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Wednesday, 14 March 2012
My Nature Diary.

A childhood experience that felt 100% real, authentic and natural to me.

What can I say. In Mumbai,When I was hardly 6,I vividly remember having this deep desire to plant an apple tree. According to my friend's and my concept(from a textbook at school!) ,planting an "apple tree" was sowing seeds in the soil ,watering it and then urging it to grow. I mean, we were too naive to realize that a lot had to be done in order to grow a full apple tree. We brought seeds of the apple we just devoured over and merrily sowed it.Then, we waited and waited. Spoke to the unborn sapling urging/pleading/threatening it to grow. It never did grow but for our sake, a loving maid had planted a tulsi and we happily kept feeding water to our lovely new sapling. And to this day, it still stands strong! :)

And another time when I was drawn close to nature was when I was studying in Bahrain.My parents love gardening so it is obviously very much ingrained in my genes as well. We had so many flowers, tomatoes growing in our garden.The cactus ,the creepers ,the hibiscus ,the roses,the sunflowers and marigolds! Oh,A sight to behold,indeed! You know the point is not about growing numerous plants or colorful flowers or fruits in a garden .The point is about what one gains out of it. Firstly ,these flowers and fruits attracts us to delve into meaningless or strange or peaceful conversations with the unspoken yet one of the most beautiful beings the Almighty has ever created.Imagine...what would this earth be without flowers and fruits ! A barren land? So unthinkable right! 

I remember Mom ,Dad & me , had mastered the art of watering plants. Like I stated many blog posts back,The art of watering plants is something of a world of talent altogether.Why.Simply because it shows ,or the plant can sense the positive vibes you are sending across them.If you splash a bucket of water on them every single day and weep they aren't growing fast enough or beautiful enough.The answer stabs at you ..Learn to pour a circle of water GENTLY around the plant.Got me? AROUND THE PLANT. You know ,there are people who whisper prayers for their plants to grow bountifully. And the secret is,The sapling knows what you think. It can sense. If you notice,plants grow immensely in the hearts  of the warm hearted. It abhors negative vibes.Even on stormy days, a plant grows faithfully in a home filled with bliss and peace.

Another incident dates back to when I was very young.Around 8 or so in Chennai during my summer vacation. Grandpa and us grand daughters used to be up at noon time and help him water all the plants and trees within our house compound.We had mango trees ,neem trees,coconut trees ,tulsi, tomatoes ,bitter guards and what not! We practically had the whole raw kitchen in there. Any emergency? Head right into our garden. :) Grandma used to send coconuts during the peak season to all our relatives living in Chennai as a gesture of good will and season's greetings. Grandpa and all of us cousins used to mount tall stools to reach the nearest mango branch and click as many photos plucking juicy mangoes and gorging over them. What a blast we used to have! I mean ,the whole process of climbing those mango trees and fetching every ripe mango during the peak summer season.My.. :) 

Those really were the summery delights of our days.Summers have gone,winters have gone,But no Summer flooded us with the happiness ,nature got us that summer of '98.

And today when the ancestral home is no more ours, it gives us pain for all the nature adventures we had in there. As kids ,we used to consider our garden a forest and strut around like zombies on the loose.We used to spot mongoose in our garden.So obviously snakes scared the living hell out of us. The crows and sparrows came for little fruits.The dogs came. Cats came. Nature stood still and we never overcame ,the masterpieces of yonder. 

Loving and Living the 100% Real Nature. :)


  1. Unknown said...:
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  1. Unknown said...:

    Nature is all around us, anywhere, just waiting to be embraced but we somehow ignore it and chase artificiality

  1. Ananya said...:

    the post made my morning! I used to think only I can feel the healing effects of gardening.. :P However, very well written .. and "Learn to pour a circle of water GENTLY around the plant".. this is so true..I have been reading about the power of circle of late and I see it's miracle everywhere.. am so glad you've mentioned it out here.. and love the name inspired from Chronicles of Narnia.. I dont't really check out my dashboard right in the morning.. but the name really did catch my attention initially.. Have a nice day! :-)

  1. Jenny said...:

    Wow, reminded me of my times in manglore, where nani used to grow everything from jackfruit, to coconuts, to mangoes and cashews and bananas and how she used to pack all this stuff for us, when we went back to Mumbai.

