Building Castles in the Underworld

Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Never give up!

When your heart is low,
when everything goes slow,
always remember,
Never give up.

when nobody believes,
and when nobody cares,
always remember,
never give up.

when the tides are low,
when your breath is melow,
always remember,
never give up.

when the winds deny you,
when your world falls apart,
start everything anew,
noone said your life's -"thats it!"

when the storm is brewing,
heaven and hell wrath fire,
always remember,
we care!
so never give up!

when your dear ones desert you,
when the hills steep down ,
always remember,
never give up.

when life's lost it's lustre,
when you've embraced ire,
always remember, 
patience is the answer.
And mostly remember,
never give up,ever!

when your spirits are dying,
when your sun is weeping,
always always always remember,
never give up!

when your soul is thirsty,
when you know you are meeky,
Know that He loves you,
Know that He's waiting for you,
waiting you'll summon him someday,
He'll pour out his soul ,
loving you, Just You!

Like the industrious ants,
toiling day and night,
creating ,
and contributing, 
to the underworld of their dreams,
scurring in labour, 
Building castles in their world,
they defy fear,
they war the storms,
though losing an obvious battle,
They rejoice in their choice to-
"Never give up!"



  1. Kavi said...:

    :) Nice one. You wrote that?

  1. Yes my sweetie pie and Thanks! :) Maybe I should get copyrights on everything I write! ;)

  1. Kavi said...:

    u really should. send me ur blogger username & password. I'll design ur blog beautifully WITH copyrights! :) Then u can change ur password..
    Think abt it & if yes, send me ur details on

  1. Problem is Kavi,My connection here is slow.We shifted houses,remember? I don't think the settling problems will last any longer.But that should really not stop me from accepting your offer.I'd love it! :)

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