Hues of Yellowish Blue

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
Waking up afresh on the wee hours of morning.Waking up to find the darkness creeping out.  It is like I were plunged into a mighty rush of crystal clear water. It felt like I was rejuvenating my soul,mind and body. Keeping myself tuned to the early morning song. The sounds of birdies in the air. The slumber of dogs and the occasional barks. The pouring and boiling water of a hot cuppa. A cuppa that has my spirits lifted up already.

A walk into the amazing gate of church that has heard my plea for peace and chaos filtered out. Singing hymns with a graceful heart and a sound soul. Leaving my little litters of agony there I head home. My mind feels clear.My heart soars ahead of my.What has happened to me? Am I in a tricky daze?No. I just feel calm after the storm and the storm which hasn't passed.It feels like a decade long battle already.And I know victory is going to be ours. Sometimes life was just meant to fog our hearts to get down to who we are? Is that the only way we can find ourselves? Is that the only way we can double up and stand stoic? 

Stoic I will not be but with a guarded mind and soul I will defend myself and to the world I belong. I will paint the colors of rainbow all the gloomy and sunny days of my life. I will turn my hues of blueness into oily shades of yellow. I will shade my blackness of life to a purple setting to stage my life. I will shun the browns and root out every worm . I will make room for the beautiful sunshine that will melt down my woes and lash out the plunderers. Those draconic plunderers who think my peace can be stolen? Who think I have no voice? My sunshine will lash them all out and win an already won battle. 

It'll be a song of peace after all the volcanic collapse. It will be a muted battle for the dumb and a violent battle for the atrocious. An eye for an eye. For my face is scathed showing another cheek for yet how many slaps,you tell me? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind but now it will open eyes to truth and a sanctifying battle. A battle that just had to be fought.A battle that just had to be won!

Sunshine sweetness to ya all! :)


  1. PAPS said...:

    Beautifully said.

  1. Pranita said...:

    Oh Jen... Your writing, simply adorable! Love the positivity bubbling out of this one... :)

  1. Pranita said...:

    Oh Jen... Your writing, simply adorable! Love the positivity bubbling out of this one... :)

  1. I love the way you write. This was penned down beautifully. I could relate so much. Well god bless :)

  1. Jill said...:

    Very beautiful!

  1. Jenny said...:

    You have described the early morning hours beautifully. A leap into the the crystal clear waters.. Ahh Bliss!

    Very postive, and great read this morning :-)

  1. """plunged into a mighty rush of crystal clear water"""" i relished this imagery for a while before i moved on to read the next line. beautiful line.

    the para that begins with "Stoic i will be not...." is brilliantly written. I mean you used colors symbolically and so appropriately too, depicting the various shades of human emotion, its every color & hue & ended with the most positive of all thoughts - that of the sunshine. i am tweeting this whole para. i love it

  1. what a positive way to begin the day! lovely peaceful thoughts and optimism shining right through!

  1. vinay said...:

    Beautiful. My day has started perfectly after reading it. :) :)

  1. Lovely thoughts , Jen and a beautiful description of the morning beauty:)

  1. AWW! Thanks *Pranita and *PAPS! :)

  1. *Confused Soul,So glad you could connect and yea thanks for the blessing :D And you too lady! :)

  1. Thanks *Jill! I love your warm comments.They always make me smile :)

  1. Thank you *Jenny! Yes,positivity is something I am brimming with just that now my situation is so trying.I guess my patience will run out!Good morning! :)

  1. AWWW...So sweet of you *Sujatha!!! :) Now,you made my day! :) Yea,we paint those colors depending on our emotions no? :)

  1. *Lil' Princess,Your comments on every post has always made me happy! :) Thank you so much for that! :)

    *Vinay! YAYY! So happy I made you feeling beautifully happy? :)

  1. Thank you SOOOO much *Rahul Ji! Your comments make me smile! :) Always! :)

  1. A battle that just had to be won!
    Lovely post :)
    Early hours can only be experienced
    you have tried your best to describe things as it is and i confess that i felt it by reading :)

  1. Your prose is as fresh and serene as the wee hours of morning. At the cost of repeting your own words, why do I notice turbulance not far beneath?

  1. Beautiful start for a day....

  1. kala said...:

    Lovely post enjoyed reading it

  1. Unknown said...:

    Beautiful! Very inspirational. :)

  1. *Deepak :)!

    *Umashankar Thanks for coming by! :)

  1. Kajal said...:

    I love your writing, the pictures put and generally the whole feel of your blog....such a make feel post.

  1. *Ranjana ...Morning Morning!! :)

    Thanks *Kala! :)

    Oh is it *Camille? :)

  1. S said...:

    Hey Jen, you write so beautifully - even your prose has a lyrical feel to it. I also love your positive , never say die, never give up attitude in all your writings.
    -Sanghamitra @ La Dolce Vita

  1. BGT said...:

    And what a great morning!! Lovely sunshine, cool breeze and now your post.. Perfect!! :)

  1. BGT said...:

    And what a great morning!! Lovely sunshine, cool breeze and now your post.. Perfect!! :)

  1. BGT said...:

    And what a great morning!! Lovely sunshine, cool breeze and now your post.. Perfect!! :)

  1. AmitAag said...:

    Absolutely wonderful and refreshing Jen!

  1. Rightly said hon :) Quite thoughtful...

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)
    My new post-A up.. Hope u have time to read it :)

    N wud u like to follow each other? :)

  1. Arundhati said...:

    Beautifully written!! Really!!

    Following you now. :)


  1. just find your blog andd waaww, so lucky i'm! This a really greaatt blog:<3 Love ur blog. Especially, the bird who flies in your blog. CUTE. Mind to follow each other? I make sure followed you, dear!

    have a fab day!

  1. Unknown said...:

    "I will paint the colors of rainbow all the gloomy and sunny days of my life."

    This was exactly the kind of positive thought I needed in my day and I tank you for it.

    Thanks also, for visiting my little space on the internet and your encouraging comments!

  1. My first visit & of course there will be many more...i love your approach to the travails of life.Very well written post.

  1. Unknown said...:

    this post of yours has me looking forward to tommorow mrng..beautifully written jen

  1. Unknown said...:

    Nicely written ! And such a beautiful blog. .!!

  1. Beautifully written Jen!! <3 Absolutely beautiful write-up! :) Love the optimism and the feel of this write-up.
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and commenting. I am following you now. Please, do visit my blog again and follow me back. I would really appreciate it!! <3


  1. I always love your writings :)

    Passing on your tags in my new post !!

    Enter FoxHouse giveaway and win $50

  1. So much of positive thoughts. SO many positive vibes just reading your post. Wonderful :-)

  1. Madhusha said...:

    Jen!! Long time that I dropped in to say hi :)

    As always I see streaks of the law of atraction and hope in the write up.

    I dunno what struggle are u going through, but I I can see that you'll come out of it.....stronger :)

    God bless.! :)

  1. WOW! I have no words. so beautiful <3

    There must be something behind this abstract piece!


  1. Kavi said...:

    Everything okay dee? I truly loved your post. But I'm sensing something wrong. What happened?

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