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Monday, 6 February 2012
A fabulously Cooking day,today!
I had a wonderful time playing with my small cousins today. Online games. The Sarah's cooking games and the like.Erm. I know I sound like nothing but a big bore! But I had such a nice time. My little cousin was teaching me the tricks of cooking this spoon-fed game. I was like literally rolling on floor laughing, playing away to glory!
And my little sis' and me even promised ourselves we'd do those recipes hands-on ;) Sounds like a real kitchen-adventure,doesn't it?! 

So,see above. That's my new online friend lately! I go to her everytime I feel the need to be relaxed or want to be on a cooking spree. The prospect of actually making those yummylicious dishes just gets me off my feet,emotionally! I made mouth watering Spaghetti Bolognese .I baked Banana cupcakes,Black Forest Cakes & also played preparing Mixed Fruit Smoothie and what not!

One day.I'm just going to prepare all those with a wave of my wand and serve my foodie wonders to all my dear dearies.Maybe I can show off my cooking talents a little ;)

The Spaghetti Bolognese is something I will definitely try coz I have this mad affinity towards spaghetti! I'm a spaghetti addict!

Banana Cupcake. Anyone? ;) Only for the sake of cooking,I wish I get married soon. Mom fears me entering the kitchen. I'm partially banned except for Maggie making.As it is I'm so darn clumsy! {She thinks I'll burn myself  or come out all smoked like those cartoons with hair stuck out in different directions after an accident,I guess.}

Craving for that irresistible Black Forest Cake? Gorge over it. I can sense those tempted souls falling for this chocolate desire already.Bah,I know how heavenly it is!

I hope these colorful dishes was enough to satiate all the hungry souls.
Did you know that some very specific chefs/moms all over take the time to specially garnish any dish they come up with?
They season and sauce up the dish so deliciously that it's lookable. Look-ably delicious! Doctors state that the very look of a dish is enough to satiate the taste buds of humans so then, we tend to binge less.

So here's the tip, lovely ladies! Always , always remember to make your dishes look gorgeous and deck it up to a magical array of colors making one consume heartily.Plus the decorations give a color enhancing image in the brain resorting to make us feel we're having an intake fresh food.That's a positive boost to the mind. Stay fresh &  learn those garnishing techniques strewn all over the web.

Have a happy meal ,people! I hope this made you smile.That's my mission! My ultimate mission:To not let anyone go unsmiling! :)


  1. Hello Jen,

    It not only made me smile but also made my mouth water :-) Delicious, love the banana cake .. Quite yummy!

    Aakash Kokz

  1. Gee :)!! I LOVE Spaghetti Bolognese. Ask your mom or wife to make you banana cupcakes someday! ;)

  1. Purvi said...:

    I am drooling over those pictures :) :) an dyes, food first have to look good to the eyes :)
    and jen, I love to cook but hate everyday cooking that I have to do after marriage :) so enjoy mom's food while you can :)

  1. Hmm yes! I know how monotonous it can become somtime,*Purvi! :)

    Get your hubby cooking with you too:D.Well,you know better! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I wanna grab a plate of Spaghetti now!! Great post Jen.Even yummier pics :)

  1. Ha! My whole point was to create yummy effects.Thanks *Kevin! :)

  1. I'm drooling here at ur recipe choice.!.Appetizinly yumm indeed!

  1. Ananya said...:

    :D send me the link to sarah's kitchen :D

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