Knock open the sleeping YOU!

Sunday, 16 September 2012
You are what you do repeatedly. EXCELLENCE is not an event ...It is a HABIT. 

Aristotle said that once!

And it doesn't need a genius explaining you what that means. That goes without saying- there is a genius sleeping in all of us. And it is upto us to awaken it. Knock at it's door and say "Hey man...You're time is over! This is not happening any more. We've got to work!"

And believe me , WORK IS WORSHIP.Tell me the truth ,today anyone who is unemployed or not in that cliché list of "well to do" employment ..are they really respected? People have to earn their dignity and work towards excellence. It is what makes them truly human. It accomplishes the very desire of nature in placing you and me on this planet. We have to keep working towards something. Something Rock Solid. Something that defines us into what we want to be. I read the above quote and it just struck a cord in me to tell you tell the world that Excellence is really Everything! Each of us excel in different lines of a spectrum. And it is in those that we mirror ourselves. We mirror our souls.It is not the work that we do matters! How we do it is what matters!

Ciao guys!
Happy Week! 
<3 <3  

My Twin Diamonds

Thirty years ago,
You were raw,
You were naive,
You were a delicate lily,
Waiting to taste the world,
through each others eyes..
through each others lives..
For there was nothing more sacred,      
Than being devoted to one another.

You  both gave each other,
The wings to fly,
The eyes to see,
The ears attune,
To the cry of laughter...
and reigned the emerald way.

You gave us your lives,
Toiled blood and sweat, 
Gave us more than we needed.

And today we stand-
Our heads held high,
Parading in pride,
the very fruit of your lives Mom & Dad!
We couldn't ask for more! 

Happy Pearl Anniversary Mom & Dad!! <3 <3 <3 <3

She defined charisma

Monday, 30 July 2012

She was beautiful. Ravishing. Gorgeous! Someone who could get men frothing at their mouths. Dark skinned yet ethnically,culturally and technically- a seductive star  who awed the whole nation.She was used,abused,tormented yet understood the game of her life. Penniless and a mother who schemed her through  the gutters of living. A living that no weak heart could survive.

After all, we ,the makings of mortality learn to SURVIVE right? It's a funny world. We survive gulping down all the absurdities of life. And that's proved in this book "Starry Nights" by Shobha De. I now know how controversial this book would've been ,then! 
I am not going to review the book. But this book portrays the untold stories of struggling men and women who rise to stardom and behave on their own whims and fancies despite their trying circumstances of greed,arrogance,unattended ambitiousness and utmost loftiness.  

I had nothing to particularly "learn" from this book but I think it makes you look at celebrities in different light.But like I said , I always fall in love with the main protagonist . Here it was Asha Rani aka Viji. Her character might look so outrageous but I think each one of us play our role in life to justice and to the fullest and so did She. See,I have become so defensive of Asha Rani now .Giving us cue from here that we have no business to judge people,whatsoever, because you have no idea what their journey is all about. Fate decides our rewards and punishments. So let's keep planting our life deeds for rewards alone! Because in our line of sight,life is always greener than it should be and punishments are hardly a thing. *Right,I am an idealist,  a romantic who can't take no for an answer.*

And I think Asha Rani was a revolution of sorts.She might have just jiggled her hips in skimpy outfits on screen and sizzled her way to stardom but her rising out of ashes every time she made stray mistakes is phenomenal. One doesn't get to see so many like her,really.I liked the book.Not "loved" but liked it.

Asha Rani will keep my soul stirring of all her doings,for a while.A character so bold, unambitious yet lucrative , reserved yet buoyant.Bitchy yet exuding charm. Trampy yet a walking ,waking charismatic beauty.Slutty yet a wife. Lusty yet blossoming with pristine, unadulterated love.Her love of life;Sasha- her daughter. 

I recommend you reading this book. But people,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ,er,reader! So if you sense the spark and glitter in all the muck ,then you're gifted to have witnessed and understood what we humans are capable of surviving. As a woman.As a girl.As a wife. As a mother.Picking up the shambles of life and sticking them back together and starting life all over again. It's phenomenal. 

Man..this book is exhilarating! It kept me hooked all through.

