Saturday, 18 February 2012
Alright.I'm one big lazy goose but if anyone gives me something enthusiastic and fun to do,I have no clue where the laziness vanishes and from where my sound energy doubles up! :)

And here comes a fun activity  Sujana tagged me into doing. :) Thanks for the tag and you guys should visit her blog for all the awesomely informative posts she comes up with!! :) This questionnaire session gave me a momentary celebrity status. LOL! 

Firstly,The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

The 11 things ABOUT ME ;)

  1. I love visiting  a LOT  of new places  though I don't particularly love the travelling part coz it just gets my body/mind/mood off the hook and I hate the feeling.I carry along a camera.I love LOVE capturing the best moments. Someday ,I know I'm going to go professional.
  2. I love the the smell of petrol.If you found that wierd ,here's more to my wierdness,I love the smell of a shoe rack.Just love them.I have no clue why.The smell just gets me. :D
  3. I collect at least 4 clean tissues by default every time I leave a restaurant.So more than money in my wallet you'll find KFC tissues,Wangs tissues, Pizza Hut tissues ,Hot Pot China tissues ,Express Avenue tissues and what not!
  4. I love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil and if the paper smells good too, I'd go on and on my life gaining happiness doing just that.Believe me ,I've been thrown dirty looks for that! 
  5. I love driving and though my dad is waiting for the "right time" to get me a car and no matter how one of my friends think I drive like I own the road or think I'm an F1 racer ...never stops my love for driving.
  6. I own more number of shoes than any other accessory! I simply love my shoe collection!
  7. I used to lose temper quiet easily but now I have sobered down a wee lot.Also I forgive too quickly.My dearest ones say,That's my problem! Sigh.
  8. If you were my closest friend,I'd never trade you for the world.
  9. I love being loving/patient/loyal and in totality, love living in style. Betraying & lying to me ; I have two words-BUZZ OFF!!
  10. I'm going to be owning a huge firm with my future husband and how do I know that? Not because my father owns one & I'm inheriting it but I can just see that coming.I'm imagining like it's already happening. :) That's one broad smile.
  11. Lastly,I take inspiration from a lot of people ;be it people from my own home or people in the neighborhood or people in the fashion industry or the politics or genuinely spiritual ones (My views on spiritualism is different from religion.See My Take on Spiritualism & Religionor even strangers! I just intake all the postive attributes and shed every little inhibition that stops me from being what I have to be. After all, there is nothing more important in life :)

Here are my answers to Sujana's lovely questions! Gawd,I can't keep the excitement. 

1) What's your favorite place? 

 My cozy home whether it's Paris,London or Chennai or Mumbai. After all home is where the heart is.

2)If you had to marry a celebrity ,who would it be?
I think I'd have to choose between Brad Pitt & Shah Rukh Khan. Brad Pitt coz he's got a great persona and Shah Rukh coz I don't think anyone could beat a man who can juggle both a beautiful family and his career driven reel life with so much charisma ,grace & humor ;) So all my votes to Shah Rukh Khan ;) *blush* 

3)Do you want a twin?
Yes, a boy twin. Not another girl like me. One trouble of Jen at home is more than enough! ;)

4)How long is your oldest friendship?
20 years.I'm turning 22.

5)What's your greatest achievement?
I don't label any of my achievement "greatest" but I put them categorically under different columns of myself.So every achievement is "greatest". I know that was incomprehensible. But my greatest was when I won Gold medal at a swimming competition.I'm just so crazy about swimming! :)

6) If you could talk to one person for the rest of your life,who would it be?
That one person who does not want to be mentioned here.Kidding.I love being around my family or friends but never with ONE person.Or I'd rather be alone.Mmm.MOM! 

7)Socks and sandles-yes or no?
Er.Isn't that Eww? NO!

8)Choose your power: Mind Reading or Invisibilty 
INVISIBILITY!! Anytime. (;

9)What's your method of transportation?
CAR.CAR.CAR.I love driving.Remember? :)

10)Favorite book 
This one's tricky.Being such a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon & Paulo Coelho. It would be Paulo's The Alchemist :)

11)Facebook or Twitter or neither?Why?
Facebook. Because I connect easily .Having a Twitter handle is sheer waste of time and space. If you ask me then why I tweet that's only coz I loved the flying bird on my blog :) Isn't that a cutie?! :)

