Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Firstly my heart felt apologies to all my fellow bloggers out there to whom I still have NOT  replied in my comments section. I have been so busy that I had time ONLY to breathe.Busy with PG admissions and project deadlines and didn't access internet. 

I promise to each and everyone of you- I'll keep up with you and remain in pace sooner or later.And forgive me if it gets delayed! Coming back to blog finally feels home.My lovely Second Home :)

Gee, that google image is a simple gesture to convey my apologies ;) God. I really felt lifeless having not blogged for like,5 days? Now,I'm just gasping for a breath of fresh air. I feel so alive! Hurray! :)

Missed ya! Luv ya all! :)
Back to blog-o-zone ;)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Do not worry Jen:) We love you, support you and understand you:)!! Blogging, replying and being active in the social media world takes time and effort....some days are more flexible than others- we can all relate to that:)
    Be well beautiful butterfly:):)!!!

  1. AWW Thank you so much *Daisy!!! :) So great to hear from you after such a long LONG time!!! :) And thanks for understanding :)!!

  1. It's OK, Jen.We all have so many things to do in our lives ;)

  1. aw! apology accepted even though there's nothing to apologise! hope you get admitted to your dream college itself! =D

  1. Raj said...:

    :) That was very sweet. :) And the image was very cute. All the very best with your PG admissions and project deadlines. :)

  1. Hi :) Thank for the comment on my blog!

    I know the sentiments - I'm in exams right now and I just dont get time to do anything else!

    Following you ! http://www.sunkissed-style-file.blogspot.com

  1. Oh you are right *Raphael but this blog is too close to my heart! I treat it like a part of my soul :)

  1. Thanks for coming by *Sunkissed besides your busy schedule! Appreciate your gesture :)

  1. Prashanth said...:

    Looks like all these exams, project work, deadlines....is taking a toll on some bloggers. Since blogging is a passion for most of us, including me, we always find time to do what we like...:)

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