Raining 'Thanks'

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Universe,

I'm almost residing here like this were my second home..It's become a tool to let my  rants run to freedom and engulfing the life around of me that wreath me in a paradise of eternal gleam and glow.It's like a burst of crakers circling my earth ,raining sunshine as I pass the moment day by day.

I'm on a journey to love. Just like the story of the lost princess dropping little somethings to return back to her palace,Here I am plucking the best flowers that flourish my Universe and dropping the damaged/wrinkles of yesteryear returning to my palace of wisdom. Surrounded by the warmest hearts and knitting love through the core of their blazing desires. And conglomerating all the values of life filled with ease,love and gifts!

Values that parch the lips of many and scar the souls of the delicate.Like a delicate petal falling one by one,so was my flower weeping for love. Then came the sorcerer's lash who's heart bled forth all my shortcomings.Here I stand ,stoic in stature flooded with the daises of yellow summer bloom.And hoist my hope and exalt in grattitude the mighty wonders of The Universe. 

Thank you,Universe!!!

I'd like to entertain you with a tiny tale of two friends.A and B are friends. B needs help.It's a dire situation. Hence B asks A. A is more than willing to lend a helping hand.B gets what he wants done by A. And then,B neither thanks nor gives a word of grattitude!

Well,there are two ways to react to this situation.

One way :
Feel bad. Mentally cussing the person till you feel better!Or sharing those"ungrateful people" outbursts with someone you are close to. And taking an oath to never do anything for that person ever again!

Second way:
Like a normal person. Feel bad about it.Very bad.Keep mum about it and bring it up on a normal day to the person as to how the person should behave.

But sometimes I wonder do people even change after advising them?Do they? I'm really in a fix because when someone means a lot to you, the natural tendency is to correct them when they do something out of the way.But some people are so damn unchangeable! I have tried NOT swearing because A happens to be  me.

I'm not going to complain.
I'm not going to whine about this because I've come past that stage now.

Merely sharing this only for everybody to realise that maybe you don't need to go around in placards saying "Thank You".But a simple gesture .A simple word of appreciation goes a long way in forging stronger relationships. It's not correct to take somebody for granted just because you know they'll give their lives being kind to you.

Cicero said "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others." 

He couldn't be more right! He was a philosopher in the 40 BC.BC was like aeons ago. And people today,after all kinds of development forget to even mouth a thank you!

Maybe dwelling over it longer will make me go nuts!But here's my way to reverse the feeling I am now feeling. 

I know my values of life.Infact I even value the smallest thing a friend has gifted me just because thats me.I know the key to bring happiness in my Universe and love people more!(Giving them all the chances they deserve bla bla)
Probably I should simply give people time to change and let my contagious power of  happiness and love sting them!*sigh*

"A grateful heart is a joyful heart.The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!"
-Henry Ward Beecher

Just another attempt to pacify myself.

And guys,THANK YOU for sticking with me ,reading all along!! 



  1. Very insightful... and I totally agree with you. Thanks Jen xxoo

  1. Aziz said...:

    i agree with you...n u do think a lot about people...don't u?

  1. Yes Aziz! :) I think what makes this world a better place is 'people'. But sometimes we got to choose the right ones.

  1. Aziz said...:

    oh....! dats gr8.,hope ul choose d best person..!

  1. Kavi said...:

    I think I'm gonna stop nagging Satya :) I love whipping up treats for him & he gobbles them up happily. His reaction - Just a "Sooperaa irukku Kavi" :) I don't mind on the usual days.. But when we fight, all the frustration comes pouring out. Everything from how I make him treats to eat & do his project bla bla bla... And he can't be grateful enough to return the favor..

  1. Aww. Kavi,you are polambifying so adorably! :)

    You know what, guys are bad at expressing compliments sometimes. And LOL Satya, I should really talk to Satya about this. :D

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