Go ahead, get intoxicated with Asha! I'm still reeling under her effect ;) You know how sentimental I get with these fictional characters no! Nooo..Asha's got to be real! :O

Ciao. Have a great week!!! :)
And hey, the message is, Never give up! Dream on baby! <3 
Dreams really do come true! Strive hard.Harder.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Hello guys!!!!!!!!

I had this really LONG break from blogosphere. Partly it was intentional and partly it was not.I just wanted to taste the mundane activities of daily life more deeply and engage myself in a sedentary yet days filled with run-of-the-mill chores. Chores that kept me occupied or simply dazed into thoughts.

Sometimes it takes time to adapt ,right? I had exams. I am still awaiting my results. And...let me tell's kinda SCARY. And other personal turmoil . Say,I was in a bit of emotional unrest? Blogging is awesome. But I needed time only for myself and regain my spiritual connect. I needed a spirituality check!That counts for me. It keeps me sane. And keeps me at peace.

I've been reading Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns. So I am virtually in Afghanistan now.I also read Norma Khouri's Forbidden Love and was baffled when I found out the author had miffed the entire world with her apparent falsity or dearth of truth in her story. However,I loved the book. 

I read books than transport me completely to alien places so I get to visualize and connect with their kinda world;The characters in the plot, I mean. I loved Dalia and Norma' s friendship. In a way ,I was envious. Because,tell me, who today is being such thick friends with one another? They say "keep your friends close and enemies closer". But what if you don't know to differentiate one from another? What age are we living in? We are so digitally and technologically screwed up! 
I loved the way Dalia did and also cried when she departed. Uuuuuuuuuufffffff....I get so emotionally attached to these characters that it almost feels like they were my camaraderie.

I'll sign off leaving you with a few lingering thoughts. From the last many months ,oops ,I mean 2 months..I have been figuring out the importance of INTENTIONS! And how they impact us and the people around us. And I've learned tremendously from the result born out of POSITIVE INTENTIONS. Even when negative thoughts fluttered through my mind, I weeded them out and brought in a curtain of serene thoughts of forbearance and happiness and love. It really is the spiritual therapy I gave myself. 

Are you giving yourself a good dose of that,lately? :)

Have an awesome day ahead!! :)
Lotsa love.

Awards I won lately ;)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012
First of all.

Apologies for being so late at replying to all those who awarded me. I know how rude that is. But I was so caught up in my web of life that I barely had time for myself,let alone blog! And blogging is like my outlet. Every happy or sad happening ...I broadcast it here!!! :)

The blogosphere is become like family to me.But my life off-blog is drilling. Bringing me to the end of my tether. So kindly don't mistake my negligence.;)

1)Princess Poo had awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.Thank You soo much Poo! :) *hugs*

2) Alka awarded me the Awesome Blogger Award.Thanks a ton Alka! An award from you is something! *mighty big hug*

I kinda disliked how the above looked,so I'm passing on a more sassy looking award! ;)

Here goes,

LOL! Like it?..Grab it! Dislike it,then chuck it! :)

3)Finally,Meg awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award. :D Thanks hon! You made my day! :)*hugs*

Gee I'm excited! I feel like a child. I'm practically flushing! *:D*

The best way for me to show them gratitude is that you check out their blogs and see for yourself how talent sparks from each of them! They really brim with a song of inspiration drawing an unending  string of dreamy imagination of words into thoughts into action. :)

As per the rules I am suppose to ...

  • Link back and thank the person whom I got the award from.
  • Share 7 things about me.
  • Pass the award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me :-
1. I am a obsessed of being disciplined/well mannered/doing it right. 
2.I am becoming a fitness maniac, off late ;)
3.I can give up anyone/anything for Dragon Chicken or KFC ;)
4.I love giving a glamour quotient to everything I do.;) There will be something creative or decorative about anything I do. 
5.The more I can be nice,the nastier I can get. :D
6.I love people.
7.I am a huge fan of bags and shoes and books.Anything for yo awesome beings! :D

I'm nominating 15 bloggers that came to my mind who would do the honor of receiving this award gracefully! :)

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           The Little Princess  Perky Hours!!  

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On a roller coaster ride

Monday, 7 May 2012
Hellllloooo World!

A big Helllooooo! I missed you guys! It's been a whole long month.

