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Saturday, 11 February 2012

When I began blogging,I decided to never write a mushy post. However,nowadays I'm compelled to do things against the grain.Things I don't want to do and end up doing and proudly broadcasting it too.

I am so unpredictable.I sometimes don't know what I'm going to do next. It's like I'm analyzing myself from some somebody. I don't think I've found someone like me. However I love me.Because being unpredictable gives me an edge. Even my friends can hardly guess me. 

But there is a time in all our lives, There comes a moment when we want to be predictable.When we want to be reliable.And when we want to be subtle and don't rush into grave decisions- Be the calm self and introspect. And I think that is when new ideas start oozing . I think that is when you know change is happening.And that is when you know change is the new you. And the feeling gives you utmost freedom to desire what you want and get what you want. It makes you want to create a niche for ourselves like no other .The essence of true knowledge /meaning to life is met. It's when you know you can achieve and run after your dreams no matter what the cost. It's like a new boost that's got into you and no one can shake you off it.So "when" does "the change" happen? 

On a bench near a beach

They sat on a bench,
near a breezy beach,
they were a beautiful couple,
so innocently supple.

Vigilance shining in his eyes,
and tenderness in hers,
they sat silently,
chatting away merrily,
little smiles here and there,
romance drifted in the air.

He puffed a bit,
in style so charming,
she did too,
in his company alone.

They meandered like sweet angels,
like angels of my past.

They fluttered like sweet birdies, 
building a nest of love alone,
shared the ice cream fondly,
and glances of golden lily.

Entwined fingers,
and tinkling love,
his vigilance hid,
what no one did,
the lock to sanctity,
of sacred love,
belonging to his wife,
he so much adore(s).
she gave away,
the shyness and warmth,
of a newly wed wife,
chattering of yesteryear,
so beautifully stupid,
yet so naively beautiful.

Minutes later.
They walked together,
holding hands 
and love so cherished
and self-confessed.

I realized, 
how my reverie collapsed,
in my grievous hunger,
so much I missed her...

This could have been an observation or some couple he knew of;the guy dreaming them, whom anyone would find "cute" on a bench near a beach.Sometimes,we look at couples and wonder "When are we going to be walking like that?" And isn't it beautiful when couples think no one could be more happier than them when there are a countless others thinking the same? 

Also,on a self-improvising note,it is the prime time when one learns about one another. Analyses oneself more. At least that's how I see it. It's one of the most wondrous learning processes of all time.How else could we learn patience,sacrifice and so much more?

P.S.Just a random post sprinkled with a little fiction.However,I'm sure one of us could be a part of this fiction. ;)

Signing off,
The unpredictable dreamer :)


  1. Rika said...:

    Dreams are realities in disguise indeed...you have a very sweet and cute way of saying things...that's one reason i like ur blog...so dream on n hope ur enjoyin these changes in ur life...

  1. Incredible !
    Really an inspiring post, all of us unpredictable and predictable at some part of time and places depends ...

  1. unpredictability is the spice of life and by that count you are quite spicy :)
    (ouch now that i read the last line again it sounds so cheesy. rehne do!)

    the post being fictional and anyone could be part of it - that was an intriguing addition there

  1. the poetry was very cute :)
    the end was sweet and a lil bitter too..
    yes, we all might hav felt d same way at sum time ...
    loved d quote on dreams :)

  1. Pranita said...:

    Dreaming is a beautiful thing... but even more beautiful is when dreams turn into reality... So lets not just keep dreaming... let's work hard to make our dreams a reality.. :)

    N wrt the special one in our lives, well that is something which will just happen, and you wont even know how! <3

  1. magiceye said...:

    predictably a good post ! :)

  1. Aww That is such a sweet thing to say.Thanks *Rads! :)

    Yep.True *Deepak! It just makes us human,I guess! :)

    Anyone could be a part of that fiction,Indeed that was meant to add spice,*Sujatha! :)And thanks!!

  1. Thanks *Dreaming Wanderer! :)The post was mostly happy just filled with questions and answers you all know through our lessons of life!:)

    Thank you, *MagicEye! :) First time here? Keep visiting often! :)

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