Thank you my Bestie!

Sunday, 22 January 2012
Today when I checked my blog in the wee hours of  morning ,right after going to church, I was stunned! Like practically,STUNNED! 

It was planned last night that Kavi would finish giving an uplift to my blog.Yet, I nver knew she'd put her heart and soul into this! I mean, my idea of upliftment was just a neat look! She's gone ahead and done a lot of work! Initially, It was her idea to re-design my blog coz I was not very inclined at re-doing this whole blog.I felt it was too early to design my blog being JUST a kindergarten blogger and for so many other reasons.

Well, THANKS A TON ,KAVI! All the beautiful art work here, ALL The credit goes to Kavi!! She's sure multi-faceted.And you can find her at Edible Entertainment

Here is a lovely quote for you; I woud've penned Kavi into a poem.But was so overcome that I couldn't resist the feeling of excitement instead posted this!

"Each Friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." - Anais Nin. 

I love this quote. Truly serves the purpose! 

Again,Thanks Kavi. Luv ya! *bear hugs & chocolate kisses* 


  1. Kavi said...:

    jeeze! :D Thanks for the mention! :D


  1. Kavi said...:

    Check your mail for notes to remember :D

  1. dyfi said...:

    really pretty :)

  1. *Kavi,What notes to remember? I didn't get any!

    By the way,Meet Dyfi, she's my other cousin sister you once wanted to see! :)


  1. *Doffy knows you ,Kavi! *Bharathnatyam Dancing patners & all*

  1. Anonymous said...:

    GORGEOUS changes:)!!! Just beautiful:)!!! She did a wonderful job:)!!!

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