A month of utmost work because my final year in engineering is winding up .Plus I'm super worried about my PG admissions. And I'm not begun with studying for my final exams yet! Plus our university just re-scheduled and re-re-scheduled  our exams.We have them in June now.It's practically postponed to 1 whole month ahead.Phheeeewwww!

A month filled with life's lessons and a number of reasons to mellow me down.I have like two more posts to do .One featuring my dear fellow bloggers who nominated me for awards and another of my own.It feels good to be back.

I feel woken up from a deep slumber. From here on,I'm going to be focused more on quality work than quantity.Not going to bother about the "number of posts" I post per month but the quality of posts I pen down about.Because I'm totally sick of monotony. I hate a smooth transition. I love unruly roller coaster rides. I think it's more "fun" and reflects my kinda sophistication. Or my kinda style ;) Suddenly ,I feel the posts I write about affects me in turn, than those reading my work.And I thank a dear friend who reminded me that. 

I'm generally a moody person. I do what I feel like without taking other factors into consideration that may or may not be important. Yea,one of those who learns hard from mistakes. Sometimes I don't think. I run my life on my basic instincts and not practicability. Mostly a person who goes with the flow. Quiet cool headed . Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I get too responsible. I start getting accountable and expect the same from others. And in the process I think I've kinda lost myself. Lost myself against the intention with which I was suppose to be(behave).Ah..INTENTIONS!! That is an awesome thing to blog about, in more detail! :)

Even now, Writing is helping me ease the pain I have been silently harboring for a month.As in ,I love talking. I just sort out other people's problems by talking them out or into "right decisions" .But when it comes to me,I'm suddenly in a fix. I'm lost in an ocean of misery.I'm not trying to gain sympathy out of not being given support or anything. But sometimes ,a voice of hope goes a long way in boosting one's spirits right! And a friend just gave me that. And I'm glad that brought me into writing this! 

I don't know who is feeling better after reading this post. But I do. It gives me a new light to envision and dream. 

Lightens me up! 

O Man, the craziness of life! :D

Love ya..So love being back! :)


Saturday, 31 March 2012

I miss you so much.
I wish we could talk. 
It felt like we were strangers today.
It felt like we had nothing in common.
It felt like we were poles apart.
I felt like an ocean of waves lashing my own emotions against me.
I felt broken into a million pieces. 
I felt ripped apart.
I felt never so broke.
Will you ever call me? 
Will you ever meet your eyes with mine? 
Will our eyes dance the song of love?
Will our bodies gyrate our way to ecstasy? 
Will we still floor each other?
Will we still kiss each other randomly?
Will we still run our fingers over each other?
Will we still intertwine our fingers ..
In our tryst with fearless romance ? 
I miss your laughter and your yapping.
Your silence is blinding me.
Your silence is exaggerating my void .
Your indifference mellows me like nothing does.
Your quiet makes me thirst for more of your love.
Quench my thirst..
I'm sorry.
I drove you till the end of your tether.
I drove you to that very end.
And my bad..I spoke too much indeed.
But why wouldn't you throw me adorable glances anymore?
I am sinking in our agony and fighting tears with tears.
Fighting love with love.
Oh how I miss you,baby!
How I miss your phone-y kisses.
How I miss your silvery touch .
How I miss your smile and
A passion of yesterday.
How I miss those secretive smiles and caresses.
Your caress opens up a volcano of new highs.
Your presence ignites a flaming fire in my heart.
Opening up a soul of gushing dreamy,starry love currents.
Waiting to be cuddled.
Cuddle you and kiss you all over.
And leaving traces of eternal moist.
Imprinting in your soul,to last forever.

Gone into hiding

Friday, 30 March 2012
Helllloooo World! :)

Back after ten days of tiresome project work and those recommendation letters..Bla..What a week! I almost had to stay away from blogging to concentrate and stay a little disconnected. Sometimes ,staying disconnected gives you a calm ,doesn' it? Helps me get a grip over myself. I am in total charge of my situation...I don't feel the obsessive need to write a number of senseless or sensible posts. I just have the chance to work peacefully and give myself time to view my life where I stand in, right now.I can hardly believe it's been 10 days! Feels like it all rolled away in  a flash! 

And coming back just in time to check on what everyone is doing and not doing... it's a small break for me..this writing ..these outbursts help me on the long run. To keep away from the humdrum of my zealous sans doleful life.

