish giving an uplift to my blog.Yet, I nver knew she'd put her heart and soul into this! I mean, my idea of upliftment was just a neat look! She's gone ahead and done a lot of work! Initially, It was her idea to re-design my blog coz I was not very inclined at re-doing this whole blog.I felt it was too early to design my blog being JUST a kindergarten blogger and for so many other reasons.

Well, THANKS A TON ,KAVI! All the beautiful art work here, ALL The credit goes to Kavi!! She's sure multi-faceted.And you can find her at Edible Entertainment

Here is a lovely quote for you; I woud've penned Kavi into a poem.But was so overcome that I couldn't resist the feeling of excitement instead posted this!

"Each Friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." - Anais Nin. 

I love this quote. Truly serves the purpose! 

Again,Thanks Kavi. Luv ya! *bear hugs & chocolate kisses* 

Patience Personified

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Patience is the companion of Wisdom . -St.Augustin.

What do you think about patience? Isn't it another manifestation of love? I believe so. Patience has played a very crazy role in my life. Simply because I never thought I'd be those types.Being patient was an ordeal for me. Meaning,patience was never a word in my dictionary. It was traumatic to face the even disastrous consequences of it. Here are the reasons why;

1)It was hurting people around me.
2)Being a conscience driven person,I used to feel hopelessly miserable.

When I read about The Secret;The awakening began.And I couldn't think of perfecting myself in a more perfect situation of my life! I kept attracting thoughts on being quiet when people did /said things I didn't like. And not only the book , there were other positive
attributes new to my life that had this tremendous effect. Mom almost gave up, rebuking me for being so agressively impatient. 

Truth is...
1) You are ruining everybody's happiness around you by being a pest like that.
2)Your own peace of mind is lost. 

So,I always say a silent prayer for patience before hitting the bed. Because,lately I've experienced how rewarding it is when you are patient with people.It not only saves you of trouble but also helps people breathe. Giving them all the time they need to fit into that square of your expectation.

Also,I wanted to mention that, I never even wanted to post this in the first place for fear that
people would judge me. It so happens, I don't care about what anybody talks about me
behind my back or on my face regarding what I've become now or how I've changed.Because, I diligently visualised this change and it happened. And this I've acquired with a lot of
pain.Believe me , it's not so easy to go against the grain! It is arduous. It's like taming a wild
animal.It has it's baggage of tears, prayers and more. But when you've achieved it,There's
nothing like it,it feels you are on top of the world.,you feel like a halogen balloon floating in
mid air! I'm already receiving my gifts of patience.And the feeling is overwhelming. But I also
know , the sustenance is the most vital part. However, I know that I'll never let ME down. 

Gifts of love,again!

Living Treasures

Friday, 20 January 2012

Talk about the pleasures of gardening! I've always loved plants,trees,flowers-the scented and the unscented.And those creepers ,climbers,those gorgeously twisty turning ones.It's a sight to behold .Don't you think?

Who doesn't love the nature at it's colorful glory!

A carpet of green,
much so serene.
Marshy earth,
crawling with mirth.
Residing insects,
fauna-flora visuals,
Delighting the eyes,
that costs no price.
So flaming red,
yet so delicately bred,
with sparkly waters,
surrendering to their fathers,
dribbling and splattering,
plentifully giving,
nourishing and satiating,
every fellow being.

Wrote that,when a lovely scene flashed before me ;a forest-look waterfalls with it's greens standing dominant at it's gaiety's best!

My garden
My mom and dad love gardening and I guess ,I've got into that groove now.Simply love the way plants ,flowers, trees are. They're so gorgeously majestic. Each and every plant/tree/flower is so gorgeous in it's own way.There again, steming it's way to "uniquness".

They say "Talk to plants and they grow faster!". The day I heard that,you have no clue how bonkers I went about "talking to plants".I used to talk,no wait,I used to whisper.For fear that onlookers would think I've lost it.I would whisper sweet things to plants like "You're beautiful,grow fast" or "You're the cutest of this crowd.Grow,grow,grow!".I used to do this like, seven years back. Now,I'm laughing over all that.

But secretly ,deep down ,from the bottom of my heart,I do whisper to plants,even TODAY,lovingly asking them to grow. I guess the plants can sense the love by the way you pour water over it or nuturing it,manuring it and protecting it from pests! 

"The way you pour water over it" meaning ,you just don't throw water over it like you were flinging a bag of garbage in the bin.Instead ,gently let the water's love and the pourer's love deeply penetrate into its roots and stem till the tip of the leaf!

