It's a leap year!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Hello people!!!!!!!! :) It's a leap year today and I can totally smell the so many things that I am leaping at today.New avenues,new happenings, new everything!

I believe 2012 is the year of new happenings.And 2012 has been so wonderfully mysterious for me in so many ways. I am just waiting for that one thing to happen and if that eventually happens I'm going to be jumping of joy! Everyday is a new day for us. New hopes,new aspirations ,new sunshine but a little thunder or storm should never shake our firm. I don't know why a leap year like today feels like New Year. I wish to embark on a journey so new. A journey that leads to the light and only to more hives of honey than a falling pit. I want to be the bee attracted to the honey and nectar that sweetens my tooth.I'm going to taste life the way I see /feel is going to make me sweet and even happier.I'm going to tweak out any kind of negativity in my life no matter what the cost is going to be. 

Being a leap year,reminds me. How does a person who's birthday  on the 29th of this month going to celebrate his/her birthday? How does it feel to be 25 last year and 26 officially only after 4 years? :) Just a thought. Or does this never dampen their spirits to celebrate even harder? I'd be the latter type. Wishing you a happy dappy leap year guys!!!

Let's all have a blastful leap year! A leap year drenched in newness,sprinkled with aspiration, dusted in eventful bliss and a dash of balloons & candy! ;)

Also,I'd love it if you guys spare a minute or two reading my first guest post.It's so precious for me.This blog is after all the voice of my soul :) Hope you like it and I'd more than love to hearing from you. :)

The Dream Series -2 -When dreams you didn't know you had- come true!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012
Hello friends! Here is my first guest post. I don't want to be all formal in inviting Kavi coz she's so self made and has introduced herself so charmingly. Plus she happens to be my best friend from day one till now :) One of the longest friendships I've forged and someone I'm extremely proud of! She invited me into this world of absolute bliss that a mere thank you just wouldn't be enough. Thanks a ton for accepting to write this for me Kavi! Owe you so much and Pssst..You are granted a space here anytime and rant away to glory! ;)

So leaving you with one of my most favorite and esteemed guest ... :) And people! A special mention here, this is part The Dream and it's gorgeous dream story that is  next in line. :)

A big hello to all readers of The Butterfly Effect!!!!! :-)

I'm Kavi and I blog at Edible Entertainment.This is my very first guest post and I'm really excited!!!! :) So excited that this post may turn into a short book! :D Feel free to edit it and make it shorter, Jen! ;) (Jen says:No.I love it! Carry on :)I've been wondering when someone will pop the question at me "Kavi, will you do a guest post for me?". And surprisingly, Jen did; despite the fact that we blog about totally different topics! I gotta say, I'm delighted by how wonderful Jen's blog has turned out! She has an amazing talent for writing! Whenever my brain is too fried from all the studying, I sit back to read her warm posts! :)


Let me tell you a short story about how I met Jen. 21 years ago, I was still in my mother's womb (6 month old fetus, I guess) when I heard a foetus calling out to me from Selvi aunty's womb. (you see, my mom and Selvi aunty knew each other) And the connection was made! :) I came into this world exactly 3 days before Jen. And since then, we've been best friends forever! The fact that I'm doing this for my FIRST AND BEST FRIEND makes this all the more special! :) I could dedicate a whole blog to our friendship, our pranks et al, but I'll stick with the theme :Dream Series. :)

"Laced throughout every day of your life, are hidden highways of opportunity, invisible crossroads of time, and golden avenues for personal transformation that if only traveled upon would reveal the extraordinary, the sublime, and the unexpected."

Mike Dooley said that and he couldn't be more right. How many times have we let go of an opportunity when it comes our way? In retrospect, I sometimes curse myself for not seizing moments! But the truth is, I've been scared. Scared of what people might think or talk behind my back. And living in a neighborhood where people couldn't stop gossiping, I always chose the conservative options.


