She defined charisma

Monday, 30 July 2012

She was beautiful. Ravishing. Gorgeous! Someone who could get men frothing at their mouths. Dark skinned yet ethnically,culturally and technically- a seductive star  who awed the whole nation.She was used,abused,tormented yet understood the game of her life. Penniless and a mother who schemed her through  the gutters of living. A living that no weak heart could survive.

After all, we ,the makings of mortality learn to SURVIVE right? It's a funny world. We survive gulping down all the absurdities of life. And that's proved in this book "Starry Nights" by Shobha De. I now know how controversial this book would've been ,then! 
I am not going to review the book. But this book portrays the untold stories of struggling men and women who rise to stardom and behave on their own whims and fancies despite their trying circumstances of greed,arrogance,unattended ambitiousness and utmost loftiness.  

I had nothing to particularly "learn" from this book but I think it makes you look at celebrities in different light.But like I said , I always fall in love with the main protagonist . Here it was Asha Rani aka Viji. Her character might look so outrageous but I think each one of us play our role in life to justice and to the fullest and so did She. See,I have become so defensive of Asha Rani now .Giving us cue from here that we have no business to judge people,whatsoever, because you have no idea what their journey is all about. Fate decides our rewards and punishments. So let's keep planting our life deeds for rewards alone! Because in our line of sight,life is always greener than it should be and punishments are hardly a thing. *Right,I am an idealist,  a romantic who can't take no for an answer.*

And I think Asha Rani was a revolution of sorts.She might have just jiggled her hips in skimpy outfits on screen and sizzled her way to stardom but her rising out of ashes every time she made stray mistakes is phenomenal. One doesn't get to see so many like her,really.I liked the book.Not "loved" but liked it.

Asha Rani will keep my soul stirring of all her doings,for a while.A character so bold, unambitious yet lucrative , reserved yet buoyant.Bitchy yet exuding charm. Trampy yet a walking ,waking charismatic beauty.Slutty yet a wife. Lusty yet blossoming with pristine, unadulterated love.Her love of life;Sasha- her daughter. 

I recommend you reading this book. But people,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ,er,reader! So if you sense the spark and glitter in all the muck ,then you're gifted to have witnessed and understood what we humans are capable of surviving. As a woman.As a girl.As a wife. As a mother.Picking up the shambles of life and sticking them back together and starting life all over again. It's phenomenal. 

Man..this book is exhilarating! It kept me hooked all through.

Go ahead, get intoxicated with Asha! I'm still reeling under her effect ;) You know how sentimental I get with these fictional characters no! Nooo..Asha's got to be real! :O

Ciao. Have a great week!!! :)
And hey, the message is, Never give up! Dream on baby! <3 
Dreams really do come true! Strive hard.Harder.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Hello guys!!!!!!!!

I had this really LONG break from blogosphere. Partly it was intentional and partly it was not.I just wanted to taste the mundane activities of daily life more deeply and engage myself in a sedentary yet days filled with run-of-the-mill chores. Chores that kept me occupied or simply dazed into thoughts.

Sometimes it takes time to adapt ,right? I had exams. I am still awaiting my results. And...let me tell's kinda SCARY. And other personal turmoil . Say,I was in a bit of emotional unrest? Blogging is awesome. But I needed time only for myself and regain my spiritual connect. I needed a spirituality check!That counts for me. It keeps me sane. And keeps me at peace.

I've been reading Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns. So I am virtually in Afghanistan now.I also read Norma Khouri's Forbidden Love and was baffled when I found out the author had miffed the entire world with her apparent falsity or dearth of truth in her story. However,I loved the book. 

I read books than transport me completely to alien places so I get to visualize and connect with their kinda world;The characters in the plot, I mean. I loved Dalia and Norma' s friendship. In a way ,I was envious. Because,tell me, who today is being such thick friends with one another? They say "keep your friends close and enemies closer". But what if you don't know to differentiate one from another? What age are we living in? We are so digitally and technologically screwed up! 
I loved the way Dalia did and also cried when she departed. Uuuuuuuuuufffffff....I get so emotionally attached to these characters that it almost feels like they were my camaraderie.

I'll sign off leaving you with a few lingering thoughts. From the last many months ,oops ,I mean 2 months..I have been figuring out the importance of INTENTIONS! And how they impact us and the people around us. And I've learned tremendously from the result born out of POSITIVE INTENTIONS. Even when negative thoughts fluttered through my mind, I weeded them out and brought in a curtain of serene thoughts of forbearance and happiness and love. It really is the spiritual therapy I gave myself. 

Are you giving yourself a good dose of that,lately? :)

Have an awesome day ahead!! :)
Lotsa love.

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