The Dream Series -1

Friday, 24 February 2012
This is not my story.It's something my friend wide eyedly mentioned to me back in those gossip days of school about her mom's friend's friend. Gasp.Long link eh? :)

Here was her story. 

There was in this far far away place a Gujarati girl who is again my friend's mom's friends' friend :P She did her Bachelors in Arts which was by Indian Standards not a professional and happening course. Now,of course it's gained momentum ,thanks to the multi faceted fashion designers ,artists,interior designers who qualify for that. She met this guy and they in typical Bollywood Ishtyle got married.Mind you They ran away and got married. Thinking *shame shame puppy shame*? Don't. Yet.

She was good at writing.Kept sending her write ups to local newspapers in Gujju land. Once she attained the status of an eloquent writer. She felt the urge to continue.She did .In a few more years ,she slowly started appearing on weekly columns in India's then national paper The Times Of India . Yes,exactly like you expected she won many hearts and many a laurels .And once, just once she wrote for a fashion magazine in the UK and it became an instant hit among it's editors.They were dying to have her right away. And 4 years back,She was the editor of a leading fashion magazine in London

So, what do you think? Have you made mistakes in life.That does NOT haze one's eyes and mind to give up dreaming. Let's forever dream. You know what, when we dream often, we unconsciously end up working towards it. Just don't sleep off like a sloth eating away your cushion covers.Keep abreast of what people do around you. Have a living goal in life. Dream.

Cya dreamers ;)


  1. Kavi said...:

    I'm soooo happy you're so popular in such a short time! :)

  1. Rika said...:

    That's a great kick start to a new series...good luck with it n hoping to see more such inspiring stories..dream on!

  1. Kajal said...:

    "Dreams Beget Reality" - your post justifies just that. Very inspiring.

  1. Interesting read...
    Follow your dream, be it neighbor girl or backyard guy :P :D follow your dream :D

  1. anatreek said...:

    Wow! I love stories of people eloping, and of course, making it in life :)

  1. wow.. that inspired me SO.MUCH! not the running away part, mind you!

    thank you =)

  1. AWW,Thanks *Kavi!! :)

    *Rads!! You are my always-happy-encouraging-friend and I love that! :)xxoo.Let's all be a part of The Dream.Just new ways to boost ourselves :)

  1. Thanks *Kajal!! :) Hope this serves a lucky dose for those who are not feeling dreamy yet!!! ;)

    Yes *Deepak!! Stay awake and envision your dream :)!!

  1. He he Me too *Ana! Infact that too was one of my crazy dreams that I had as a teenager!! ;)

    Gee,*Rachel!! :) Glad this inspired!! :)Running away can so adventurous but not as much for the parents,sadly!! :|

    Thank you, you sparkly sparkly ,*Kohl_lined!! :)

  1. Cute and sweet one Jen jhi :).
    Very informative :D :).
    Loved it <3 :D :).

    BTW Thanks a lot for sincerely commenting on my blog :).
    You are my favorite reader <3 :D :).
    Moreover, My favorite writer as well :D :).
    Cheers :).

  1. lol if a mother told this to her child, it would seem as if she is encouraging her child to run away bollywood style, among other things :P...

    I hope i made you happy or flattered or whatever :P

  1. vinay said...:

    Even the great director Steven Spielberg quotes often 'I dream for a living.'

  1. Unknown said...:

    Loved this post..really inspirational..continue good work Jen :)

  1. AWWW *Princess Poo :)) I'm all smiles now.You really made my day!! :)I love your blog ,not just saying it outta reciprocation but I simply love every blog I follow :)

    I just hate it when people comment so bland and don't really mean a word of what they comment.So I always personalize it knowing how sensitive bloggers'll feel :D

  1. Hey *Narcissist ,If I was the mom I would personally tweak the story a wee lot to inspire my baby!! ;) And every comment makes me happy & your comment sure had me smiling,hence,flattered!! ;)

    *Vinay!!! You got that! :) Keep on dreamin' :)!!

  1. Thank you so much *Siri!! :) I need all the lovely wishes from people like you! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    lovely inspirational post

    thanks so much for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

  1. Thanks a ton *Tori!! :) So glad to see you here.Yours is one of my favorite blogs!! :)

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