But all that changed last year. Yeah, I believe 2011 was a year of spiritual awakening! :) One of the things I'm proud of is my blog. Some might wonder, what's the big deal about having your own food blog? I say, it certainly is a big deal. Having to deal with people who think the blog is just another outlet for my boredom and that it will soon end when I start "working". Having to explain how this is my passion and it is going nowhere. Having to keep it a "secret" from neighbors who at the given opportunity start talking about how well I cook and maybe its time to leave my studies and get married... Having to cook, click pics, edit, writeand network all the time... Phew! Honestly, if it were anything else, I would have given up a long time ago. But you know why I stick with it? PASSION & LOVE. Discovering it was the greatest gift! :)


I've been a Jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything and I like them all. But, when it comes blogging and cooking, I'm gripped with the thrill I've never experienced before! :) Okay, let me back up here a little bit. I've been academically above average, for the most times at least. But I kinda felt bored with life. But I could never make up my mind on what I would do about the future. I hoped and prayed for the Universe to show me the right path. I am good at what I do and wanted to keep doing that but I just wanted some zing back into my life. Like a side business, if I might say that. I love reading philosophical books.. They get me all excited about life. But when you truly realize and experience those teachings, you really are transported to a whole other level. Reading is one thing. But you are truly mesmerized when you see your wishes coming true AND realizing that what the great spiritual teachers say, is in fact, 100% true! :)

I still have a long list of dreams to achieve. But I know that as long as my dream is something I love and want to do, I can easily achieve them. Obstacles only come your way when you are scared of getting something. And always, ALWAYS choose to do what you LOVE rather than what is RIGHT. You'll never regret your decision. :)In fact, I am doing something soooo exciting right now! :) But I'm afraid I can't share it with you now! :) All I can say is its a dream that was planted 8 years ago. And I (hope) am finally embarking on that journey too. And believe it or not, things are just magically falling into place! They adjust themselves to make it easier for me!!!! I am at awe! :D Maybe I'll be able to share it with you guys in May 2012 (and if Jen permits another guest post :P)

*** P.S: Started with a humble Black Forest Cake, I've gone and posted more than 150 recipes with step-by-step photographs! My blog hits recently crossed 100,000! :) And I have started earning revenues from my blog! :) Who's the bored-gal-who-wastes-time-blogging now *****? :D
I'm inviting you all for a rendezvous at my blog - Edible Entertainment! You won't leave virtually hungry. ;)


#####What I most want you to dream of, are possibilities that thrill you#####- The Universe ~ hushhhhhhh.....

When you spot a baby dragonfly..

Er.Sorry people,for being on such a superstitious high. I mean ,I'm not like this always but today is just the hour of superstition for me.It just struck me from the glass breaking incident to now this one.However,anything I post is going to be happy and non-freaky.So I'm sure you don't have to take snap me yet by indirectly mouthing no-more-of-this-superstition-crap.

Well,This is something I'd love sharing. My mom had spotted a baby dragonfly at home near the window sill. People say when baby dragonflies are spotted inside homes it's a great sign coz it means there's going to be a baby. I mean isn't that awesome if my bro and sis in law have a baby soon? Of course,I feel this house is just infested with too many grown ups now.Too many grown ups just forget to be a sport. It's time our family witnesses another decade of baby giggles,laughs and high baby spirits. Obviously I adore babies.

Some say,Dragon flies are a sign of Life Cycles / Ancient Times / Water /Clairvoyance / Transformation .Now whatever that means.Basically it all boils down to happy times. Don't you find dragonflies fascinating? They look so hep .Look at the above pic,Doesn't it look like it's enjoy the sun of her/his life flying away in her cool huge pink shades?! I think dragonflies are so cute and err, STYLISH! :)

Fly like the stylish dragonfly! Fly your life, dear friends!! ;)

When a glass breaks..

Saturday, 25 February 2012
When you sit listening all engrossed to an interesting conversation with a friend in the middle of a hall at home.Right then you hear sounds of a broken glass. What would be your reaction?

My aunt , cousin and me had gone visiting my sis in law's place when this happened. Aunt, cousin sis and me were talking while my sis in law went into kitchen to quench our thirst for the climate was scorching hot. She was pouring us cold pepsi into a neat square glass .When the glass slipped out of her hands and fell. We all shrieked. Honestly,I'm a tinee winee bit superstitious.I immediately gauged this as a bad sign without blurting out.Obviously,certain things which people might judge you fool are things that are better kept locked deep in the depths of your junk of thoughts. But my cousin sis suddenly interjected That it was indeed a good sign!

