It's a leap year!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Hello people!!!!!!!! :) It's a leap year today and I can totally smell the so many things that I am leaping at today.New avenues,new happenings, new everything!

I believe 2012 is the year of new happenings.And 2012 has been so wonderfully mysterious for me in so many ways. I am just waiting for that one thing to happen and if that eventually happens I'm going to be jumping of joy! Everyday is a new day for us. New hopes,new aspirations ,new sunshine but a little thunder or storm should never shake our firm. I don't know why a leap year like today feels like New Year. I wish to embark on a journey so new. A journey that leads to the light and only to more hives of honey than a falling pit. I want to be the bee attracted to the honey and nectar that sweetens my tooth.I'm going to taste life the way I see /feel is going to make me sweet and even happier.I'm going to tweak out any kind of negativity in my life no matter what the cost is going to be. 

Being a leap year,reminds me. How does a person who's birthday  on the 29th of this month going to celebrate his/her birthday? How does it feel to be 25 last year and 26 officially only after 4 years? :) Just a thought. Or does this never dampen their spirits to celebrate even harder? I'd be the latter type. Wishing you a happy dappy leap year guys!!!

Let's all have a blastful leap year! A leap year drenched in newness,sprinkled with aspiration, dusted in eventful bliss and a dash of balloons & candy! ;)

Also,I'd love it if you guys spare a minute or two reading my first guest post.It's so precious for me.This blog is after all the voice of my soul :) Hope you like it and I'd more than love to hearing from you. :)


  1. Unknown said...:

    Your post is so fresh and energizing Jen! A very Happy Leap Year to you.. May the year be filled with positive energy and smiles :D

  1. Gabi said...:

    I have a friend who celebrates it on March 1st instead =D

  1. Kajal said...:

    A happy leap year to you too, Very simple and lively. Like coming back:)

  1. A nice post! The link was an enjoyable read:)

  1. lotsa leap year posts abound!

    happy leap year u too! =)

  1. I was thinking about it yesterday too!! on a lighter vein, if someone's 25 this leap year and is celebrating every 4 yrs,then practically, he/she would be 100 yrs old!!
    Happy leap yr and hope this yr brings you all that you want it to bring!!

  1. happi leap year jen ! nice post :)

  1. vinay said...:

    Happy leap year...
    Have got cousin who has this unique date..he celebrates it on 1st March then.

  1. Late Morarji Desai, x PM of India was born 29th Feb . Many i know celebrate it on 28 Feb . Its so different .

  1. AWWW Thank you so much *Della! :)

    Oh cool *Gabi!! I had a friend who celebrated on 28th Feb & 1st March :)

  1. Aww,That is so sweet *Kajal!:) Keep coming often! :)

    Thank you *Rahul :)!!

  1. So very Thank you Raphael!! :) I too wish all the happy leap years your way!! :)

    LOL! Thanks *Little Princess :)!!Leap year birthday babies are such gorgeously unique creatures!! :)

  1. Thank you! Thank you *Deepak! :)

    Gee,That cousin must be feeling so unique *Vinay!! :)

    Oh,I didn't know that *Team Gsquare!! Good to know :)

  1. LeoPaw said...:

    I have a friend who is only 7 years old but has a 6 year old son.

  1. LOL! *Leo Paw that was a good one!! :)

  1. andy c said...:

    good post and happy leap year !

  1. Happy leap year :D
    your blog is amazing!

  1. like the positivity and the vibrations :)

    may dis year bring the essential growth within all of us..

    God Bless :)

  1. Thank you *Andy and wish you the same!! First time on my blog? Hope you had a great time :)

    Thank you *Celia Aranda!! :) You are so generous!!:)xxoo

  1. AWW! Thanks a ton and wish you the same as well :) May you grow eternally in every aspect of life! Ask and the Universe will give :)

  1. *Dreaming Wanderer ..AWW! Thanks a ton and wish you the same as well :) May you grow eternally in every aspect of life! Ask and the Universe will give :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    did read this post of urs yesterday, forgot to comment :D

    liked it. happy leap year to u too :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Happy Leap Year! I always wondered what someone born on Leap Day would do for birthdays..

  1. *factsandnonsense ,So thoughtful of you to remember and come back.Thank you :)!!

    Thanks for coming by *Camille!! :)

  1. I did not realize this was the leap year until 29th happened..
    BTW the ones born on 29th Feb only have less birthdays.. the years get added LOL. The magic would be if they would be aging at the pace...

  1. anatreek said...:

    I always wonder how it feels to have Bday on leap day..:)..happy leap yr to you too!

  1. LOL *Farila!! I too keep having such funny thoughts.Thanks for coming by!! :)

    Thank you thank you *Ana!! :)

  1. Rajesh said...:

    My cousins birthday is on 29th. So every 4 years, her age increases by 1.

  1. He he ..Funny things, *Rajesh! :)

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