Gosh! How I miss the 90s CN

Saturday, 3 March 2012
Helloo ladies & gentlemen :) You are now tuned into Cartoon Network .:)
What can I say?
I miss the 90s cartoons a hell lot! Sometimes when I am in no mood to watch a Transformers series or a dynamic Jackie Chan administering his kung-fu stunts or even a Walt Disney movie or simply just want to hit back on our roots,I always love going in a memorabilia of those fun fested Cartoon Network mania! 

Nowadays girl kids(I don't know about the guy kids :| ) talk mountains of who romances whom on-screen at the age of 10 than which power puff girl they love most.Atleast we girls were like that, we used to ramble on and on about  CN tales all the way back home from school to and fro or jumping around and playing hide n seek or "Mommy Daddy game". It  used to be ultimate play-time.No worries.No responsibilities.I remember my mom was a strict disciplinarian. I was not supposed to watch TV immediately after throwing(I'd get wacked for being untidy :P) er, placing my bag aside and my socks in the washing basket. I was made to have lunch and take a nap or get ready for Marathi/Hindi tuitions and then scram for dance classes. My..That used to be one hell of a schedule. But I was never idle.And that's what mom wanted.And today when I go down memory lane,I think that is such a productive way to keep a kid occupied. Today,kids play on the internet more and have so many cyber friends than friends for real.Even if they have "real friends" they are a bad influence.My cousin bro kiddo is just 7 now and his classmates earn 100 to 500 bucks a day stealing chalks to super duper pens and selling them off at "reasonable rates".You should have seen how my aunts' and uncles' jaws dropped as our smallest baby of the house announced that like it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

I used to be obsessed of power puff girls and then my Bro used to snatch the remote from me to watch Swat Cats. LOL! Our house used to suddeny turn into a power house of a noise workshop with mom ranting away with our maid (whom we love very much! what a darling she was!) and frying crunchy pakodas. Those were the 90s days of utmost childhood -loving memories that I not a single day regret.Gawd,I feel nostalgic already! *sigh*

Oh,and do you remember *Scooby-dooby-doooo*? That signature gruffly voice that won more than a million young hearts?He was my second love after PPG! :D I mean , I always wondered back then,why Daphny and Fred always left out Velma from their team until I became ripe and finally came to an understanding that Daphne was Fred's love interest. *No wonder they used to act all mushy now & then ;)*

Then came the hero, Johnny Bravo who's very sight made me laugh.I have no clue why,but I mentally conjured up a face of a clown surrounded by dumb blondes instead of what a chick-magnet Johnny boy really was ;)

And today,when I switch channels to watching CN,I've lost the kind of excitement and thrill I initially had in the good old days.Again,is it because we were too innocent with no responsibilities of filling PG forms and the dire desire to get placed/do something worthwhile/useful/call it whatever you want. But we are just hinged to so much madness that I hardly appreciate the CN I see today.

But honestly,CN has change a mighty lot,what with the wierd looking japenese/chinese cartoons.Meaning, they are just not original anymore. They look so second handed.Like the cartoon network studio has been rammed down by mafias and now they cannot feature a decent looking cartoon at all? Even my kiddo cousins tastes suck! It's souring ,I can see it in their "favorite choice of cartoons" .Or may be they are just living up to their generation like we did in ours. Who cares .I miss the 90s CN and I wish they do something about reviving back all those Ed,Eden & Eddys /The Dextor's Laboratory/Captain Planet (I can sing that song by-heart even now,you know.) /Godzilla/ Flintstones and so many that practically was and is the icing and cherry of the Cartoon Network. Whether they know it or not,they've just lost the icing and cherry in the woods and now in search for a mere substitute than anything "really watchable". I want to cry everytime I tune into Cartoon Network today. 

Oh,how could I have forgotten Tom & Jerry? And now,even those episodes are like cow-dung. Oops sorry Tom .Sorry Jerry.I love you both ,like truckloads but I just don't like your quality anymore, it's just beyond me. How do I say it? 

Sometimes,I wish I video taped all those 90s cartoons and showed-off to my kids at least(who are obviosuly unborn yet!). They should know how deliciously creamy the cream of the CN industry was and how it's melting away in disdain.Alas. 

But,no matter how many other cartoon channels like Disney/Nickelodean/Pogo and the like blind me,I will always and forever love Cartoon Network.My first love :)


  1. Gosh that is so right. I got nostalgic reading this post. I was a cartoon fanatic myself, but now when I tune in there, I don't like a thing. No ben 10 no japanese look alike. No offence to them, its just at our time CN was worth watching man.

    i totally relate to it. I loved PPF girls, Captain Planet, Dexter's Laboratory, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo. Remember- the little lulu show? That was so cute.