    And the tulsi tree incident is so cute and innocent Jen :-)

    Enjoyed reading this post :-))

  1. Jenny said...:

    oops Typo, tulsi and apple tree* ;-)

  1. wow You are so lucky ,you know.I wish I have had such experienced :).

  1. YES *Arnab!! :) So in resonance with your thoughts!! :)

  1. I'm so glad you found the connection with our CIRCLE of life *Ananya!! :)And yes ,I didn't have just a single tryst with nature,there were so many,more than I've mentioned in here,hence I chronicled them! :D

  1. LOL! Oh yea *Jenny!! You wouldn't believe it,but as kids we expected the apple tree to spring up in like 1 week! :P :D And Grandmas are so typically adorable!! :)They really love giving away so many such goodies.:)Grandparents are the best! :)

  1. You will *Izdiher! :) Get into full scale gardening ..You'll know! :) You don't have to know the ABC of gardening.Just start and you will soon find the passion in yourself!! :)

  1. PAPS said...:

    Very nice post. Thanks for following me. Following you back.

  1. Ananya said...:

    same with me Jen... :) btw, I'm 21 too :D and what does your mom add extra in the oats?? *curious* :D

  1. Cяystal said...:

    This is such a sweet post. Makes me feel nostalgic and amazing, especially the part about gardening. Aw :)

    And Bahrain sounds amazing .. I want to give it a visit when things are serene and all.

  1. Unknown said...:

    i love gardening too and anything to do with nature flowers,leaves trees etc..hence i also loved this post:)

  1. Glad to see someone living and loving 100% nature :)
    you are doing a great work for some unknown human beings who are about to visit ...
    beautifully said jen....
    good luck for contest :)

  1. vinay said...:

    Loved the post...made me nostalgic. Have always been in love with plants. :)

  1. Nature lover... I loved this post :)

  1. Rachna said...:

    First of all the pics are amazing especially the second and third ones. It was quite interesting to hear that there is a right way of watering plants. I've to read that post of yours because I face a similar problem of my plants not thriving.

  1. Unknown said...:

    loved the pics...i love plants too, growing thm from seeds is a passion for me.

  1. S said...:

    Whenever I visit my parents home, [it is in a small town] the scenario there is very much similar to that of your description in this blog post. Nothing much has changed there.
    Thank you for narrating this beautiful piece about your relationship with nature !

  1. Unknown said...:

    Jen - so beautifully written, wishing you all the best for the contest

  1. you bring everything alive that you touch with your words - the places /cities you described here, the memories, the plants, it's all vivid for the reader to feel

    good entry for the contest
    best of luck :)

  1. Jen, what you say is true that the plants do understand the love with which we tend them! Lovely writing, and my best wishes to you for the contest:)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Such sweet stories. :) I love the first one, that was such a nice maid. I have a flowering plant in my house and it has bloomed 3 times, each time when I was really happy about something.

  1. there is lots of nature in cities just has to look....i love my green delhi!!

  1. Brought back a host of memories of my growing up too!! little things that mean so much to us.

    Such a refreshing post to read and the pics made it stand out too!!

  1. Thanks for being here PAPS! :)

  1. *Crysal..Bahrain is among the lovely countries you don't wanna miss if you happen to visit the middle-east!! :D

  1. Thank you *Alka! Gardening is real fun activity :D

    Thank you *Deepak! Glad you liked it :)

  1. Oh me too *Vinay!! :)

    Thank you *Confused Soul :))

  1. Oh yes *Rachana! Shower the right amount of water.. properly ..and also shower them with loads of love!! :)

  1. Thanks for enjoying what I wrote *LADolceVita!! :)

    Thanks a ton for the wishes *Sangeeta!! :)

  1. Oh that is such a huge compliment *Sujatha! Hearing from you I know it is genuine!! :) And thanks :))

  1. Thank you so much *Rahul ji! :)

  1. Hmmmm *Camille ..plants really have the senses! They sure can sense so well :)

  1. Oh Thank you so much *Lil' Princess!! :)

  1. *Ananya.. I will tell you that recipe after asking MOM! :D

  1. Well said Jenny. Plants thrive only at the hands of warm hearted people. I've heard that, if we talk lovingly to plants, that would actually be detrimental to their growth. Loved the pics, specially the last one :-)

  1. Yes yes! you got that *Ashwini1! :)

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