Just let the water flow gently.Take care of it like a baby.You don't even have to talk! Just let the warmth in you spread to your saplings too.They'll enjoy growing and sustain everything just to please their master.They don't have mouths to cry but they rot away to agony and wither away if you don't care enough.They don't squeak for help when they're dying.They don't throw tantrums like us when they can't grow the way they want.They just grow the way they are destined to be born through that one blessed seed creating a niche for themselves,individually;creating a world where they belong and carrying on their leafy lives to eternally evergreen livelihood till death places its hand over it!

I wrote this just to thank the Universe for giving me such lovely flowers.I have been dedicatedly watering my plants from the past two weeks. And in three days, bloomed a splendid rose,then another,and then four more. All in peachish pinkish red.Oh,how I love them! And my hibiscus has grown to its matured beauty dancing in the breeze like a balerina on fire. And those cute baby tomatoes. My! You get the picture.There are many samplings we've planted,Er,Yet to learn their names! I'm waiting to expand my garden.Our garden.A lot of my mom's efforts run into it.Efforts and love.Gifts of love indeed!

My Theory of Love

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What is love?

I have this interesting friend with whom I had an even interesting conversation today.It all started from somewhere and we landed here. So,Love- ?

Let me be specific .I'm talking about love between two hearts and what it means to each of us.Yes,I know ,everyone views love in every other way. And from what I've learnt,dealt and experienced life;I think the way we love a person (our life companion) talks mountains of who we really are.

Promise,I never looked up on any scientific thesis! Just my way of evaluating the different human nature ,the way they emote in different circumstances,and how they  go hand-in-hand with this strange-beautiful being called "Love".

For me,It is something that is the most naturalest thing in the world(Forgive me for inventing this new word "natural-est".Just trying to emphasize my point!)."Naturalest" is my highest degree of natural. So,

Love is the most naturalest feeling.Like breathing,like hearing the whooshing of the wind or hearing the distant sounds,like seeing ,or like listening! Love is something that sparks between two hearts without even knowing it sparked.

For example,if A liked B. It's very ridiculous when A has to chase B all his life just to win her heart.And even if A does get her ,what next? I think the answer is pretty obvious! I doubt if the relationship will work out.I'm not being pessimistic,merely sharing what I've seen happen.

It's like,if I am madly infatuated with the latest sports car, I'll do probably anything to get my hands on it.But I also know,it's just a passing cloud and I'll get over this whole "sports car" mania.Again,I'll be obsessively infatuated with something else.It's like the circle of infatuation, going round and round,with the same happenings!

I think this is how people confuse themselves, treating people like commodities,making rash transitory choices,commitments, eventually bombing their lives into smithereens.

 However,we know ,life today is filled with many a conflicting set of interests.

Some people choose everything.
Some choose what they like and ignore the rest.
Some simply know what they want or so it seems.

Love is something that naturally creeps into the hearts of two,something so ordinary,yet in the complexities of life where it is labourious to even make a mole-hilled decision,what makes this ordinary feeling so extraordinary.It's that spark that sparkles in the hearts of very few.  The very few pen poems of long -lasting death-do-us-apart poems and the rest crave for "that love".

"Love is after all a simple being with an innocent heart and misunderstood a complicated being."

Oh,I'd love to hear from each of you ,your take on love! Let's see all those fascinating feedbacks on love,you could even not agree with whatever I mentioned in here,So what? I'm looking forward to it! Bring it on.

Let the Love rain heavy upon you! :)

Building Castles in the Underworld

Never give up!

When your heart is low,
when everything goes slow,
always remember,
Never give up.

when nobody believes,
and when nobody cares,
always remember,
never give up.

when the tides are low,
when your breath is melow,
always remember,
never give up.

when the winds deny you,
when your world falls apart,
start everything anew,
noone said your life's -"thats it!"

when the storm is brewing,
heaven and hell wrath fire,
always remember,
we care!
so never give up!

when your dear ones desert you,
when the hills steep down ,
always remember,
never give up.

when life's lost it's lustre,
when you've embraced ire,
always remember, 
patience is the answer.
And mostly remember,
never give up,ever!

when your spirits are dying,
when your sun is weeping,
always always always remember,
never give up!

when your soul is thirsty,
when you know you are meeky,
Know that He loves you,
Know that He's waiting for you,
waiting you'll summon him someday,
He'll pour out his soul ,
loving you, Just You!

Like the industrious ants,
toiling day and night,
creating ,
and contributing, 
to the underworld of their dreams,
scurring in labour, 
Building castles in their world,
they defy fear,
they war the storms,
though losing an obvious battle,
They rejoice in their choice to-
"Never give up!"


The Old Man and his two Wives

Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Here is an allegory I'd love to share.

