Mystery Man

Monday, 5 March 2012
Dear Mystery Man!

They say your ways are mysterious.  But I never knew until now. I wept to you for a paradisaical  happening and you bombarded me with a thunderbolt of a miracle! How did you do that? 

You saw how morose I grew and how sober I made Mom & Dad. But today,it fills my heart to say how I made their heads sky high. Made them stand out that crowd. Made them proud . Also today is Daddy's birthday..what more could I ask of you ,my Mystery Man.It's as if I planned this wondrous gift for him.If anyone asked me what puzzles me most ,I'd sprawl on and on about my Mystery Man who stood by me every time I smiled,every time I shed a tear and every time I thought Life wasn't easy. And every time I begged his presence.And every time I felt I couldn't make it.

Sometimes , I asked you to bequeath me with diamonds and you gave me a gold stone . Sometimes ,I asked you for charcoal and you rained me diamonds. How can you be so mysterious,my mysterious young man? I love you. You know how much I adore you for being my guiding light? For breathing through me. For auscultating silently my drilling woes.

Yes,I impeached you. Grumbled.Mumbled. And struggled too. I know , I turned deaf ear to you sometimes.No.Many a time. So,how did you manage to throw a confetti of flowers my way? Love me so much? I have no words. 

We are children who make mistakes and I understand it is in the right of parents to forgive the child. I voice out ever so happily for blessing  me with lovely parents. How do you think they felt when I made them shrink in shame? How do you think they felt when I disrespected them? How do you think I made them feel when I overlooked their insecurities? Why was I so blind? Was I so immune to my surroundings? Or was I immune to my very self? But TODAY, I proclaim my love for you . My thank yous may sound a notch under but you know deep down how much I am indebted to you. 

People call me bold.People call me insensitive.People call me wise. People say I am a master of myself.People envy me.But they don't know it is YOU who made me.It is YOU who molded me. And it is YOU who built the trust in me. YOU built me brick by brick, stone to stone and painted every hue of compassion and every color of affection and every roof of gratitude and the very foundation of love for my life.It is YOU who made me rip down boulders that limited my endowments.  You made me defy the repulsive. You made me draw a circle around myself letting love take the form of something so superior that I could exalt in your perfect Universe of a perfect life. 

Thank you Mystery Man! Thank you! :*

Albert Einstein rightly said ~
There are two ways to live your life-
One is as though nothing is a miracle 
The other is as if everythng is!

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  1. Elvirah said...:

    I also love and adore the mystery man you were talking about. His ways and his works are truly splendid and awesome and no words in our dictionary are enough to better describe his mysterious miracles. I thinnk I read one of the amazing article so far about the God almighty which was absolutely touching. And I also think this is one of the best ways to express our gratitude and make known to all about your love for him. Fantastic work!

  1. S said...:

    Loved the way you described the indescribable ,
    Loved the way you described his ways,
    Sometimes we do get angry at him but always return to him
    For he could provide solace like nobody else.
    - Jen, it was a lovely way of expressing gratitude to Him -

  1. such a beautiful way of saying thank you to god..!! we always remember him when in need but seldom stop by to say our thank yous..

  1. hmm :) MYSTERY MAN :)
    beautifully written and described...
    you nailed your points
    and that Einstein quote is BEST OF HIS all :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    lovely post, Jen! And Happy Birthday to your Dad! :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    You have a way with words.beautifully put.Enjoyed reading your post.

  1. You write so well !! Thanx for your lovely comment...Would be glad if we can connect at Bloglovin too

    My Bloglovin Page

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Beautiful and cute way of acknowledging someone so dear to your heart and important to your life.Love the way you construct each and every sentence. "For auscultating silently my drilling woes."was the best for me. Learning a lot from you. Keep writing. Cheers \m/

  1. Oh my God! That is so much of a compliment *Elvirah!! Thank you for all the love sweetie! :) This was truly from my heart! Call it >spiritual outbursts< :)xxoo

    It's so true *Sangh!! He really provides us a serene solace like no one does! No wonder we have to be so patient in life!! :)And thank you!!xxoo :)

  1. Exactly *Lil Princess ..This was my way of NOT forgetting what he did for me today & for years to come.It'll stand like a testimony! :)

    Oh yea,Einstein really was the smartest of his times *Deepak! :)

  1. Oh Thank ya Thank ya *egnahcaes! :) Was wondering why people didn't wish :P LOL! Just kidding! :)

    Thank you sweet *Snehal! Keep coming back often! :)xoxo

  1. Thank you *Sbn!! :) Point taken :)

    AWW *Waathi!! :)You are yourself an amazing writer! I think we've got to find that SPARK in us at some point of time! And then the SPARK just blasts off into an endless celebration of sparkling festivity! :)

  1. Sharon said...:

    Thanks for your lovely comments have a great space ya style of are doing a fab job :-)

  1. Jenny said...:

    Great post Jen, and Happy birthday to your dad :-)

    How sad that we only seem to think about god, when we are sad or down. Nice to see such a refreshing change through this post. He is omnipresent and we all need to cherish his presence in our lives. Loved it!

  1. anatreek said...:

    Mystery man sure is mysterious..!..Nicely described:)

  1. Thanks Sharon!I'm so delighted. :) And Thank you so much for being here *Sharon!! :)

    Thanks for the lovely wishes for my DAD *Jenny! Er,It's funny to call someone by my own name :D And yes,I just want to chronicle everything happening in life! 10 years from now,I'm sure I'll have something to learn from here! :)

  1. vinay said...:

    Being an atheist since the time I remember, I couldn't connect much with the post..But the writing style and description made me love the post. :) :)
    Good post.

  1. God bless you and your family. Happy birthday to your Dad and may you all continue to make each other proud. Very touching post. The mystery man has truly mystic ways of making things happen. May your life be filled with such mystic joys.

  1. Unknown said...:

    being a girl child i can understand the connection between you and your mystery man , your post is very touchin ,it took me into past in memories of my own mystery man who i dont see any more.

  1. this is so beautifully written, thanks for sharing....

  1. beautiful n desprictive lines and ending it with a punch of Einstein quote makes it even more effective:)

  1. WOW *Vinay!Whether you "felt" connected or not is okay!Glad you loved it :)!!

    OH Thanks a ton *Subhorup ji!! Nice to be hearing such lovely wishes from you!! :)

  1. Nice to hear from you *Alka!!! May you stumble upon him someday and enjoy/delve in his mysteriousness!:)

    Thank you *Santa! :)

  1. OH yes *Elvira!! It's a wonder I actually posted this!! :) Plus Einstein's quote is really so apt & fitting here :)!!Couldn't be more compelled to share :)

  1. Hi Jen, many thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to have met you, you have such a pretty blog here it was a pleasure to visit you. PW

  1. Pleasure is mine too! Thanks for stopping by PW!

  1. You made me fall in love with your mystery man. Sigh.
    Beautifully written :)

  1. loved the last quote so very very much!

    all thanks to the Mystery Man for making me the way i am.

  1. Thank you *Saumya! Great to see you here! Keep visiting often! :)

  1. Oh YES *Raphael! He is wrapped in enigma! :)

    I have TAGGED you in my post and hope to get answers for my 11 questions from you :)

  1. Such a Lovely Post. God Bless you, Now and Forever :-)
    It's sometimes strange how God comforts us, just at the time when we begin to think he is not concerned about us.

  1. *Deepbazigar.OHHH! Not again!!! :D Will check that out soon ji! :)

  1. Totally *Ashwini! It indeed is a mystery right!! He is just so wrapped in enigma! :)

  1. sweet..the last paragraph is really neat!! I like words and like people who have a way with them...:)

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