Some say its a bad omen while some say its a good thing. Coz they say a broken glass can sense the tension and eases one of bad luck that would have otherwise befallen them! I choose the latter theory of a Broken Glass symbolizing Good luck.  Life is the way we think after all. If we think good things happen then so it'll be. Let's just imagine goodness. 

Peace.*Honestly,pictures of broken glasses disturb me, I just realized that. So thought I'll display a peaceful pic :)*

**Fishes are my idea of peace. What with my once upon a time obsession for Fishville games :P** 

What do you think of a broken glass? Tell me your views.

The Dream Series -1

Friday, 24 February 2012
This is not my story.It's something my friend wide eyedly mentioned to me back in those gossip days of school about her mom's friend's friend. Gasp.Long link eh? :)

Here was her story. 

There was in this far far away place a Gujarati girl who is again my friend's mom's friends' friend :P She did her Bachelors in Arts which was by Indian Standards not a professional and happening course. Now,of course it's gained momentum ,thanks to the multi faceted fashion designers ,artists,interior designers who qualify for that. She met this guy and they in typical Bollywood Ishtyle got married.Mind you They ran away and got married. Thinking *shame shame puppy shame*? Don't. Yet.

She was good at writing.Kept sending her write ups to local newspapers in Gujju land. Once she attained the status of an eloquent writer. She felt the urge to continue.She did .In a few more years ,she slowly started appearing on weekly columns in India's then national paper The Times Of India . Yes,exactly like you expected she won many hearts and many a laurels .And once, just once she wrote for a fashion magazine in the UK and it became an instant hit among it's editors.They were dying to have her right away. And 4 years back,She was the editor of a leading fashion magazine in London

So, what do you think? Have you made mistakes in life.That does NOT haze one's eyes and mind to give up dreaming. Let's forever dream. You know what, when we dream often, we unconsciously end up working towards it. Just don't sleep off like a sloth eating away your cushion covers.Keep abreast of what people do around you. Have a living goal in life. Dream.

Cya dreamers ;)

Launching The Dream

Wondering what this all about? This is a crazy segment I just fancied starting up. It's about all those interesting success stories we need to know /read to be a part of a successful story ourselves.Some say success came their way hard ,some say it was all about being smart ,let's see.We all need a driving force.Agreed? This is for those. 

The stories could range from a fragment of my imagination to a slice of my real life friend's stories or could be any of your success stories we sometimes claim -"You know this is what happened to my friend's aunt's sister's friend" Who knows.That could've been YOU.Amazing right! We are after all a sect of people congregating in unison to a cause of being unique.So these stories are meant to add another dimension to my blog which is otherwise a song of love :) 

We are a small network here but even this is part of our little world ,where God knows how we might be sharing our lives with one another in a way we ourselves might find puzzling.Like for example, I'm a blogger ;you are a blogger ,maybe your non-blogging best friend might have been my long lost friend. Who knows.We all might have so many co-inciding happenings/people and dreams in life.So let's share it and dream on...!! :)

Some of you might find this preachy & some of you might find a string of your life here.Whatever it is, Dream big! So here I am ,launching my-The Dream segment , somewhere beneath you will find my soul.You might find yourselves too.Do not forget to pick up a slice of your soul and bequeath all it's jewels. You never know, those jewels might be for real and have you shining all through  this transitory dance of our lives.

Dreams-seeking The extraordinary

Thursday, 23 February 2012
We all have dreams.Who doesn't? Someone wants to be a doctor ,an engineer,a software professional, a teacher, a dancer ,a whatever! I have my own dream. A dream that'll take me to places, to new people, to various cultures, mainly to reach out!

When I was a kid ,Mom used to dress me up all fancily and take me out playing.My younger aunt (mom's sister) used to get me clothes exported from London ,she was in imports/exports business then! So Mom used to deck me up well ,my curly hair dancing around.And me prancing around like an angelish devil.I used to be a real naughty kid,they say! I wanted be be an actress then , LOL!

