There's NO reason not to Laugh!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Hellooo ,my laughing friends!! I stick to one theme per day. And my theme for today is L.A.U.G.H! You know what that means? It means Laugh(L) All(A) Your(Ur) Guts(G) and Heart(H) out! 

Er, I didn't really find anything matching those letters at the moment.However,you get my point. Go,laugh your hearts out. In life,our small choices matter. It could make us cry or laugh. But what does it do to us in the long run? If it makes you cry less and laugh more,GRAB it!

Our Life needs it's daily dose of laughter.We breathe through our laughs of life. 
Then how else could we live?! :)

Want to laugh more? Checkout Laugh,baby,Laugh!!

*signing off with hoots of laughter*

Love & Laughs!


  1. Purvi said...:

    "we breathe through our laughs of life" well said :) :)

  1. Madhusha said...:

    True :)

    Very true.... :)

    And are you a believer of LoA? Something in these posts hint you are....

    cheers ! and keep up the positivity.

  1. Thanks *Purvi!! :)

    *Dreaming Wanderer,Welcome to my space. Indeed,happiness is bliss! :)

    *Madhusha ,Yep! I believe in LOA! :) I'm suprised you guessed! And yes,positivity is the gist of it all! :)

  1. Elvirah said...:

    Absolutely, there is no reason for us not to laugh and be happy in our life. Infact we must try and be happy embracing every moment with gladness and our life needs a daily dose of laughter to have a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Totally,Elvirah!! :)So happy this spirit of laughter is so infectious:)!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    wow! i didnt know laughing was so good for you..good to know. :)

  1. Kavi said...:

    someone's popular! :D
    P.S: I'm not back as such! Not cooking myself, you see! :D

  1. LOL *Kavi! You should hear some obsessive dreams I'm getting these days!!

    *Matthew Lima ,Welcome to my space!:)
    Who doesn't do good at a little laugh,buddy! :)

  1. Sujana said...:

    Very true, there's no reason not to laugh! When I'm around my best friends, laughter just comes out naturally :D

    I love your blog's layout, it's beautiful.Following you back! And thanks for visiting my blog :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great advice--everyone could use a little more laughter. Thank goodness my coworkers are playing dial-up tones and AOL tones on their computers right now...a hilarious throw back.

  1. So many thanks to you sweet *Sujana!! :)It feels so great to share the laughter:)!!

    *Oh forgottenbeast! Welcome to my world! Happy Laughing to you! :D

    *Tracie,definitely yes! Who doesn't!? :)

  1. Purba said...:

    Laughing is the best stress buster :)

  1. LOL - Lots of Laughter and Lots of Love for this post...


  1. other substitute to laughter

  1. Hi,

    Like the full form of LAUGH, nice pic about the benefits of laughing :-)

    Aakash Kokz

  1. *magiceye ,*Sujatha and *Purba ,Welcome to my world! :)

    *Saru ,Thanks a ton Saru!! :) Keep laughing :)!!

    Thanks *Aakash, welcome to my space :).Keep visiting!!

  1. Lancy said...:

    Great blog :) This post really made my mind feel well :) I am laughing out he he he :p thanks for sharing and I am ur new follower :)

  1. AWW.Thanks for visitng Lancy! :) We are the new chennai buddies henceforth! LOL! ;)

  1. Lancy said...:

    Yeahhhhh :) :) Btw wat do yo do?

  1. Chandana said...:

    haha.. this did make me laugh! :D
    No I don't have a boutique.. i wish I did though! Talk to me in ten years and I might have one!
    Thanks for your comment! :)


  1. Gr8 post :) Thanx for making me laugh whole-heartedly after a long time :)


  1. *Stylish by Nature,welcome to my space! :) I'm happy this made you laugh! That's the whole idea.

  1. Prashanth said...:

    Short and to the point. Laughing is by default and everything else is what we choose. Thanks for commenting on my blog & being my follower. Otherwise I would not have come across your wonderful blog...:) Cheers..:)

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