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Monday, 7 May 2012
Hellllloooo World!

A big Helllooooo! I missed you guys! It's been a whole long month.

A month of utmost work because my final year in engineering is winding up .Plus I'm super worried about my PG admissions. And I'm not begun with studying for my final exams yet! Plus our university just re-scheduled and re-re-scheduled  our exams.We have them in June now.It's practically postponed to 1 whole month ahead.Phheeeewwww!

A month filled with life's lessons and a number of reasons to mellow me down.I have like two more posts to do .One featuring my dear fellow bloggers who nominated me for awards and another of my own.It feels good to be back.

I feel woken up from a deep slumber. From here on,I'm going to be focused more on quality work than quantity.Not going to bother about the "number of posts" I post per month but the quality of posts I pen down about.Because I'm totally sick of monotony. I hate a smooth transition. I love unruly roller coaster rides. I think it's more "fun" and reflects my kinda sophistication. Or my kinda style ;) Suddenly ,I feel the posts I write about affects me in turn, than those reading my work.And I thank a dear friend who reminded me that. 

I'm generally a moody person. I do what I feel like without taking other factors into consideration that may or may not be important. Yea,one of those who learns hard from mistakes. Sometimes I don't think. I run my life on my basic instincts and not practicability. Mostly a person who goes with the flow. Quiet cool headed . Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I get too responsible. I start getting accountable and expect the same from others. And in the process I think I've kinda lost myself. Lost myself against the intention with which I was suppose to be(behave).Ah..INTENTIONS!! That is an awesome thing to blog about, in more detail! :)

Even now, Writing is helping me ease the pain I have been silently harboring for a month.As in ,I love talking. I just sort out other people's problems by talking them out or into "right decisions" .But when it comes to me,I'm suddenly in a fix. I'm lost in an ocean of misery.I'm not trying to gain sympathy out of not being given support or anything. But sometimes ,a voice of hope goes a long way in boosting one's spirits right! And a friend just gave me that. And I'm glad that brought me into writing this! 

I don't know who is feeling better after reading this post. But I do. It gives me a new light to envision and dream. 

Lightens me up! 

O Man, the craziness of life! :D

Love ya..So love being back! :)


  1. Arundhati said...:

    Missed you and your posts!

    Welcome back :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Same boat here too :D Haven't been blogging lately. And now i realized i have been missing yours as well :D Good to see your words once again. and as ya say- Happy Quality Blogging! ;)

  1. glad to have you back

    and yes that sure is one heavily loaded schedule you have out there - exams, admissions, studying....

  1. Missed you and nice knowing through this post.
    All the best for your exams

  1. Unknown said...:

    Happy to see you back :)

  1. Nice to see you taking break from studies and blogging your thoughts:)Am sure it will help you taking some stress off your busy study schedule!

  1. Really missed you! :(

  1. Anonymous said...:

    So happy to read this post:)! We can feel the celebration in your voice:)!! Lots of love to you:)!!

  1. Rika said...:

    Ah! the woes of being a full time student..i've been there..good to see you back...and don't worry about not posting regularly...sometimes its ok to pause coz we're not blogging robots..all the best with exams.

  1. *I do I do..AWW! I missed practically reading from each and everyone of you!!! :D


    Gee...Yea *Della! This phase is like seeing a horror movie.. I don't know what will come next yet I gotta keep myself ready for anything & everything! And thank ya Sweets!!! :)<3

  1. Aaarrggghhh...yea *Sujatha! :)

    Thanks a ton *Ranjana! Been so long since I heard from you! :)

  1. Very true Rahul ji!! :) Which is why I am here! :)

    Thank you Abhinav!! :)

  1. O *Daisy! Thanks for peeping by! I love it that we can all connect with one another despite being busy over mundane things! OmGosh! :)

    Awww *Fashionista...Here I come!:D

  1. Wow! That is so encouraging *Rads! Love ya for it!! :) <3 *hugs and love*

  1. Prashanth said...:

    Yes, it really feels good to be back. I can relate to it as I was away from my blog for more than a month because of exams. Immediately after finishing my exams I posted a new blog.

    You know for me blogging is like an another person with whom you can talk, share what you feel like and that person silently listens which is what we all need, isn't it..:)

    As you have rightly pointed out, quality is most important and not how many posts you post in a month.

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