 I know how funny that is. All those years growing up in the innocence and luxurious warmth of my parents & bro faded away my la Marilyn Monroe like life and I began to think maybe I should become a dancer.Being good at Bharathanatyam , I thought I'd be a good dance teacher. Then I thought nooo, not Bharathanatyam coz I shifted cities from Mumbai to Chennai since my dad was changing jobs so when in chennai I wanted to start from exactly where I left my dance in mumbai -those teachers in chennai refused! They said they'd teach me in their style right from the start.I was short of exploding till mom & I decided ..Chuck this! 
Then I wanted to learn Salsa and open my own dance school, you know aided by my husband and all that is in a decade from that time.I had all that planned.I was 15 then. My mom flatly refused;decided not to send me to those classes coz of her protective instincts.She felt more than actual dance happens at "those kinda" dance schools and never sent me! I was like,Fine!Chuck the dance school idea! I honestly never knew what to do with my life.You know there are few engineering students who fall into the category of knowing not what they are capable of-I was categorically under that! I did well in my engineering years,I am doing..present tense,but somehow my pursue of my "dreams" has not been fulfilled yet! 

My dad recruits people.My mom is an artist .She teaches at an international school and used to export paintings ,my bro is an IT professional,my sis in law is an HR but isn't working now. And me? I just want to be different.I've never wanted to be the same old engineering graduate alone. I'm going to be doing an MBA for sure ,you know a cushioning to where I can fall back whenever I feel I'm falling out on what I "REALLY want to do". But I don't know when this "something" is going to strike me and I'm going to feel "WOW! This is what I wanted all along!"

I want to create a niche for myself. I want to not conquer the world and play actress or a superwoman. I just want to be an ordinary woman seeking an extraordinary life in achieving my ambitions and dreams to the fullest. I want to flourish and be self -dependent. Being such woman of pride,I used to hate the very fact of asking help from anyone whom I knew too well,about anything! I used to try and try till I found out myself and then implement the same. Am I being ignorant or what? Whatever.But my heart will listen to no one. I do what I want.I speak what I should.I have a temper that scales it's own height when my mind is mentally thrown into a million pieces. And I shudder at the thought of any kind of insecurity.I want to marry . I want to have kids.I want to be a grandma.But I still want to be a glamorous grandma(;) and do NOT one soul did! I want to be different. An ordinary seeking the extraordinary.

What are your dreams? Tell me about it. :)

Attention! Attention!

Guys :),

This is just a small reminder that the Google Friend Connect(GFC) is closing this March except for those holding a blogger account. 

Yes,I know that's a sad thing and before something like this makes our blog hopping /following abilities go handicapped ,there is GOOD news!!! You might want to sign up for Linky where one can follow blogs whether you have a blog or not! :)

So, follow me on Linky and I'd love returning the favor. :)

Linky love to all of ya ;) 

Lies in Black & White

Monday, 20 February 2012
Do you know what a white lie means? Of course you do! 

We overlook so many of our own secretly traded white lies ,often saying so many white lies to our peers, parents and people in general. Even today I didn't wink an eye while telling a friend I just couldn't come with her for project class coz I had headache!! Lucky she doesn't know I blog here often! She believed!Basically I wanted to blog and since blogging is my fodder to an energized self.I couldn't help but white-lie. ;)

History has it that the term White Lies was coined in the early 18th century when it made its way to The Oxford Dictionary. It made people think it was more kinder than the truth. Because white lie symbolizes innocence ,righteousness,goodness & purity.So calling a lie "white lie" separates it from the darker black lies that deal with cruelty, malice, or hurt.

But the question is,what extent does one go to profess a "white lie" making his loved ones  see everything go smooth? Now take a relationship, how many white lies can he/she make to cover up one single truth? And in a relationship ,as far as I know, the most obvious white lie would be regarding an ex lover or something that has disturbed the gentle rhythmic patterns of the white-lying mind. So he/she  decides to white-lie. But how long can that hold? Like for example,The movie Valentine' Day had that old lady confessing to her husband at a frailing age of 70 or so that she had a minor affair that didn't last long.Now here,that is a white-lie coz women don't know if her man will love her like he always did. It's something that can kill a woman deep down that remains a coveted lie till it all comes melting down a misty confessional.Some people are born lying but when confronted say they are just playing it safe & simple when in reality they are saving their faces. It's not wrong.But my concern is to what extent should one white - lie? 

Yep,I know that's not white-lying at all ,it's plain old DARK LYING!! But Why do people lie to an extent that the other party knows the-guy-opens-his-mouth-and-only-lies-fall-out? I mean what is the line that marks the end of this delusion?  

