Your Hair Talks?

Saturday, 17 March 2012
I never blog about style or fashion stuff coz I don't feel the need to. I have my own style statement and I stick to it but love following some fashion blogs just because they are madly creative. I appreciate Creativity to it's most widest and brightest horizons. It's about who you are,what you feel about yourself and how you want people to see you. Style and  being stylish is a very interesting thing. Women can be so confounding at times. Sometimes they carry "that look" like a cake walk and sometimes have got to work on it. I mean ,it's all part of building your self esteem,I guess. 

They say,every action of a person talks not a mole but mountains. The way you talk, the way you respond to people's questions ,you know ,in general, etiquette is definitely something.
But did you know your hair talks too?

They say women with curly hair are unruly, or they are not in conform. They are pretty much rule breakers and the ones who do anything but stay put within their line of control. They are dominating but loving and lovable. It's said that Curly heads have the zest for life.
Not saying straight haired ones are not, dummy! ;) But straight haired ones are more organized and mainly PREDICTABLE and not all laid back either. They are people who are cliched. Don't argue that I'm biased but it's what "they say" . :)

Straight Hair is beautiful.
So is wavy.And so SO is curly.
It's just that some people give you those looks at your curly hair like you made a faux pas(ofcourse that is coz we curly heads look electrocuted sometimes! MY *weeps*) .Like you are hardly unkempt or something. Hellooooo... wake up people! Curls are so in and I am all votes for those who promote curly hair. Coz it is NOT that bad,really. 

I remember I had lush locks of curly hair as a child & now too ,though the intensity has slightly reduced.I love strands of curls alone.I abhor frizz. So I use my Dove shampoo and Sunsilk conditioner(yea,it works just awesome!) and boom! My hair's done! My hair has been the utmost point of worry simply coz personally it is unpredictable (like me!), it looks beautiful only during those days when nobody is there to admire*So vain!*. And on the day I go out for a family party/function/friends day out or something ..those will be my worst hair days. But I can proudly say Now those days are all gone. I experimented a lot, A LOT and found Dove+Sunsilk Conditioner is super duper cool.

Results : Soft hair and bouncy curls..And that is what I want!!! 

And my Awesome hair days simply catapult me to cloud nine! So this post is mostly about me being all happy and the analytic self that I always am ,even for small things. :) 

~~**So that's my mini DIY project .LOL! It all comes part of experimenting and DO-It-Yourself kinda thing.I found this (shampoo+conditioner)combination on my own! Ha! **~~~

Hair Love to ya all :)
 "These are not curls on my head,it's the freggin' awesomeness trying to find a way out" -Anonymous. So no matter how clownish your hair looks,Love it! It'll just grow lovelier and bouncier. :)


  1. Rika said...:

    I have curly hair too and it was so nice to read so many awesome things about have no idea how many friends suggested that I should buy a straightener and go straight...and I did, but I just felt that curly hair suited me better...and straightening hair is such a headache especially coz of all the hair product you have to apply before doing it...and then getting it off your hair is a tedious task too...good that you found something that works for you...I personally think applying hair oil one day before shampooing is the best way to keep those curls from frizzing up. Also using a conditioner helps. If they are really messy, especially during humid days, use a hair spray. And curls have always been in, remember Marilyn Monroe?

    You should do more posts on style and doesn't make you look vain, if that's what you're is all about being creative and I would love to see that side of yours too :))

  1. Jill said...:

    Hair can definately make us or break us as women! Right now...mine is breaking me. So glad you found exactly what your hair loves. :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Your hair was there all your life and look at how much it makes you happy on one way.

    t must be ubercool to have beautiful hair day with praises hailing down on its beauty from all corner nothing can ever go on. can it?

    Let every day be a beautiful hair day!

  1. Pranita said...:

    Talking abt hair... I ve still nt found the best combination of hair products for myn... M so glad u found urs! My hair is straight... but totally frizzy no matter wat i use! Wen i leave my room its all set, the minute a lil wind blows n i look lik a monster! :-/

    I cant even straighten it for the fear of breakin my alrdy weak hair... HELP! :O

  1. Ananya said...:

    liked the post very much Jen :) but I was expecting that you'd say a words or two for the nature of straight hair girls too :D mine is naturally straight.. not poker straight.. but it lacks volume and frizz is also an issue.. and I was more happy that you did this post because I've started a hair drama series in my blog and I wanted to know more of hair talks from you guys.. Love,

  1. anatreek said...:

    My hair is crazy, one day it is wavy, one day straight, one day frizzy..But not because of genes or anything, its because I don't comb my hair :D

  1. my hair's straight at the start and curly at the end...and i love my hair just the way it is! sadly conditioners don't agree with my hair as i lose a lot of hair if i my remedy is either an egg white( but u need gallons of water to wash off the smell!) or fenugreek (methi)seeds soaked overnight and ground to a paste, both do wonders for my hair!!