    I seriously agree with the video-taping idea. Kids these days are spoilt. They have nothing good to watch on tv. Shucks I sound like an oldie. This is a great post Jen ♥ :)

  1. Harsha said...:

    So true! PPF girls, Tom & Jerry, Dexter's lab, Scooby doo, Popeye, Johnny bravo, Sylvester and tweety - aww they all were sooo good :):) I love Bubbles in PPF girls. I miss them all.. CN is my 1st love too. :)

  1. AWW Thank you so much *Confused soul!! :) And yes,I remember the lulu show, that was one of my favorites too!!:) I know ....even I sound such an oldie mumbling about this every time I switch channels to the CN they feature today!! :)

    Gee!! We are the 90s people *Harsha and obviously no doubt we adore CN so much!! Oh yea,I remember tweety and also the Road Runner!! ha ha! :D Used to get so hooked onto CN and its in me & us so much! :|

  1. This post made me to feel nostalgic and took a heavy BREATH :D
    OMG... CN logo and TNT :) top cats, MOJO JOJO :D
    lovely times of ours...
    Can never forget these funny silly things...

    Other cartoon channels are STUPID :D
    CN is the best :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    adorable cartoons

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Given the rate at which the world is moving, no one can predict what the generation NEXT will demand. We are creating Godzillas!

  1. so true so true Jen
    i just loved the way you relived your childhood through this post and through some of those truly extraordinaire cartoons
    lovely post - so reminiscent

  1. Rika said...:

    Me too...I loved watching all the cartoons, especially, powerpuff girls, dexter's lab...and more importantly they were in english n not dubbed into regional languages like they do now...except for t n j which is mute anyways...lovely post...reminded me of those school days :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Great narrations with pictures. I loved it.

    I was a huge fan of CN. Infact I switched on TV to watch over it, especially Tom and Jerry, my fav. show. But now a days they just simply re-circle the same old episodes and Jill to watch diminishes day by day. a very nice post indeed.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Popeye the Sailor Man used to be my fav ... Nice post !!!

  1. LOL! Yea *Deepak! Can never forget MoJO JOJO!!! :D

    Yes *Tori!!! :D

  1. AWWW.What can I say? CN never failed us until now *Sujatha!! :)

    Gee,Thank you *Rads. CN really brings back tons of memories especially to us 90s generation kids :)

  1. Oh yes ,which is another reason why even I took to disliking CN *Swagatika!! High time they do some real cartoon innovation in CN studios!:)

    Pluto was always such a jerk.And Olive was just hilarious! :) Thanks for coming by *Sangeeta! :)

  1. So sweet post! I have loved watching these and love to watch them even now:)

  1. Unknown said...:

    So true Jen..i thought i alone felt CN betrayed me :p..i really do miss those shows,Scooby doo,Tom and Jerry, Popeye,Powepuff girls..sigh!!..wish they will be back

  1. Same Here *Rahul ji!! :)It is for the young at hearts ;)

    Oh no! You are not alone *Siri,Join the club ,so many many MANY feel the same, CN is really degrading! :(

  1. Unknown said...:

    OH MY.. your pictures and words took me back to school.. i used to watch power puff girls everyday! and power zone.. captain planet and courage the cowardly dog.. and the jetsons.. those were AWESOME days!!

    i so love this post!!

  1. So so glad you do *Della!! You are one of my favorite readers.And you keep proving it! :)

  1. What a coincidence! I also blogged about cartoons. Our generation like the Mandrake and Phantoms. At least I have grown up reading the comics.

  1. Wow!! I will check that out *Ranjana!! :) And yeah,my bro did that too! :)

  1. Jess said...:

    Ahh this post brought back so many memories!
    I was a CN 90s kid all the way! :)


  1. Arti said...:

    Lovely, lovely post! I could recall watching most of them, the flinstones, tnj, scooby doo, dex were my favorites. There was one by the name of 'A little lulu show', loved that one too! Really, I miss those shows now, wonder where and why they have vanished?

  1. Jenny said...:

    Power puff girls, dexter, tom and jerry and scooby .. All my FAV! I wnet for a nostalgia ride, thanks to this post. Loved it.. Have to follow :-))

  1. Honestly, me too keep thinking the same *Arti!! Don't know which smartie made the cool decision to get all the awesome cartoons off CN!!:|

    AWW *Jenny! You are such a gem! Thanks for coming by! :) I really appreciate this. xxoo.:)

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