There was an old man who had two wives.One was young and beautiful and the other one was old and frailing. And each of them loved him very much, desired to see him like herself.Now the man's hair was turning grey.So,on the nights when he was with the young wife,she used to comb his hair and get rid of all the white hair.And when he was with the older wife who feared of looking like his mom ,tweeked out all his black hair.Well, now you can guess what would've happened in course of time.

The old man soon found himself bald!

Moral:Yield to all and you will soon have nothing to yield.

I think it's a pretty self explanatory story. Needs no Einstein to get the point!

My inference

Let's get to the root of the problem.Yeilding and not yeilding arises out of the decisions we make for ourselves.So it all boils down to our decision-making capacity.Scientifcally,our brain is divided into Left Brain and Right Brain.

Left Brain -performs all the logical,analytical and rational reasoning.
Right Brain-performs all the intuitive,subjective and a holistic reasoning.

How we use the Right Brain Left Brain varies from person to person.More often,it is believed that people use their Left Brain more under the false impression that deciding life decisions logically can end our woes of life. However it is in developing the so called "Right Brain Left Brain Crossover" one can fully accomplish a holistic decision-making process in life.

In general,when making a decision,we weigh out all those possibilities that make our life so stressful.Hardly do we notice that it's the "kind of decision" we make ,the sole reason why its consequences are souring!

In a nutshell, making judicious use of Right Left Brains help us making sound,intuitive & rational decisions in life.

That's where my scienctific reasoning ends! Now, getting to the heart of it.

When we humans are brought into this beautiful Universe,we were and are a sign of love! That rich and immaculate love. Because we weren't dumped here by accident. We were created out of love. And so The Almighty/God even gave us the spunk to be on this not-so-immaculate Universe because He knew He was sending each one of us here for a "purpose".That purpose is Our Life.The journey to that "purpose" subliminally becomes our mission for life.This journey is not all rosey but fruitful indeed.So men ,old and young,tread this path dumping their saturnine nothings and entering a world of rakish sanguinity! Though it may sometimes be like playing with fire,imagine yourself a child because a child's play is always forgiven. And a child in each of us, no matter what,wouldn't yeild to the fiery fires of the world. He/She woud listen to the whispers of his own,cautioning when life decides to run him downhill.

Yeilding to wrong things can lead to the worst.In merely focussing all your energy on the things you love ,you are indirectly not yeilding to things you'd rather not love.

Ways to boost your built-in Control system
1)There are plenty of mind games.Maybe you'd want to try them?It helps.

2)Do medition the right way.Yoga/Pranic Healing/Reiki. It's an awakening to life like no       other.Believe me.

3)If you feel disinterested in meditations,just walk or sweat out all your worries.It releases all the endorphines in the body giving you a sound mind to think,love and love more.

That implies,you'll make decisions that weed out the unnecessary!
Do,everything it takes to embrace those dreams running wild into your life with not a sprinkle but a rainfall of love!

You might want to read this article.

Liked the Aesop fable?Find more.

Raining 'Thanks'

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Universe,

I'm almost residing here like this were my second home..It's become a tool to let my  rants run to freedom and engulfing the life around of me that wreath me in a paradise of eternal gleam and glow.It's like a burst of crakers circling my earth ,raining sunshine as I pass the moment day by day.

I'm on a journey to love. Just like the story of the lost princess dropping little somethings to return back to her palace,Here I am plucking the best flowers that flourish my Universe and dropping the damaged/wrinkles of yesteryear returning to my palace of wisdom. Surrounded by the warmest hearts and knitting love through the core of their blazing desires. And conglomerating all the values of life filled with ease,love and gifts!

Values that parch the lips of many and scar the souls of the delicate.Like a delicate petal falling one by one,so was my flower weeping for love. Then came the sorcerer's lash who's heart bled forth all my shortcomings.Here I stand ,stoic in stature flooded with the daises of yellow summer bloom.And hoist my hope and exalt in grattitude the mighty wonders of The Universe. 

Thank you,Universe!!!

I'd like to entertain you with a tiny tale of two friends.A and B are friends. B needs help.It's a dire situation. Hence B asks A. A is more than willing to lend a helping hand.B gets what he wants done by A. And then,B neither thanks nor gives a word of grattitude!

Well,there are two ways to react to this situation.

One way :
Feel bad. Mentally cussing the person till you feel better!Or sharing those"ungrateful people" outbursts with someone you are close to. And taking an oath to never do anything for that person ever again!

Second way:
Like a normal person. Feel bad about it.Very bad.Keep mum about it and bring it up on a normal day to the person as to how the person should behave.