  1. A post for HAIR :)
    loved your way of dealing this,
    There are some science behind the hair and color,patterns.
    We must be happy with what we have else we must do some fine cosmetic surgery :D
    good post jen !

  1. Oh yes *Rads!! :) Oiling hair really helps...especially I have a super oil..It's got coconut+olive+almond+eucalyptus+hibiscus oils all in 1 single oil!! It is handmade by my aunt in the right propotions,so I kinda don't need the conditioner too but do use it when I use just coconut oil!! Coz almond oil makes my hair silky soft but only coconut oil doesn't create such fireworks like the combo oils handmade do :)

    And no Rads I don't find fashion blogs vain I just don't see the need to have one.I've mentioned that in the first para sweetheart :)

  1. He he *Jill!!! :) Try going natural to treat your hair!! :)

  1. Oh yes Lemme me have beautiful hair days everyday!! :) Thanks *Rupertt for coming by! Moreover the trick is about loving your hair a lot no matter how it sticks out or stinks (;):P) coz the hair will love us back!!! :)

  1. LOL *Pranita!! :) I totally understand!! Like I said try going natural! There are lovely tips strewn all over the web! The best is try a egg + curd ..It works just awesome to soften and promote hair growth!! :) Coz I tried on mine and mine was growing straight but stopped since I love my curls more! :)

  1. AWW That's Awesome *Ananya!! :) What co-incidence no!! :) I did mention about straight hair in the 3rd para!:) If you're not satisfied I could do a straight hair post Just for you :)) The mantra is: Love your hair it loves you back! :)
    *Lotsa love to you Ananya!! :)*

  1. LOL *Ana! I am more or less the same's just that sometimes people love my hair and keep saying how many go to saloons to get hair like mine while my Grandma keeps groaning every time she sees me coz I don't comb my hair!!! Truth is , I would've done just that ten mins back!! You see, my hair is a lil'unruly! :D

  1. Oh yes *Lil Princess! You went to nature for help and you are doing just great then! Continue the eggs and fenugreek or eggs and curd too! :)Even I lose hair on using too much of chemical conditioner but Sunsilk suited me best! :)

  1. LOL! I totally am in louurrvee with my curls *Deepak! I wouldn't need that at all :D Electrocuted,curly,wavy or vain... I love my hair!!! :)

  1. been there , done that n now i crave to have my curls back :) have lost d bounce n the thickness since i straightened them :(

  1. AWWW *KP! That is why my mom keeps scolding me ever since I wanted to straighten my hair(during my school farewell party)! She used to keep saying I'll lose the bounce and the originality so I've straightened just ONCE and blow dried 2-3 times but never want to straighten my lovely hair,ever again! :) Go back to mama nature KP! Try getting the lush bounce back lady! :)

  1. *woot woot* .. I've always felt curls are in.. they are a fahion statement themselves. :D

    This shampoo-conditioner duo is something I'm oh so gonna try :) ..

    Well it makes you happy, and thats what matters. :)

  1. i love curls. and the way it looks right after a wash is beautiful
    and this is because i DONT have curly hair :) Mine is silky straight/wavy and at times i have wished to go for some soft curls just to experiment

  1. You are right curly hair is awesome...I find curly hair people somehow mysterious like you do not get to know what is going on in their heads :-) I have wavy hair which is neither curly nor straight, somewhere in between and pretty boring...

  1. I love curly hair, mine are not still and I love your blog Jen it's beautifulll :)

  1. having your crowning glory tamed all the time is quite a task! I have naturally wavy hair and I make sure that it does not become frizzy. I love my naturally wavy hair

  1. monica said...:

    all hair is beautiful! i have straight hair...but i do wish that it had a little bit more of a wave to it because i LOVE touseled hair

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog darling! awesome post btw!! following u now.hope u can comeback and return the favor if u like.