*Following is the formula for life*

My 11 killer questions ;)
  1. What do you like most about yourself?
  2. The best day of your life :) 
  3. How would you equate life ? (As in, I equated it like this : live+laugh+love or like the pic above ;) 
  4. Who is that one person you think is the reason for what you are today? And why? 
  5. From where/how do you think jealousy stems from? chuck the drama and be straight & mean.;) (You can site incidents too :)
  6. What makes YOU jealous of someone? (Not to worry,we're humans ; there's no such thing as I-am-never-jealous-about-anyone! :) 
  7. If you were given a second chance to alter your current living life ,how different would that be from what/how you are living now? And why?
  8. That one celebrity/person you would want to be, given the chance.Which one would that be?
  9. Red or Yellow roses?
  10. Treasure hunt :The longest route to the treasure box or the one that is shortest but dangerous?You are provided with NO map.And no instruction is given that you'd require a gun to shoot down that savage lion.
  11. If you were awarded 1million US$ for being ALONE for two years on a strange island ,No connection with people via any means but given all the food supply and water for 5 whole years.You are completely cut off from the world .No nearby countries. You are dropped by a charted flight. Would you take up the offer? Yes/No? Why?

The Lucky 11 who got tagged :)
Tracie Louise @ Think Love!
Purvi @ Purvi's Creative Hub 
Daisy @ Luv and Light!
Sujatha Sathya @ Conversations
Deepak Karthik @ Whatever It Takes
Mila @ Illusoire
Shalini Gupta Chopra @ Stylish By Nature
Lancy @ Make Up and Beauty Home
Ashwini C N @ Just The Way I Like It
Neha Shandilya @ Shades of Purple & Blue
Siri @  Makeup & lifestyle products & some recipes to add the Zing!!

I've selected the tags on the basis of how much I love these blogs!! And for those who've already been tagged or I know too well have not been tagged.This is just another way to know about our fellow bloggers better and wiser !! ;) 

Tag your lovely 11 and let the fever spread :)


  1. Thanx dear for your LOVE...I am currently pinned down by weather and being tagged by 2 other friends. Will do it once I recover :)

    Enter Boticca.com giveaway and win $100
    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  1. hehe :) great way to know about fellow bloggers.. interesting :)
    will try them for sure...

  1. Lancy said...:

    ha ha :) Thanks for the tag Jen :p Will be doing a post soon :P

  1. Rika said...:

    LOL I collect tissues from restaurants too, I've a lot of Subway, DD, Starbucks, Chipotle tissues around...and I also like the smell of a shoe rack n sharpened pencil, there's something so earthy about them...

  1. Sujana said...:

    Omg I love Sidney Sheldon novels!! I read The Alchemist too :D and petrol smells amazing ;) I loved your answers.

  1. Sure *SBN :) Take your time :)!! And get well soon!!:)

    Thanks *Deepak .Double thanks to you ;)!! And help us know you more :)!! Have a great day.

  1. YES YES *Lancy.Have fun :)

    Absolutely *Rads .LOL!! :)

    Thanks *Sujana! And thanks for the tag.I had fun answering!! ;)

  1. Purba said...:

    Tags are a fun way of letting your readers know more about you. And you get a brief reprieve from, what do I write about next!

    Petrol fumes make me sick but yes, I love collecting shoes :)

  1. Arti said...:

    Loved reading the answers! Even I have the habit of collecting tissues! And a gold medal in swimming is just wow, a champo you are :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Even i collect tissues and smells new books ;)

    Enjoyed reading about you :)

    Thanks for tagging,will do the post soon :)

  1. *Purba,Shoes are my second love. ;)Plus mom gets me unique ones to add to my already huge collection . :)

    *Arti ,I totally love swimming!! The first thing I check every time when we as a family go to resorts :)!!

    Hope you have lotsa fun doing it *Siri :)!!

  1. Interesting post..
    Thanks for the tag Jen :)

  1. wow it was really nice to know so much hitherto unknown things about you

    and yes,thanks for the tag :))

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I enjoyed reading about yourself and loved the 11 killer questions too :) Amazing questions,I must say! :)

  1. Emm said...:

    That's fun to read:)

  1. Do it do it quick,*Neha!! :D I just loved the tagging game!! :)

    Gee:),Thanks and hope you enjoy doing it *Sujatha! :) You'll love the feel at the end of it :)

  1. LOL! Thanks *Kevin! :) Try answering those though I know you don't blog! ;)

    Thanks for coming by to read *Emm! :)Come around more often :)

  1. Wow..i am amazed ...you love the smell of petrol..neva heard that before...and congrats for the 100 followers !

  1. beingFab said...:

    A very interesting read!! I love the smell of petrol too! Please post pictures of your shoe collection, would love to drool at them :-)

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