I have a friend.He loves his parents but because of a few misfortunes in life,which his parents straightened out, he feels so guilty to have gone against his parents initially and now he's stuck with this guilt. And the guilt has corroded him so much that he refuses to even have a casual talk with his parents!!! And he lies. When his mom calls,he mumbles he's at work and can't talk much and at night says he's tired.What is it? Obviously,he' no Obama to be acting all super busy.It's pretty obvious he's taken to lying and wouldn't accept it either. So what is this guy trying to prove out of lying? That he's grateful to his parents? or that they are the reason that drove him to this deleterious state? I just don't get it. 

Hitting the base,why should people lie? I mean normal white-lies are OK,to my knowledge. As far as it is harmless. But lying (dark lying) cannot be accepted. Have people lost touch to being humane? Has the devil kissed their hearts? I despise people who lie.I can probably even stand infidelity but lying- hell NO! You cheated,you went astray,FINE! Tell me the freakin' truth atleast now,man!! Er,infidelity ..(That's makes another spicy post altogether ;) My point is, everything- from infidelity to today's hit list of fraudulent dudes and money hungry political punks who live by extorting ..everyone stem from lying. It's become the order of the day.People have moved from the age old pure lies to lies that are shame-worthy.Something our precious ears ought not to listen and stay away from all the din!

Ciao, all you ,white-liars out there! ;)
Lie and see.


They say white lies are pure,
how can you be so sure,
if that was so true,
then why do we more than- 
white lie?
When all we can
is  relentlessly
be truthful.

Carrying the cross,
for being so gross,
let's bear the pain,
and anchor our reign.

For it is us who make our life,
so we never harbor strife,
if pregnant with lies,
leads us to the mice,
for if we show might,
then there is no reason,
to blight.

Every time you lie, maybe you want to mark "x" in your scrapbook? Reminds us of the magnitude with which lies live in us.

Another Award!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012
Helooo guys.Once again , I was awarded the Versatile Blogger by Deepak Karthik,who is a versatile blogger himself!! He rambles everything from funny smileys to the politics that devour our country.You should really check him out. A simple hearted blogger for whom losing his readers is more than a BIG deal.So here's to the guy who not only loves blogging but adores his blogging community,leaving no stone unturned.

 Honestly I have no words.I was shocked to digest my Liebster Award and now THIS is just SO much. I am so overcome with excitement that I forgot to switch off the water tank motor I was told to do. Now I'm going to hear a lecture from my house people to cause the over-flow and my irresponsibility! Grr. 

I feel guilty for not being able to post any post in the last one week.I only have time to breathe and travel to and fro for my project.We have a review this month so my schedule is so packed! So I thought without wasting much time I'll finish with the Versatile Award give aways as fast as possible!! :)

Firstly ,here are the rules.

1. Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers.
2. Inform the Blogger about nomination
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post.

My Nominees :)
Kavita @ Edible Entertainment
Sujana @ Dreaming in December
Pranita Bhat @ Miracles Happen!
Purvi @ Purvi's Creative Hub
Vijay Shenoy @ Minds Eye of Life
Tracie Louise @ Think Love!
Susan Deborah @ Meanderings and Reflections
the little princess @ The Little Princess
Daisy @ Luv and Light!
Sujatha Sathya @ Conversations
Raj @ A Beautiful Mind
Kala Dalan @ Kala Dalan's Art,Recipes & Health Tips
Aakash @ Unexpressed Thoughts
Namrata G @ Life In Abstract
Santhosh @ Lightscapes

I nominated the ones based on my all time favorites.The ones I didn't nominate is coz they already got the same award or they're blogs are pretty popular. Just another gesture of mine to promote the blogs that need more credit for their AWESOME work! 

As for the 7 random facts please check here as I'm exhausted doing write ups on me over and over again !! :)

Again,Thanks a ton for the nomination ,Deepak .I'll be ever grateful for that :) 


Saturday, 18 February 2012
Alright.I'm one big lazy goose but if anyone gives me something enthusiastic and fun to do,I have no clue where the laziness vanishes and from where my sound energy doubles up! :)

And here comes a fun activity  Sujana tagged me into doing. :) Thanks for the tag and you guys should visit her blog for all the awesomely informative posts she comes up with!! :) This questionnaire session gave me a momentary celebrity status. LOL! 