  1. Nice post! Trust me ppl say weird and nasty things! I keep changing my hair style from messy, to straight n way..and hair colors. :)


  1. Jenny said...:

    I have curly hair!!!! and I am sooo proud of it. There was a time I used to never comb my hair, and I used to love my hair even more then :-))))

    Dove shampoo works for me too, but I use the conditioner from dove itself. Lovely post!

  1. That was really interesting, Jen:)

  1. Arti said...:

    A very interesting post Jen. I love to keep my hair natural, though mine is nothing to speak of.. it's kind of a mix - wavy, straight and frizzy but still, I love it the way it is. Not thinking too much about hair and bad hair days, guess that's the best way to peace and happiness :P

  1. Curly or straight, I think if people are happy with their appearance, they will look always beautiful!
    It's not our "look" that defines who we are inside ;)

    Never tried Dove+Sunsilk Conditioner, but I definitely will! thanks for sharing :)

    I really like your style and your blog!

    Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a fab week!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

  1. What defines a person is not the Hair style, but what is beneath it :-)
    I liked the quote about Curly hair. It was cool :-)

  1. Harshini said...:

    Well said, My hair ain't straight nor is it curly it's wavy and frizzy and I love it that way! :D Unfortunately dove isn't for me! :P :P

  1. *Maria & *Ashwini you guys amaze me. I thought I hinted this was just research and not my take on it!!! Please read the whole post and then comment!I am merely proud of who I am and I've well called upom people to be proud of who they are,no matter what! :)

  1. As long as you love it and take good care of it..Anything is good *Harshini!! :)

  1. Oh yea *Confused Soul!!! :) Whatever makes me happy is all that matters! ;)

  1. AWWW. You know what *Sujatha..I was a die hard fan of silky straight hair simply coz it is SILKY and beautiful and shiny !! But curls do add some sophistication! ;)

  1. Nah *Suchi! The whole point is it's gotta be controllable :)!! And your hair is..give it all your love it won't make you bored! :)

  1. Love ya *Izdiher! You make me smile at every comment of yours :)

  1. Thank you *Mohinee ji! Thanks for coming by :)

    Thanks *magic eye!! :)

  1. That is so cool *lifeontherocks!:) That's how you should be!! :)

  1. Yep Monica! All hair is beautiful!! It's all about the persona of a person that makes your "hair" stand out! It is a like a gem to your necklace! ;)An added gem to your character ;)

  1. *Mitchinheels-Thanks for coming back doll!! :)

  1. That is so lovely *Megha! And yea,people have a mouth and say what they want and we keep doing what we love doing! :D ha! Let's give them all a complex ;)

  1. that is awesome *Jenny! :) But don't you lose some hair using dove conditioner? :(

  1. *Arti !!! You are so happy with what you have!! Love that about you!! :) Love your hair ,it loves ya back!! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hair is such a passionate subject. I can rant about it forever. Loved the post. It was refreshing to go through a subject like this.

  1. I love curls and straight hair is so boring. I feel everyone is going to straight hair and they look artificial. I love the playfulness in curls. Thanks for telling us the combination of shampoo and conditioner. I'm using Loreal and Aveeno these days. Working ok as NJ water is really bad. :(

    Be proud of whatever you have and natural is always in...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. I've damn straight hair and you can do nothing but chop them off to make them notice! I've always loved curls...they are so filled with life...and well, as they say, it's magic in the blood that makes the hair curl! :D :D So, well your zesty-ness caught me in your whirlwind too! Happy Good Hair Days to you! :D :D

  1. I could not agree more with what you said about style and creativity. There is nothing more atractive than confidence. I also I have wave hair and yep I'm a bit of rule breaker I have to say!x

  1. Cяystal said...:

    And how much do I love you after reading this because I have crazy curly hair. Haha :*
    And I hate frizz too man. ANNOYYYYING. :|

  1. Yes..we are so alike *Sliceofmylife!! :)

  1. Yep I already mentioned I'm too proud of my hair *Saru! LOL! Oh the water @ NJ is bad? But Loreal must be doing your hair so much good :)!!

  1. AWWW *Mystical Skeptical Me!! you are such a doll!! :)And magic in my blood..WOW! :D xxoo

  1. Gee,*Victoria! A big hi-5 to you! :D Join the club :D

  1. Totally *Crystal!! Frizz annoys me a hell lot! I mean, it's kinda gives you a rough feeling yourself you and your hair belong from 2 different planets or something! :D

  1. I love this post on so many levels! I've never really paid much attention on how hair can really define a person, I mean of course it can't define you completely, but it says something about a person.

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