Sans doleful. 
Yea right.
*my foot*

However,So glad to be here. :)

Hues of Yellowish Blue

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
Waking up afresh on the wee hours of morning.Waking up to find the darkness creeping out.  It is like I were plunged into a mighty rush of crystal clear water. It felt like I was rejuvenating my soul,mind and body. Keeping myself tuned to the early morning song. The sounds of birdies in the air. The slumber of dogs and the occasional barks. The pouring and boiling water of a hot cuppa. A cuppa that has my spirits lifted up already.

A walk into the amazing gate of church that has heard my plea for peace and chaos filtered out. Singing hymns with a graceful heart and a sound soul. Leaving my little litters of agony there I head home. My mind feels clear.My heart soars ahead of my.What has happened to me? Am I in a tricky daze?No. I just feel calm after the storm and the storm which hasn't passed.It feels like a decade long battle already.And I know victory is going to be ours. Sometimes life was just meant to fog our hearts to get down to who we are? Is that the only way we can find ourselves? Is that the only way we can double up and stand stoic? 

Stoic I will not be but with a guarded mind and soul I will defend myself and to the world I belong. I will paint the colors of rainbow all the gloomy and sunny days of my life. I will turn my hues of blueness into oily shades of yellow. I will shade my blackness of life to a purple setting to stage my life. I will shun the browns and root out every worm . I will make room for the beautiful sunshine that will melt down my woes and lash out the plunderers. Those draconic plunderers who think my peace can be stolen? Who think I have no voice? My sunshine will lash them all out and win an already won battle. 

It'll be a song of peace after all the volcanic collapse. It will be a muted battle for the dumb and a violent battle for the atrocious. An eye for an eye. For my face is scathed showing another cheek for yet how many slaps,you tell me? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind but now it will open eyes to truth and a sanctifying battle. A battle that just had to be fought.A battle that just had to be won!

Sunshine sweetness to ya all! :)

Your Hair Talks?

Saturday, 17 March 2012
I never blog about style or fashion stuff coz I don't feel the need to. I have my own style statement and I stick to it but love following some fashion blogs just because they are madly creative. I appreciate Creativity to it's most widest and brightest horizons. It's about who you are,what you feel about yourself and how you want people to see you. Style and  being stylish is a very interesting thing. Women can be so confounding at times. Sometimes they carry "that look" like a cake walk and sometimes have got to work on it. I mean ,it's all part of building your self esteem,I guess. 

They say,every action of a person talks not a mole but mountains. The way you talk, the way you respond to people's questions ,you know ,in general, etiquette is definitely something.
But did you know your hair talks too?

They say women with curly hair are unruly, or they are not in conform. They are pretty much rule breakers and the ones who do anything but stay put within their line of control. They are dominating but loving and lovable. It's said that Curly heads have the zest for life.
Not saying straight haired ones are not, dummy! ;) But straight haired ones are more organized and mainly PREDICTABLE and not all laid back either. They are people who are cliched. Don't argue that I'm biased but it's what "they say" . :)

Straight Hair is beautiful.
So is wavy.And so SO is curly.
It's just that some people give you those looks at your curly hair like you made a faux pas(ofcourse that is coz we curly heads look electrocuted sometimes! MY *weeps*) .Like you are hardly unkempt or something. Hellooooo... wake up people! Curls are so in and I am all votes for those who promote curly hair. Coz it is NOT that bad,really. 

I remember I had lush locks of curly hair as a child & now too ,though the intensity has slightly reduced.I love strands of curls alone.I abhor frizz. So I use my Dove shampoo and Sunsilk conditioner(yea,it works just awesome!) and boom! My hair's done! My hair has been the utmost point of worry simply coz personally it is unpredictable (like me!), it looks beautiful only during those days when nobody is there to admire*So vain!*. And on the day I go out for a family party/function/friends day out or something ..those will be my worst hair days. But I can proudly say Now those days are all gone. I experimented a lot, A LOT and found Dove+Sunsilk Conditioner is super duper cool.

Results : Soft hair and bouncy curls..And that is what I want!!! 

