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Sunday, 12 February 2012
Hello all those young at heart couples celebrating The Valentine's! I was just googling on the some really precious gifts women can give men. You know like something different.Something unique! I have not been granted access to my debit card/credit card yet coz I'm officially a major spendthrift at home. So you guys enjoy your freedom and gift your Valentine the best gift ever with truckloads of love.

Here are some I found interesting. Thought I'd share with you.
1)This is called an Inkless Metal Beta Pen

It operates without ink. The pen employs tiny metal alloys all over to the tip so as you write small amounts of metal gets deposited on paper.It does not require any sharpening or refills. It's valid for a lifetime. In case you want to sharpen the point though, you can rub the pointed portion against sand paper.

Awesomeness quotient :It can never smear.And it's specially used by artists.

2)This gift box contains an array of 6 nutrition bars

Awesomeness Quotient :This is for those health conscious Valentines ;)

3) This is for the whiskey lovers who love to have they're spirits chill without ice getting diluted. These are the soapstone cubes .

Awesomeness Quotient :It has a unique ability to retain the chill temperature for a long period of time.Also, it is so soft ,Hence can never scratch the glass.

4)This gift might be sort of dumb but anything dumb has the nature to be cute right? :) It's hand-made of pewter.It's obviously,The Frog Prince paperweight. LOL. 

Awesomeness Quotient : It has 3 different hats to suit your Valentine's mood.An apt gift,I'd say! ;)

5) Okay.So if you're a guy you may want to gift your Valentine lady this! It's a Cassette Tape Clutch.

Awesomeness Quotient : Every woman's dream to own a fancy clutch come true!

6) This is an Embroidered Circles Pouch .

Awesomeness Quotient : It's so sassy and one can team it up with a gorgeous anarkali or a georgette saree!

7) You can probably gift this to your mom or a favorite family member!It's for those who don't like it when their corn flakes/cereals/biscuits get soggy when eaten with milk.Obol has two sections-an upper area for your cereal, and a lower reservoir for milk. Scoop a spoonful of your cereal into your spoon, then swoop into the milk for the perfect bite every time.

Awesomeness Quotient : Obol's unique Swoop n Scoop® design lets you enjoy cereal or anything crispy until the last bite.

8)The following is a gadget charger for the car.This powerful cup of coffee will be able to power 3 devices at once : two AC outlets for laptops, DVD players, phone chargers, camera chargers, etc. and one USB power port for iPods, MP3 players and cell phones.Again, something you can gift your favorite person for life!

Awesomeness Quotient : Great to keep in your car, in case one of your phone or other devices’ batteries go low.

I found all this here. Maybe you can check that out.And if you're impressed,Go ahead and cart it! :) So, this Valentine's it's not just about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. Extend it to something more. Indulge in yourself too. You can be your own Valentine. Who said loving oneself is crime? ;)

Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.-Andre Breton. 

There you go,It's all about us! :) Say it, "I love me!"

Happy Valentine's, people! Yea yea, I know it's early. ;)


  1. Rika said...:

    cute findings..i loved the cassette player clutch, and the metallic pen...awesome finds..happy v-day in advance :)

  1. Sujana said...:

    The inkless metal beta pen looks like a truly amazing gift! I'd still personally prefer the cute clutch ;) haha

  1. Wish you the same sweet *Rads :)!! I love those too! :)

    Ditto here,*Sujana! :)Have a great Valentine's! :)

    Thanks *Pallavi!Keep visiting! :)

  1. Awesome collections here :)
    1st one is my choice

  1. the frog prince.. so cute :) wer did u find it??

  1. loved your space dear..following u!! :)
    Kande Pohe

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Beautiful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.
    What I absolutely loved about the post though is the last part. How apt!

  1. Pranita said...:

    The frog prince weight is lovely...! :) I would love to be gifted a frog princess weight sometime... hehe..

    Happy Valentine's to u too Jen..! :)

  1. *Thank you thank you *Deepak.Glad you liked it! :)

    I know Megha!! :) I loved it too.And welcome to my blog!! Keep visiting! :)

    Aww.Sweet,*Poonam! Thanks! :)

  1. *jojofeelings ,I am happy we share the same opinion.After all the hush and rush of life we need time for ourselves too right?! :)And welcome to my world!:)

    Aww *Pranita!! I'm sure that idea is in someone's brain already.Before you know it,it'll be on high sales in the market!! :)

  1. Elvirah said...:

    At this point of time many would be wondering what to gift their lovely valentine and please their heart. And you have relieved them of this burden by sharing us with the wonderful choice of your unique collection. Eacch of the item in the list would make an amazing gift, but for me I would prefer Inkless Metal Pen and the the Frogprince paperwhite. Thanks for sharing the list with us and I wish you in advance a splendid Valentine's day.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    interesting! :)

  1. So glad this helped *Elvirah! :)Have a great Valentine's :)!!

    Oh YEA *Diksha! :)

  1. Thank you for nice comments and following my blog, I m following back:-) M.

  1. anatreek said...:

    I wish somebody would gimme atleast one of these! :( :P

  1. Kavi said...:

    Who's your valentine? :D

  1. Awesome Valentine gift ideas dear. Luvly collections!.

  1. some wonderful suggestions there :)

  1. Great one Jen!!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Hope you get all you wish for in that list!

    Folks,we have beautiful blogs like these to remind us of love,and better,how to express it!!:D
    Now all that's left for us is to buy some of those and share the love!!:)
    (did i just sound like i own a gift shop?:P)

    Spread the love and smile!!
    A happy Valentines day to all!

  1. Great pick, I wish my husband gives me Cole Haan bag which I want to have from a long long time...

    Otherwise, anything at all :p

    Happy V'Day to you:)

  1. Thank you *Mila.So kind og you! :)

    Aww *Anna_trek ,I'm sure there will come a day when someone'll be waiting to do just anything for you including buying all this ;)

    *Kavi, that's such a great question! :D

  1. Thanks *Kitchen Flavours.Welcome to my world!! :)

    Hope you enjoyed the Valentine's *Sujatha:)!!

    *Aslem you endorse my blog so well! Maybe I'll hire you my marketting Manager some day!:) Yes ,you guys keep spreading love.Hope ya all had an awesome Valentine's :)!!

    *Saru Singhal,I'm sure your great desire will come true! Thanks and hope you had a great Valentine's!! :)And welcome to my blog.Do stick around more ;)!!

  1. Aww..very nice :)
    Belated Happy V day :)

    Keep it up!

    Thank you sooo much for your sweet comments. XOXO

  1. Emm said...:

    chn n bombay are not compasrable in this matter at least;)

  1. *Megha Sarin ,thank ya for being here :)!!

    *Emm , Fact is ,V-day celebrations in chennai are quiet awesome just that they happen indoors.It's just not happening enough to be happening extravagantly in public! ;)

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