Dreams-seeking The extraordinary

Thursday, 23 February 2012
We all have dreams.Who doesn't? Someone wants to be a doctor ,an engineer,a software professional, a teacher, a dancer ,a whatever! I have my own dream. A dream that'll take me to places, to new people, to various cultures, mainly to reach out!

When I was a kid ,Mom used to dress me up all fancily and take me out playing.My younger aunt (mom's sister) used to get me clothes exported from London ,she was in imports/exports business then! So Mom used to deck me up well ,my curly hair dancing around.And me prancing around like an angelish devil.I used to be a real naughty kid,they say! I wanted be be an actress then , LOL!

 I know how funny that is. All those years growing up in the innocence and luxurious warmth of my parents & bro faded away my la Marilyn Monroe like life and I began to think maybe I should become a dancer.Being good at Bharathanatyam , I thought I'd be a good dance teacher. Then I thought nooo, not Bharathanatyam coz I shifted cities from Mumbai to Chennai since my dad was changing jobs so when in chennai I wanted to start from exactly where I left my dance in mumbai -those teachers in chennai refused! They said they'd teach me in their style right from the start.I was short of exploding till mom & I decided ..Chuck this! 
Then I wanted to learn Salsa and open my own dance school, you know aided by my husband and all that is in a decade from that time.I had all that planned.I was 15 then. My mom flatly refused;decided not to send me to those classes coz of her protective instincts.She felt more than actual dance happens at "those kinda" dance schools and never sent me! I was like,Fine!Chuck the dance school idea! I honestly never knew what to do with my life.You know there are few engineering students who fall into the category of knowing not what they are capable of-I was categorically under that! I did well in my engineering years,I am doing..present tense,but somehow my pursue of my "dreams" has not been fulfilled yet! 

My dad recruits people.My mom is an artist .She teaches at an international school and used to export paintings ,my bro is an IT professional,my sis in law is an HR but isn't working now. And me? I just want to be different.I've never wanted to be the same old engineering graduate alone. I'm going to be doing an MBA for sure ,you know a cushioning to where I can fall back whenever I feel I'm falling out on what I "REALLY want to do". But I don't know when this "something" is going to strike me and I'm going to feel "WOW! This is what I wanted all along!"

I want to create a niche for myself. I want to not conquer the world and play actress or a superwoman. I just want to be an ordinary woman seeking an extraordinary life in achieving my ambitions and dreams to the fullest. I want to flourish and be self -dependent. Being such woman of pride,I used to hate the very fact of asking help from anyone whom I knew too well,about anything! I used to try and try till I found out myself and then implement the same. Am I being ignorant or what? Whatever.But my heart will listen to no one. I do what I want.I speak what I should.I have a temper that scales it's own height when my mind is mentally thrown into a million pieces. And I shudder at the thought of any kind of insecurity.I want to marry . I want to have kids.I want to be a grandma.But I still want to be a glamorous grandma(;) and do NOT one soul did! I want to be different. An ordinary seeking the extraordinary.

What are your dreams? Tell me about it. :)


  1. AS always AWESOME post.
    this post reflects more of me, HORRIBLE to imagine as DANCE :P
    i have my own dreams, but folks in my family are well educated and settled.
    am struggling to complete my B.TECH :D
    i have my own dream to follow, i will follow and as you said, i want to be a different uncle,dad,grandpa :D

    Life is all bout satisfaction and happiness with experience...
    hmm am thriving for that :D
    i wont post my comments with personal stuffs, this post made me to :D

  1. Wow! I think that was a real compliment I've received in all time *Deepak!! You have no idea how this makes me feel. But so glad,we are all on the same boat.I think we are in that phase of our lives right now..where we begin to dream, ready to take off..and our destination is known but how the destination is going to be and where it takes us is unknown.I think we fear the unknown! :| But

    I'm sure everything is going to be worth it! All well happens to those who dream diligently high and work towards it! :)

