Beating One

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Deep down in me,
I hear voices,
voices of a distant memory,
memories that dwell in me,
I dwell in them,
memories that keep me alive,
memories that kiss me to reality,
memories that fade away the real,
and drowns me ,
in the warmth of your love,
in the embrace of your passion,
in the deep realms of undying love,
in the thicket of your arms.

how do you define love?

Your voice gives me a high..
is that how?
Your presence make me flush and glow.. 
is that how?
Your touch ..
opens up an ocean of
currents of love so crystal clear,
is that how?

I don't know how,
but all I know,
is we are one soul.
A soul of twin hearts,
beating rhythmically One,
oh I don't ever care..
who throws us muck or mar,
all I know is..
We are one,
yes, One!!
and no one can taint,
a twin heart
beating one.

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  1. anatreek said...:

    loved the second that how? :)

  1. Ananya said...:

    I knew better about love as a pre teen ... the more am growing up.. the concept of soulmates and love is becoming more delusional to me.. :/ but we should never lose hope I guess.. :) love your innocent approach on love here.. thanks for visiting my blog and for living your lovely comments.. :)

  1. Thank you *Ana! :)

    Oh,I wouldn't blame you *Ananya! I've been under the dark pall of delusion too and made a come back ;) So yes,never lose hope! :)

  1. straight from the heart!! being in love is one of the most secure feelings one can have...

  1. Love makes so many things happen:)

  1. Oh ,TRULY *Lil Princess! :) You got that right! :)

    Yes *Rahul ji! Opens gateways of so many new beginnings. :)

  1. Lovely one, Picture too !

  1. Jenny said...:

    oh wow! beautiful words, and I felt so mushy and lovey doey :-))

  1. Thank you *Jagdish! :)

    Oooo *Jenny! I'm glad I made you lovesick? ;)

  1. Upasana said...:

    Beautifully written Jen! Lovely message!

  1. Thanks *Upasana! Your comment made me smile. Keep coming often! :)

  1. awww!!! truly romantic:)

  1. Geeee :) Thank YOU Elvira :)Just some heartfelt outbursts ;)

  1. Jess said...:

    So beautiful!
    Such a great writing style :)

    Love the lion picture too!

    You're almost at 100 followers...woohoo!

  1. Thank you *Jessica! I love the lion&lioness too! And Oh yea!! But I have so much more to accomplish here!! :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    love.. a nice sweet thing that make everyone smile. and this post made me.. smile.. :D lovely pictures too!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Such a pretty poem<3 And adorable pictures!!

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