And my Awesome hair days simply catapult me to cloud nine! So this post is mostly about me being all happy and the analytic self that I always am ,even for small things. :) 

~~**So that's my mini DIY project .LOL! It all comes part of experimenting and DO-It-Yourself kinda thing.I found this (shampoo+conditioner)combination on my own! Ha! **~~~

Hair Love to ya all :)
 "These are not curls on my head,it's the freggin' awesomeness trying to find a way out" -Anonymous. So no matter how clownish your hair looks,Love it! It'll just grow lovelier and bouncier. :)

Chronicles of the Nature Loving

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
My Nature Diary.

A childhood experience that felt 100% real, authentic and natural to me.

What can I say. In Mumbai,When I was hardly 6,I vividly remember having this deep desire to plant an apple tree. According to my friend's and my concept(from a textbook at school!) ,planting an "apple tree" was sowing seeds in the soil ,watering it and then urging it to grow. I mean, we were too naive to realize that a lot had to be done in order to grow a full apple tree. We brought seeds of the apple we just devoured over and merrily sowed it.Then, we waited and waited. Spoke to the unborn sapling urging/pleading/threatening it to grow. It never did grow but for our sake, a loving maid had planted a tulsi and we happily kept feeding water to our lovely new sapling. And to this day, it still stands strong! :)

And another time when I was drawn close to nature was when I was studying in Bahrain.My parents love gardening so it is obviously very much ingrained in my genes as well. We had so many flowers, tomatoes growing in our garden.The cactus ,the creepers ,the hibiscus ,the roses,the sunflowers and marigolds! Oh,A sight to behold,indeed! You know the point is not about growing numerous plants or colorful flowers or fruits in a garden .The point is about what one gains out of it. Firstly ,these flowers and fruits attracts us to delve into meaningless or strange or peaceful conversations with the unspoken yet one of the most beautiful beings the Almighty has ever created.Imagine...what would this earth be without flowers and fruits ! A barren land? So unthinkable right! 

I remember Mom ,Dad & me , had mastered the art of watering plants. Like I stated many blog posts back,The art of watering plants is something of a world of talent altogether.Why.Simply because it shows ,or the plant can sense the positive vibes you are sending across them.If you splash a bucket of water on them every single day and weep they aren't growing fast enough or beautiful enough.The answer stabs at you ..Learn to pour a circle of water GENTLY around the plant.Got me? AROUND THE PLANT. You know ,there are people who whisper prayers for their plants to grow bountifully. And the secret is,The sapling knows what you think. It can sense. If you notice,plants grow immensely in the hearts  of the warm hearted. It abhors negative vibes.Even on stormy days, a plant grows faithfully in a home filled with bliss and peace.

Another incident dates back to when I was very young.Around 8 or so in Chennai during my summer vacation. Grandpa and us grand daughters used to be up at noon time and help him water all the plants and trees within our house compound.We had mango trees ,neem trees,coconut trees ,tulsi, tomatoes ,bitter guards and what not! We practically had the whole raw kitchen in there. Any emergency? Head right into our garden. :) Grandma used to send coconuts during the peak season to all our relatives living in Chennai as a gesture of good will and season's greetings. Grandpa and all of us cousins used to mount tall stools to reach the nearest mango branch and click as many photos plucking juicy mangoes and gorging over them. What a blast we used to have! I mean ,the whole process of climbing those mango trees and fetching every ripe mango during the peak summer season.My.. :) 

Those really were the summery delights of our days.Summers have gone,winters have gone,But no Summer flooded us with the happiness ,nature got us that summer of '98.

And today when the ancestral home is no more ours, it gives us pain for all the nature adventures we had in there. As kids ,we used to consider our garden a forest and strut around like zombies on the loose.We used to spot mongoose in our garden.So obviously snakes scared the living hell out of us. The crows and sparrows came for little fruits.The dogs came. Cats came. Nature stood still and we never overcame ,the masterpieces of yonder. 

Loving and Living the 100% Real Nature. :)


Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Firstly my heart felt apologies to all my fellow bloggers out there to whom I still have NOT  replied in my comments section. I have been so busy that I had time ONLY to breathe.Busy with PG admissions and project deadlines and didn't access internet. 