But sometimes I wonder do people even change after advising them?Do they? I'm really in a fix because when someone means a lot to you, the natural tendency is to correct them when they do something out of the way.But some people are so damn unchangeable! I have tried NOT swearing because A happens to be  me.

I'm not going to complain.
I'm not going to whine about this because I've come past that stage now.

Merely sharing this only for everybody to realise that maybe you don't need to go around in placards saying "Thank You".But a simple gesture .A simple word of appreciation goes a long way in forging stronger relationships. It's not correct to take somebody for granted just because you know they'll give their lives being kind to you.

Cicero said "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others." 

He couldn't be more right! He was a philosopher in the 40 BC.BC was like aeons ago. And people today,after all kinds of development forget to even mouth a thank you!

Maybe dwelling over it longer will make me go nuts!But here's my way to reverse the feeling I am now feeling. 

I know my values of life.Infact I even value the smallest thing a friend has gifted me just because thats me.I know the key to bring happiness in my Universe and love people more!(Giving them all the chances they deserve bla bla)
Probably I should simply give people time to change and let my contagious power of  happiness and love sting them!*sigh*

"A grateful heart is a joyful heart.The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!"
-Henry Ward Beecher

Just another attempt to pacify myself.

And guys,THANK YOU for sticking with me ,reading all along!! 


Finding your voice

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent. "
-Madeleine Albright

This is one quote I most connect with. My focus here is more on finding our voice,finding our light of creativity and taking it to levels that surpass all qualms of anything and everything limiting the floodgates of creativity to crash open.  

Each of us are bestowed with magnificent gifts for life! And we were blessed with gifts so we can focus all our energy into learning what life meant to teach us and how we shower that love back to our lives.In other words, what we communicate with The Universe and what the Universe in turn reciprocates lies our real answer!

Creative Energy 
Research Psychologists feel "Creativity has been pegged to conducive environments,perfect collaborators, personality traits, serendipity, and even spiritual muses." And that increasing  innovative thinking,sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a way to confront difficult feelings.

I can totally attest to that,Because ,I think that is how most of us evolved. Trying to express our souls through various ways writing, painting ,singing, dancing, photoshooting, making films and much more than my mind can think of at the moment!

When I was younger, like 15 or so,just like any teenager I had those awful mood swings.It was those very times I let my ideas run wild.I penned poems on nature,love,togetherness and when I missed a friend who moved out of the country,I had written poems of loneliness,sadness and more sorrow. I mean ,the reason is small, but the ideas and the thoughts we impact from it is far from huge.And deep down all the merry poems I wrote or a litany of morose matters that spewed through my diaries,I felt a small pleasure of contentment! I realised..."Oh,I can write!" And no sooner than that,realised ,writing was my vent. I mean ,not now,but during those cloudy days of my life.So that was phase I of my journey to creativity.

"Give voice to what you know to be true, and do not be afraid of being disliked or exiled. I think that's the hard work of standing up for what you see."
-Eve Ensler

Entering phase II ,I found the transition confounding.And mostly,challenging! That was because I was an amateur to blogging, I was perturbed by thoughts like, What kind of impressions people would harbour about me. I never knew then , that the secret to creativity was and is lying in the world of our own.Something you are giving back to yourself. Sharing something you already know but bringing it to life,like almost giving those inanimate energy of ours a voice to speak for itself(which in my case is writing,dancing,swimming and lots more).That is when I gauged my writing through My soul! My eyes! and My brain! I unconsciously & now consciously reassure myself that I  would never compare myself or view my work through the eyes or mind of someone else.

Because being YOU is unique.Being YOU is being YOU.And that's so special.Nobody in this world can stop you from choosing your means to express the rainbow colors of your soul.This planet houses more that a million people.And one brain is One mind-blowing powerhouse.So for more than a million people..multiply! Do the math.

In my line of thought,one needn't be dying to straighten out something he is faltering at.I think by accident( that's how we'd to call it right!;)) we attract thoughts to perfect ourselves.Like,I entered phase III without even knowing I did but it happened!!! 

A creative soul is constantly self-searching and self-improvising! Overcoming the gnawing fear of breaking the stereotyped norms leading to what one can really call "creativity".It doesn't stem out of the known.But from the depths of our unknown.Our soul is an abyss of poems on love,joy and innocence. And our negativity is merely an outcome or a juicified version of our joys! It arises out of expectations we have from people we love.And it is in giving  life to our thoughts ,breathing that fresh breath of cherished life in our thoughts what becomes Creativity.

I'd like to sign off with one quote that'll keep lingering in your hearts and souls striking the chord of relentless love;of Creativity! 

"We're changing ourselves to fit the world instead of changing the world to fit who we really are."

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