  1. The human mind has the extraordinary ability to be able to have any goal in mind and be able to achieve it. There are people who I have read about who have had the goal in mind that they will be millionaires and with time they surely become millionaires. You can do anything you want as long as you keep that goal in mind and grasp on to it you can achieve it :)

  1. Thanks for the awesome awesome encouragement Nancy!! :) You practically stole those boulder like setbacks out of my mind and said things in relief,Let me tell you how you struck the right chord in me ..makes me go overboard with happiness when my readers COMPREHEND what I write!!! :)

    Thanks for coming by ,Nancy!! :)

  1. I think that today's world has that space much more than in the past, to let you try different things, to do have secure jobs and try your passions as hobby, to chuck your secure job and try a hobby as work .. a few years ago I met a well know singer from Mumbai who did PhD in biochemistry and then decided to become a singer instead! So best of luck.

  1. Aww.Thanks a ton for the lovely words *Sunil ji!! :) My mom says several real stories like that!!:) Lets see what is going to shape me up for the future!! :)

    Thanks for coming by,First time?! :) Stick around more :)

  1. Rika said...:

    Hmm this phase is the most important phase of life coz it decides how your life is going to be from then on...choose what you love and choose wisely so that there are no regrets later...never go for the obvious just becoz u r expected to do that...you can definitely achieve what you dream of...may all your dreams come true..all the best!

  1. Busy life we all lead.
    Often build dreams.
    But hardly have time to spare a thought for it later.
    I think the most important part of fulfilling our dreams is to first realize it.
    Tell ourselves everyday what we wish to become,acquire and beget.To remind ourselves that we are capable of anything we dream of!

    Thanks for 'reminding' me to realize what my dreams are!Thanks for that positive energy you spread.

    I am very much sure you will fulfill all of your dreams.
    Good day Jen!
    Keep spreading the smile!

  1. AmitAag said...:

    Nice post Jen, and a real good blog overall...me following you too!

  1. Pranita said...:

    Always follow ur dreams Jen... U ll surely find what u REALLY want to be or do... Passion takes ppl places! It does things we can not even think of.. Don't let ur energy drain away n get what you want frm lyf! Cheers! :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    i cud really relate to this post when i was a kid i wanted to b an actress and then a teacher de painter etc etc...hehe kinda got into modelling then left it to get married..and now am an interior designer..i wud say make enuf money stash it away quit ur job and follow ur dreams

  1. Aww.Thanks *Rads!! :) Yes,I don't want to waste my energy to doing something I'll regret.

    Your comments always make me smile *Aslem!! You too fulfill your sparkly dreams and fly ahead in life!! :)

  1. Thanks *Amit!! :) Glad you came by.

    Yes Pranita! Exactly,Don't want to waste my time and energy doing anything wasteful now.Thanks for all the awesome wishes and happiness. You made my day!! All the happy comments make my day :D

  1. Oh Wow!! :) Yes,That's what I've planned too.One fine day.. I'm going to do just that! :) I wanted to be a teacher LOL!..wanted to open an orphanage for kids ..what not!! Like I said,Lets see how everything shapes up for me :)

  1. heard abt bollywood dance classes in america? bollywood bhangra ko google mein search karo. they are super famous. go get an mba there and begin to live ur drea, as well.

  1. Huh.Yea yea,there are so many things out there.I need to choose the best one for me.Thanks for the suggestion,however ,*Kohl_lined :)

  1. Prashanth said...:

    This is a nice post Jen, everyone could relate to it. You know what steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple) has said something about following your dreams, "Always follow what your heart says, if you can't find it now then keep looking don't settle..."

    As per my dream, I want to click photos, learn music and make people smile and I love doing it...:)

  1. hahaha.....loved it. read couple of posts long time back, but closed the browser in a hurry. somehow, I couldn't find your blog again. Subscribing right away..:)

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