I promise to each and everyone of you- I'll keep up with you and remain in pace sooner or later.And forgive me if it gets delayed! Coming back to blog finally feels home.My lovely Second Home :)

Gee, that google image is a simple gesture to convey my apologies ;) God. I really felt lifeless having not blogged for like,5 days? Now,I'm just gasping for a breath of fresh air. I feel so alive! Hurray! :)

Missed ya! Luv ya all! :)
Back to blog-o-zone ;)

Dream Series 3 -Whoa Susan!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012
I was enthralled hearing this.I'm sure many of you watched this episode. And I'm being blatantly honest here,after nearly 3 years of this wonderful episode being a wild world wide hit ,here I am waking up ,watching this video.It gave me goosebumps! Really! The woman REALLY has TALENT! And that's what we call a dream come true! :) 

When the winds go against you,
When the world goes not your way,
Defy the wind,
Go against the grain,
Defy thy woes,
Who said ..
We cannot
touch the moon,
And yet be real!

So,never worry going against the grain if you have to! Focus. Always. Stay in Focus. It's a strong & easy thing to >stay in focus< but difficult to implement. Keep being positive. Watch positive things on tv that keep you assertive about life. Or read mind boggling and mind tickling stuff that may help you think out of the box.And I can write and give you what wonders can throng your life! :) Good Luck guys! May your dreams come true! :) The Universe is listening..

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Mystery Man

Monday, 5 March 2012
Dear Mystery Man!

They say your ways are mysterious.  But I never knew until now. I wept to you for a paradisaical  happening and you bombarded me with a thunderbolt of a miracle! How did you do that? 

You saw how morose I grew and how sober I made Mom & Dad. But today,it fills my heart to say how I made their heads sky high. Made them stand out that crowd. Made them proud . Also today is Daddy's birthday..what more could I ask of you ,my Mystery Man.It's as if I planned this wondrous gift for him.If anyone asked me what puzzles me most ,I'd sprawl on and on about my Mystery Man who stood by me every time I smiled,every time I shed a tear and every time I thought Life wasn't easy. And every time I begged his presence.And every time I felt I couldn't make it.

Sometimes , I asked you to bequeath me with diamonds and you gave me a gold stone . Sometimes ,I asked you for charcoal and you rained me diamonds. How can you be so mysterious,my mysterious young man? I love you. You know how much I adore you for being my guiding light? For breathing through me. For auscultating silently my drilling woes.

Yes,I impeached you. Grumbled.Mumbled. And struggled too. I know , I turned deaf ear to you sometimes.No.Many a time. So,how did you manage to throw a confetti of flowers my way? Love me so much? I have no words. 

We are children who make mistakes and I understand it is in the right of parents to forgive the child. I voice out ever so happily for blessing  me with lovely parents. How do you think they felt when I made them shrink in shame? How do you think they felt when I disrespected them? How do you think I made them feel when I overlooked their insecurities? Why was I so blind? Was I so immune to my surroundings? Or was I immune to my very self? But TODAY, I proclaim my love for you . My thank yous may sound a notch under but you know deep down how much I am indebted to you. 

People call me bold.People call me insensitive.People call me wise. People say I am a master of myself.People envy me.But they don't know it is YOU who made me.It is YOU who molded me. And it is YOU who built the trust in me. YOU built me brick by brick, stone to stone and painted every hue of compassion and every color of affection and every roof of gratitude and the very foundation of love for my life.It is YOU who made me rip down boulders that limited my endowments.  You made me defy the repulsive. You made me draw a circle around myself letting love take the form of something so superior that I could exalt in your perfect Universe of a perfect life. 

Thank you Mystery Man! Thank you! :*

Albert Einstein rightly said ~
There are two ways to live your life-
One is as though nothing is a miracle 
The other is as if everythng is!

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Beating One

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Deep down in me,
I hear voices,
voices of a distant memory,
memories that dwell in me,
I dwell in them,
memories that keep me alive,
memories that kiss me to reality,
memories that fade away the real,
and drowns me ,
in the warmth of your love,
in the embrace of your passion,
in the deep realms of undying love,
in the thicket of your arms.

how do you define love?

Your voice gives me a high..
is that how?
Your presence make me flush and glow.. 
is that how?
Your touch ..
opens up an ocean of
currents of love so crystal clear,
is that how?

I don't know how,
but all I know,
is we are one soul.
A soul of twin hearts,
beating rhythmically One,
oh I don't ever care..
who throws us muck or mar,
all I know is..
We are one,
yes, One!!
and no one can taint,
a twin heart
beating one.