Firstly,The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

The 11 things ABOUT ME ;)

  1. I love visiting  a LOT  of new places  though I don't particularly love the travelling part coz it just gets my body/mind/mood off the hook and I hate the feeling.I carry along a camera.I love LOVE capturing the best moments. Someday ,I know I'm going to go professional.
  2. I love the the smell of petrol.If you found that wierd ,here's more to my wierdness,I love the smell of a shoe rack.Just love them.I have no clue why.The smell just gets me. :D
  3. I collect at least 4 clean tissues by default every time I leave a restaurant.So more than money in my wallet you'll find KFC tissues,Wangs tissues, Pizza Hut tissues ,Hot Pot China tissues ,Express Avenue tissues and what not!
  4. I love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil and if the paper smells good too, I'd go on and on my life gaining happiness doing just that.Believe me ,I've been thrown dirty looks for that! 
  5. I love driving and though my dad is waiting for the "right time" to get me a car and no matter how one of my friends think I drive like I own the road or think I'm an F1 racer ...never stops my love for driving.
  6. I own more number of shoes than any other accessory! I simply love my shoe collection!
  7. I used to lose temper quiet easily but now I have sobered down a wee lot.Also I forgive too quickly.My dearest ones say,That's my problem! Sigh.
  8. If you were my closest friend,I'd never trade you for the world.
  9. I love being loving/patient/loyal and in totality, love living in style. Betraying & lying to me ; I have two words-BUZZ OFF!!
  10. I'm going to be owning a huge firm with my future husband and how do I know that? Not because my father owns one & I'm inheriting it but I can just see that coming.I'm imagining like it's already happening. :) That's one broad smile.
  11. Lastly,I take inspiration from a lot of people ;be it people from my own home or people in the neighborhood or people in the fashion industry or the politics or genuinely spiritual ones (My views on spiritualism is different from religion.See My Take on Spiritualism & Religionor even strangers! I just intake all the postive attributes and shed every little inhibition that stops me from being what I have to be. After all, there is nothing more important in life :)

Here are my answers to Sujana's lovely questions! Gawd,I can't keep the excitement. 

1) What's your favorite place? 

 My cozy home whether it's Paris,London or Chennai or Mumbai. After all home is where the heart is.

2)If you had to marry a celebrity ,who would it be?
I think I'd have to choose between Brad Pitt & Shah Rukh Khan. Brad Pitt coz he's got a great persona and Shah Rukh coz I don't think anyone could beat a man who can juggle both a beautiful family and his career driven reel life with so much charisma ,grace & humor ;) So all my votes to Shah Rukh Khan ;) *blush* 

3)Do you want a twin?
Yes, a boy twin. Not another girl like me. One trouble of Jen at home is more than enough! ;)

4)How long is your oldest friendship?
20 years.I'm turning 22.

5)What's your greatest achievement?
I don't label any of my achievement "greatest" but I put them categorically under different columns of myself.So every achievement is "greatest". I know that was incomprehensible. But my greatest was when I won Gold medal at a swimming competition.I'm just so crazy about swimming! :)

6) If you could talk to one person for the rest of your life,who would it be?
That one person who does not want to be mentioned here.Kidding.I love being around my family or friends but never with ONE person.Or I'd rather be alone.Mmm.MOM! 

7)Socks and sandles-yes or no?
Er.Isn't that Eww? NO!

8)Choose your power: Mind Reading or Invisibilty 
INVISIBILITY!! Anytime. (;

9)What's your method of transportation?
CAR.CAR.CAR.I love driving.Remember? :)

10)Favorite book 
This one's tricky.Being such a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon & Paulo Coelho. It would be Paulo's The Alchemist :)

11)Facebook or Twitter or neither?Why?
Facebook. Because I connect easily .Having a Twitter handle is sheer waste of time and space. If you ask me then why I tweet that's only coz I loved the flying bird on my blog :) Isn't that a cutie?! :)

