Saturday, 31 March 2012

I miss you so much.
I wish we could talk. 
It felt like we were strangers today.
It felt like we had nothing in common.
It felt like we were poles apart.
I felt like an ocean of waves lashing my own emotions against me.
I felt broken into a million pieces. 
I felt ripped apart.
I felt never so broke.
Will you ever call me? 
Will you ever meet your eyes with mine? 
Will our eyes dance the song of love?
Will our bodies gyrate our way to ecstasy? 
Will we still floor each other?
Will we still kiss each other randomly?
Will we still run our fingers over each other?
Will we still intertwine our fingers ..
In our tryst with fearless romance ? 
I miss your laughter and your yapping.
Your silence is blinding me.
Your silence is exaggerating my void .
Your indifference mellows me like nothing does.
Your quiet makes me thirst for more of your love.
Quench my thirst..
I'm sorry.
I drove you till the end of your tether.
I drove you to that very end.
And my bad..I spoke too much indeed.
But why wouldn't you throw me adorable glances anymore?
I am sinking in our agony and fighting tears with tears.
Fighting love with love.
Oh how I miss you,baby!
How I miss your phone-y kisses.
How I miss your silvery touch .
How I miss your smile and
A passion of yesterday.
How I miss those secretive smiles and caresses.
Your caress opens up a volcano of new highs.
Your presence ignites a flaming fire in my heart.
Opening up a soul of gushing dreamy,starry love currents.
Waiting to be cuddled.
Cuddle you and kiss you all over.
And leaving traces of eternal moist.
Imprinting in your soul,to last forever.


  1. Arundhati said...:

    Really well composed!

  1. Heart touching Jen.
    Wish i could use better words to put across how it touched me.
    Love that passion with which it is written.
    That overflow of emotions.
    Brilliant,simply brilliant!

  1. my god! consummate passion in every line!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Passionate writing!!

  1. Gosh Jen...I am speechless... this is beautiful! What do I say there's every pain passion et all... simply amazing :D ♥

  1. nice words..sometimes people become who were too close become total strangers!!

  1. That was a really passionate one ! Good writing, Jen:)

  1. Pranita said...:

    Very strong and passionate play of words.. loved it!

  1. super cool blog!

    follow for follow?

  1. Astha said...:

    awww :')
    very well written

  1. Kajal said...:

    Wow!! what a wonderful play of words... really brilliant..

  1. this is such a ovely poem. Really moving. Loved it :)

  1. Gina Gao said...:

    This is such a great post. I really like the way you write your posts.

  1. so lovey-dovey!! *hugs* and love

  1. Auste said...:

    wow. amazing:*****

  1. Air said...:

    That is splendid !! <3

    And thankyouu loads and loads for following and for those two sweet comments .. :) It means a lot to me ... Keep visiting me .. xxox

  1. loads of love oozing? :)

  1. Beautiful, I'm sure that most of us will be able to identify with these words.

  1. Christina said...:

    Very profound. Very nice. Coming to visit and follow as you did with me. Thanks hon.

  1. Jenny said...:

    Omi!! this is really beautiful Jen! All mush mush..! Lovey doey!

  1. its actually , what everybody true words..

  1. magiceye said...:

    plea of anguish.....

  1. Unknown said...:

    very well written:)enjoyed every bit of it

  1. RioZee said...:

    Ohh my, what a post. really well thought words.
    brilliant pen.

  1. Sri Valli said...:

    Ahh!!...This is so beautiful....straight from your heart....I loved the way you expressed those feelings.....My first visit here...will be coming back regularly...Happy blogging!

  1. beautiful words!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  1. Unknown said...:

    Amazing words, as always!!

    I do have a lot of Adele on my playlist, music is a life saver. :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Amazing- well written!

  1. Ankit said...:

    Amazing and meaningful verses... :D :D loved it ..

    You should take part in this contest - Coolest Blog Contest 2012

  1. you write beautifully :)
    loved it

    looking forward to more from u !!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hello once again please visit my blog post titled awesome blogger award...i have a surprise for u

  1. Thank you *Izdiher! :)

    Thank you Abhinav! :)

    Thanks I do I do! :)

  1. yess! truly from the soul! :)

  1. yes Archana !Truly from the soul!! :)

  1. Thank you so much Aslem!Your comments mean a lot to me! :)

  1. Thank you Daisy and Rohit!! :D

  1. Confused Soul...AWW thanks a ton sweets! :) You just made my day! :D hugs and love!:)

  1. Shooting star...that is so true. Such a delicate situation it is! :|

  1. Shooting star...that is so true. Such a delicate situation it is! :|

  1. Thanks Rahul ji and Rajesh!:)

  1. Pranita!!!! Thank you sweets. :)

    Fashionista..THANKS! :D

    Teacups and treats...YESS! :D

  1. Astha,Thank you!! I'm glad you came by to read! :)

  1. Kajal... Thanks a lot!!:) It was truly from the heart :)

  1. Life on the rocks,Thanks a ton! :) This was such a heart felt of my pieces close to my heart! :)

  1. Gina..Thank you ! :) Thanks a ton for stopping by! xo

  1. Thanks Auste! :)

    *Hugs back* Lil Princess!:) Thank you thank you ! :D

  1. And thanks for stopping by Bubbles! I love your blog a way lot! :D It's always bubbling with energy and bubbliness? ;)

  1. Sawan! :) Yep! The power of youth is so powerful! :)

  1. Definitely Petty Writer!:) Thanks for coming by! :)

  1. Thank you Christina! Glad you came by! :)xo

  1. Jenny!!!! You always lift up my spirits! And thank you:D

  1. yes sweet Ruchi! You are correct! :)thanks for stopping by! :)

  1. Thank you Maun! You pour on me those rare compliments! I'm all smiles:D

  1. MAgic eye.. It's way more than that! If you see!

  1. Thank you so much Alka! You are one of my favorite bloggers :D

  1. Woww..Thanks Valli! So glad to have you! We'll visit each other as often as possible! :)

  1. Style Delights...Thanks!!you too :)

  1. Thanks Rachel and Camille! You guys are another reason to have me smiling all day :D

  1. Thanks Ankit! Heard of it! Let me see :)

  1. Thank you so muych SBN! You make me smile!:D


  1. Anonymous said...:

    coming straight from the heart & piercing other hearts...your thoughts will certainly have the desired effect!

  1. kala said...:

    Amazing One!!!!!!

  1. Ananya said...:

    AHA!! while I read first two lines,, I thought of commenting " this poem is for me?? " :D :D rofl.. but I read further and thanked God for not giving that crazy comment :D :D but I miss you too .. I mean not this way obviously :P but ya catching up with you blogwise, but kya karey? exams are giving me tough time.. will be back soon.. till then, you take care Jen.. lots of love :)

  1. beaaaaaauuuutifully written Jen

  1. Unknown said...:

    it involves cuddling and not roses, I like that. Lovely.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey, I know this is extremely over-do, but I nominated you a while ago for the kreativ blogger award! I hope to see the post soon!


  1. Ash said...:

    Very well composed!

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