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Wednesday, 15 February 2012
And there, an hour and half ..V-day's over! :)

Day was normal. In fact chennai city hasn't hyped V-day all that much. I mean ,like publicly. Otherwise I'm sure it was a huge blast altogether for so many out there. 

I was rushing to the project center this morning with one of my favorite girlfriends when we spotted CCD and thought a yummy cuppa coffee could resurrect our cold spirits back to life .I mean this city was sleeping or what? No signs of Valentine fever in the air. Back in Mumbai , it used to be so damn obvious that it was a Valentine's day despite the ridiculous threatening of The Sena godfather that he'd marry any couple or rather any girl and guy let alone holding hands but walking together on the road in not a mandap but a freggin' police station!!LOL! The very thought makes me laugh to this day. I don't know why these old men instead should sit and ruminate over the thousand hunger striken people in the country go down to doing immature things like these making even a ten year old laugh(Oh yes,I witnessed the Sena Saga when I was 10!) 

Oh I remember the then famous and stunning building Akbarallys ripped down to not ashes but worse,it was in shambles. With all the glass pieces all over and bah.. what a sad sight it was! Only because it was gorgeously decorated with heart balloons and blah related to this love fest. It felt like a valuable person who meant a lot to so many a hearts came tumbling down so unexpectedly. Akbarallys was the hot spot of Mumbai back in the 90s .Of course there was Shopper's Stop and all that! 

Coming back to the point , the V-day festivity just surfed the air.And it was crystal clear nothing would stop them ,ever,from celebrating this sparkly thing called LOVE.

I mean it's another way of spreading happiness,correct but on the flip side,scaling the marketing gibberish to high ladders just to entice customers into making the someone special suddenly so SPECIAL on that one single day! It's a weird concept today. Infact it's ___(fill in with whatever you like!) when the essence of love is lost and all hope is washed away giving rise to a myriad other emotions of lusty men giving a piece of their souls to all this melodramatic superficial celebration. Yes, it looks like we are in a race for gifting whomever we want/like/love/lust the best gifts of the lot.

However ,HOWEVER people! All this does NOT stop us from celebrating the V-day with our kinda grace and magnitude. I mean ,you add a little conventional /classic style of making this day very customize-ably special. Say like making a hand-made card! Or something you did/made/cooked/baked.

I used to draw cards as a kid for my parents and my girlie valentines. It is a real tear jerking joke till date ,I mean,about me "making cards" .I used to write things like "you are my heart part!" or "i love you" or something downright funny-cute! And I wrote such stuff when I was just 5 or 7! Gosh, my bro found all those funny cards tucked away safely under layers & layers of papers in my cupboard ,the ones my friends gave me;those were even more laughable. It used to be so unique,you know! Once a friend made me a candle she made by herself! And another gifted me a card decorated with those crayon shavings which by the way is very creative;she drew me a crayon-shaves hut and a cute girl hoisting a balloon (guess that was me ;) 

God! I miss all those. I sometimes think I belong to the 40s or something. I'm too conventional when it comes to "my kinda expressing love" or "my kinda falling in love". This Valentine's I made a gorgeous video for my parents and for my favorite person! :) Yes, and I was complimented that the video gift was simply "priceless".What more could I ask for? :) I made they're day and mine too.What about you? How did you lavish on all your beloved? :)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

  1. magiceye said...:

    Glad you had a super Valentine's!

  1. Thanks *Hope Adele Pasztor :)!! Hope you had a great one! :)

    *Magiceye :)

  1. Pranita said...:

    Wow.. m kinda seeing myslf in your post here.. i used to make cards for my parents and loved ones too as a kid! N even now, i love personalising things for ppl wen it cums to spcl occasions... n smtyms i jus lik to surprise em on a usual day! ;-)

    N i jus made a video for Dad on his bday!!! Same pinch.. lol.. Keep spreading joy! Cheers!

  1. Kavi said...:

    Happy Valentine's Day, my love! :D
    Hey, I don't remember your cards!! Did I do anything ridiculous? :D

  1. Kavi said...:

    I will, after exams!:D

    By the way, check out this post -
    (Sand Castle for a Cause

  1. LOL *Pranita! I told ya..we are so much alike! :) Even I totally love doing something personalized.Adds spice to all the love you are spreading to someone whom we are very fond of! :)

    *KAVI!!! I remember us pulling each other's hair a LOT!! And fighting each other like MAD,heaven knows why! :( Why were we like that? :)

    And LOL! I'm waiting for that eagerly :)!!

  1. Best thing in you, is the way you bring up things and the way you produce and speaks about the essence !
    proud to read your blog :)
    Happy V day !

  1. Arti said...:

    I too love celebrating it the old fashioned way. The happiness a hand made card or a cookie can give can never match any store-bought-gift, however expensive they may be. Glad you had a fun day :)

    PS: I had written a post on hand made cards that I used to make for my mom as part of a contest, giving you the link here, do spare some time and go through it :)

    Miss You Ma

  1. Elvirah said...:

    Sometimes it feels sad to see that people dont even have time to celebrate their love atleast one day. Valentines day is meant to grab this amazing opportunity to make your loved ones feels much more special. Not everyday it is possible to arrange for a surprse celebration, right? People nowadays in a rush to earn money forget simple things that can bring happiness in life. When i was reading your post, many of my childhood memories appeared like a flash in front of me. I used to make flashy cards on my own to gift my loved ones and special friends. Anyway great to know your thoughts on V'day and about your little celebration you had with your loved ones along with your priceless video gift. :D

  1. Thank you *Stylish by nature :)!! Hope you had a great Valentine's too :)!!

    Omg..That's too much of a compliment,*Deepak :)!! However that makes me happy to know :)!! Hope your V-day was a blast ;)!!

  1. That's so true *Arti.Nothing beats an old fashioned way of gifting people.Well said! And I'll check that post right away!! :)

    Thanks a lot *Elvirah and hope you had a great Valentine's too!:)We are so lucky to have such a creative chilhood. I'm glad I had the knack of creating all the art & craft.Sadly I don't think I'll have that patience now!!

  1. Sonia said...:

    Hey you have gifted a self made video to your parents??? That sounds so sweet..
    Enjoyed reading this Valentine post of yours:) You have a wonderful blog here:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    u had a nice valentine's day. great post :)

  1. YES *Never Ending Thoughts!!! I created a video and sent it across :)!! They were so happy!! V-day is all about acknowledging that "love" right :)!!

    You are here for the first time ..Glad you came to read and comment.Thank you :)!!

    *facts and nonsence ,Thank you & yes I did :)!!

  1. Great to see someone had a good time :-)

  1. Sujana said...:

    I used to draw cards for my friends for v day too!! :) ...and your post made me instantly miss Chennai after reading the first few lines lol.

  1. Sujana said...:

    And happy b'lated v day!! :D lovely post as always

  1. Pranita said...:

    Hey.. talking of surprises.. i have one for you.. visit

    I hope its your 'KINDA THING' :D

  1. Sujana said...:

    I tagged you in a post :)

  1. *Ashwini ,Gee,I practically don't search for happiness/good times. It's the way I always am :)

    Drawing cards are so much fun ,yea *Sujana?!! :) And you come to chennai sometime,we can have a bloggers meet up ;) And Thanks Sujana! Sweet. :)

    *Pranita & *Sujana ,Coming rightaway! :)

  1. loved reading ur blog, Jen.. I have been the letter and card kind too... with lots of personalised stuff on them!! so there, I can completely identify with most of the stuff here..

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