*Following is the formula for life*

My 11 killer questions ;)
  1. What do you like most about yourself?
  2. The best day of your life :) 
  3. How would you equate life ? (As in, I equated it like this : live+laugh+love or like the pic above ;) 
  4. Who is that one person you think is the reason for what you are today? And why? 
  5. From where/how do you think jealousy stems from? chuck the drama and be straight & mean.;) (You can site incidents too :)
  6. What makes YOU jealous of someone? (Not to worry,we're humans ; there's no such thing as I-am-never-jealous-about-anyone! :) 
  7. If you were given a second chance to alter your current living life ,how different would that be from what/how you are living now? And why?
  8. That one celebrity/person you would want to be, given the chance.Which one would that be?
  9. Red or Yellow roses?
  10. Treasure hunt :The longest route to the treasure box or the one that is shortest but dangerous?You are provided with NO map.And no instruction is given that you'd require a gun to shoot down that savage lion.
  11. If you were awarded 1million US$ for being ALONE for two years on a strange island ,No connection with people via any means but given all the food supply and water for 5 whole years.You are completely cut off from the world .No nearby countries. You are dropped by a charted flight. Would you take up the offer? Yes/No? Why?

The Lucky 11 who got tagged :)
Tracie Louise @ Think Love!
Purvi @ Purvi's Creative Hub 
Daisy @ Luv and Light!
Sujatha Sathya @ Conversations
Deepak Karthik @ Whatever It Takes
Mila @ Illusoire
Shalini Gupta Chopra @ Stylish By Nature
Lancy @ Make Up and Beauty Home
Ashwini C N @ Just The Way I Like It
Neha Shandilya @ Shades of Purple & Blue
Siri @  Makeup & lifestyle products & some recipes to add the Zing!!

I've selected the tags on the basis of how much I love these blogs!! And for those who've already been tagged or I know too well have not been tagged.This is just another way to know about our fellow bloggers better and wiser !! ;) 

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Friday, 17 February 2012
Hellloooooo guys! :) I'm back after a few tough chores that had to get done with. And exactly when I was tangled in my own un-blogging life, meaning ;Sometimes too much happiness results in tiny setbacks. There are times when we love something so dear,I mean when that something(My blog!) means the heart and soul of you and when somebody tries taunting you about it coz
1)They might be feeling insecure at what I've attained.
2)I might be giving them a complex?

It might be such a silly ,mindless taunt but doesn't it hurt you? I love what I love doing but when someone annoys me with meaningless comments just for the heck of it, it does NOT only irk me. But it kinda throws me into perspective. I suddenly feel hurt.YES.Coz I too have a heart and just coz I do something great and someone else doesn't ,does NOT mean I'm no better than them.

I know I'm The Best. I'm not being obnoxious.But that helps me glide over my new felt self-esteem. It does real good to my already high confidence. I'm not someone who feels sober over petty things easily.It's just that I feel "Why can't friends learn to be well wishers?" Why. Is jealousy eating them that bad ?

In the wake of all this, thinking today was just another day , replied to all the feedback and BOOM!*surprise*!!

I won a Liebster award from Pranita Bhat !! :) One of my favorite fellow blogger who has never failed to remind me of who I was or am. Uncannily ,we share a lot of similarities,nature-wise. And her blog never satiates one of it's general dose of love, joy,hope,promises bringing all the beautifully chaotic thoughts to rest -a fine journey that wraps us into warm greetings and even heartening miracles!

She is yet another gem of a Cloud in this Universe raining miracles of the LOA; the ultimate way of life.

Getting back to my happy-mode-on-receiving-award ,here are a few rules one's got to follow on accepting the award .

  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.
  • Post the award on your blog and spread the love.

So, my first rule is ticked off. Going to the second one, 
The following are the bloggers on my hit list of favorites :

Audere Agere Auferre by Diksha Sharma 
Life is an Art by Elvirah
Val's Crafty Creations by Valerie 
Dreaming in December by Sujana
Butterflies and Hurricanes by Astha 

Frankly, I've chosen ones from different categories for exhibiting a world of their individualistic talents and attributes to life.This does not mean I love the other blogs less. Thought I'd just promote and spread the love to all the young bloggers out there also I haven't awarded the bloggers who already won this award! Let's make room for more happy smiles,people!!! :) I love practically every blog I follow. Whether they follow me or not is none of my concern.But there are so many blogs I simply ADORE! Wish the set of rules allowed more number of people to nominate! 

*I won the Liebster award* Doesn't the word "Liebster" sound sophisticated!! Er. Forgive my cheesiness. I'm just over-excited about this.

 Once again,Thanks sweet Pranita!! xoxo. :) I spread the joy.Now,what about you guys?! :)

Love ya all!!! :)

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