Imagine Peace,always!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one's level of peace of mind.-Sydney Madwed

Honestly, I didn't know how to start this post on PEACE. Hence,looked up on a quote.I loved this most. It totally conforms to what I'd like sharing with you all  especially after those chocolate breaks ;)

Isn't that what we eventually want in life? We are constantly searching for peace. For peace of mind. Even at church,every Sunday, we exchange our -peace be with yous. All of us want to draw that connect with everything and everyone around us that brings us peace. Peace of mind is different to different people.

It's almost equivalent to venting out or displaying our talents! We are making peace with
ourselves. Why do our parents berate us when we go wrong? Just so that we lead a life filled with peace and love.Peace is not those eyeball grabbing campaign or winning those extra "votes" on tv ,the media claims today. It's far more powerful than we think it is!

You don't just carry white flags all over the place or it's not just a truce between two nations.It's more than that.It's extending arms to live harmoniously etching out all that negativity building between people/nations. 

In reality we even belong to different religions because every religion treads it's own path to PEACE. My search for peace might not be in parallel with your search for peace. Probably that statement might prove blasphemous back in the old century.But today, people brag that they've "modernised" bringing with them a heavy load of  baggage that brushes with insanity. Modernisation has lost it's meaning today. That's another post. I'll stick to Peace now :)

This post happened when a friend had posted a beautiful video on Peace from the Quantum Level. Check it out here

It talks about creating real PEACE.It's more or less like The Ripple Effect.For example ,when you drop a stone in a pond,It creates ripples and now those ripples have spread to the entire pond.Now ,think about world peace,if each of us just contributed a little of our "ripples" those ripples would keep rippling turning into a tidal wave! Isn't that amazing? Those ripples of peace are more powerful than the nuclear force itself. So "creating PEACE" can actually bring a lot of positive vibrancy ,even ending the warring countries to win their people with more than a gift of truce!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.-John F. Kennedy.

So there, IMAGINE PEACE ,always! :)
Peace be with you all! :)


  1. Very true Jen.
    Couldn't agree more!!

    Peace is not about all the hurly burly the media create.
    It's not a treaty.
    It's not a rally.
    It's not about a man preaching on forever,in a commercial channel,with a moneymaking motive.
    It's not extrinsic.

    It's something that comes from the inside of everyone.
    It's the total control of your mind over thoughts.

    And once we realize this,like the ripple effect Jen mentioned,the serenity and togetherness will intertwine with everything one does.

    The next thing you know,the world is the best place to live!!

    Remain calm in the midst of the direst of straits.and you will find everything else falling into place.
    Because that's what peace is all about!!

    Love and Peace

  1. Purba said...:

    If only all of us could have such positive thoughts - we would be living a Utopian existence.

  1. varsha said...:

    I love your quotes !!
    Peace like war begins in the heart !
    whatever happens outside is a reflection of the inside>

  1. Right *Aslem!! It all boils down to thinking those peace thoughts. And doing it from the bottom of our hearts.

    *Purba ,Yes! Positive thoughts is the real REAL idea! I wish all of us developed more deeper positive thoughts coz the outcome is remarkable! :)

    *Varsha ...Absolutely!!! Totally agree!It all begins with those thoughts and the way we choose the best ones to unfold! :)

  1. Madhusha said...:

    I have always loved the part in KungfuPanda where the panda conquers the negative forces with "inner peace".it was hilarious and had a deeper meaning....when ure in peace with ureself, problems really melt.
    I understand the ripple effect you're talking about in the blog, yes. Each one of us is hugely responsble in little ways for world peace. Each one of us has a vibration that creates a particular atmosphere of positivity. And hands down. I can vouch for it, positivity brings peace and peace brings prosperity.

  1. You got that Madhusha!! :D Hi-5!! :)

    I wish we could Hi-5 each and everyone on this planet in this beautiful tryst with peace!! :)

  1. Loved it :)
    a piece of PEACE

  1. Yo *Deepak! :) Welcome aboard! :)
    Peace to you,always!

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