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Gosh! How I miss the 90s CN

Saturday, 3 March 2012
Helloo ladies & gentlemen :) You are now tuned into Cartoon Network .:)
What can I say?
I miss the 90s cartoons a hell lot! Sometimes when I am in no mood to watch a Transformers series or a dynamic Jackie Chan administering his kung-fu stunts or even a Walt Disney movie or simply just want to hit back on our roots,I always love going in a memorabilia of those fun fested Cartoon Network mania! 

Nowadays girl kids(I don't know about the guy kids :| ) talk mountains of who romances whom on-screen at the age of 10 than which power puff girl they love most.Atleast we girls were like that, we used to ramble on and on about  CN tales all the way back home from school to and fro or jumping around and playing hide n seek or "Mommy Daddy game". It  used to be ultimate play-time.No worries.No responsibilities.I remember my mom was a strict disciplinarian. I was not supposed to watch TV immediately after throwing(I'd get wacked for being untidy :P) er, placing my bag aside and my socks in the washing basket. I was made to have lunch and take a nap or get ready for Marathi/Hindi tuitions and then scram for dance classes. My..That used to be one hell of a schedule. But I was never idle.And that's what mom wanted.And today when I go down memory lane,I think that is such a productive way to keep a kid occupied. Today,kids play on the internet more and have so many cyber friends than friends for real.Even if they have "real friends" they are a bad influence.My cousin bro kiddo is just 7 now and his classmates earn 100 to 500 bucks a day stealing chalks to super duper pens and selling them off at "reasonable rates".You should have seen how my aunts' and uncles' jaws dropped as our smallest baby of the house announced that like it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

I used to be obsessed of power puff girls and then my Bro used to snatch the remote from me to watch Swat Cats. LOL! Our house used to suddeny turn into a power house of a noise workshop with mom ranting away with our maid (whom we love very much! what a darling she was!) and frying crunchy pakodas. Those were the 90s days of utmost childhood -loving memories that I not a single day regret.Gawd,I feel nostalgic already! *sigh*

Oh,and do you remember *Scooby-dooby-doooo*? That signature gruffly voice that won more than a million young hearts?He was my second love after PPG! :D I mean , I always wondered back then,why Daphny and Fred always left out Velma from their team until I became ripe and finally came to an understanding that Daphne was Fred's love interest. *No wonder they used to act all mushy now & then ;)*

Then came the hero, Johnny Bravo who's very sight made me laugh.I have no clue why,but I mentally conjured up a face of a clown surrounded by dumb blondes instead of what a chick-magnet Johnny boy really was ;)

And today,when I switch channels to watching CN,I've lost the kind of excitement and thrill I initially had in the good old days.Again,is it because we were too innocent with no responsibilities of filling PG forms and the dire desire to get placed/do something worthwhile/useful/call it whatever you want. But we are just hinged to so much madness that I hardly appreciate the CN I see today.

But honestly,CN has change a mighty lot,what with the wierd looking japenese/chinese cartoons.Meaning, they are just not original anymore. They look so second handed.Like the cartoon network studio has been rammed down by mafias and now they cannot feature a decent looking cartoon at all? Even my kiddo cousins tastes suck! It's souring ,I can see it in their "favorite choice of cartoons" .Or may be they are just living up to their generation like we did in ours. Who cares .I miss the 90s CN and I wish they do something about reviving back all those Ed,Eden & Eddys /The Dextor's Laboratory/Captain Planet (I can sing that song by-heart even now,you know.) /Godzilla/ Flintstones and so many that practically was and is the icing and cherry of the Cartoon Network. Whether they know it or not,they've just lost the icing and cherry in the woods and now in search for a mere substitute than anything "really watchable". I want to cry everytime I tune into Cartoon Network today. 

Oh,how could I have forgotten Tom & Jerry? And now,even those episodes are like cow-dung. Oops sorry Tom .Sorry Jerry.I love you both ,like truckloads but I just don't like your quality anymore, it's just beyond me. How do I say it? 

Sometimes,I wish I video taped all those 90s cartoons and showed-off to my kids at least(who are obviosuly unborn yet!). They should know how deliciously creamy the cream of the CN industry was and how it's melting away in disdain.Alas. 

But,no matter how many other cartoon channels like Disney/Nickelodean/Pogo and the like blind me,I will always and forever love Cartoon Network.My first love :)

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