The Dream Series -2 -When dreams you didn't know you had- come true!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012
Hello friends! Here is my first guest post. I don't want to be all formal in inviting Kavi coz she's so self made and has introduced herself so charmingly. Plus she happens to be my best friend from day one till now :) One of the longest friendships I've forged and someone I'm extremely proud of! She invited me into this world of absolute bliss that a mere thank you just wouldn't be enough. Thanks a ton for accepting to write this for me Kavi! Owe you so much and Pssst..You are granted a space here anytime and rant away to glory! ;)

So leaving you with one of my most favorite and esteemed guest ... :) And people! A special mention here, this is part The Dream and it's gorgeous dream story that is  next in line. :)

A big hello to all readers of The Butterfly Effect!!!!! :-)

I'm Kavi and I blog at Edible Entertainment.This is my very first guest post and I'm really excited!!!! :) So excited that this post may turn into a short book! :D Feel free to edit it and make it shorter, Jen! ;) (Jen says:No.I love it! Carry on :)I've been wondering when someone will pop the question at me "Kavi, will you do a guest post for me?". And surprisingly, Jen did; despite the fact that we blog about totally different topics! I gotta say, I'm delighted by how wonderful Jen's blog has turned out! She has an amazing talent for writing! Whenever my brain is too fried from all the studying, I sit back to read her warm posts! :)


Let me tell you a short story about how I met Jen. 21 years ago, I was still in my mother's womb (6 month old fetus, I guess) when I heard a foetus calling out to me from Selvi aunty's womb. (you see, my mom and Selvi aunty knew each other) And the connection was made! :) I came into this world exactly 3 days before Jen. And since then, we've been best friends forever! The fact that I'm doing this for my FIRST AND BEST FRIEND makes this all the more special! :) I could dedicate a whole blog to our friendship, our pranks et al, but I'll stick with the theme :Dream Series. :)

"Laced throughout every day of your life, are hidden highways of opportunity, invisible crossroads of time, and golden avenues for personal transformation that if only traveled upon would reveal the extraordinary, the sublime, and the unexpected."

Mike Dooley said that and he couldn't be more right. How many times have we let go of an opportunity when it comes our way? In retrospect, I sometimes curse myself for not seizing moments! But the truth is, I've been scared. Scared of what people might think or talk behind my back. And living in a neighborhood where people couldn't stop gossiping, I always chose the conservative options.


But all that changed last year. Yeah, I believe 2011 was a year of spiritual awakening! :) One of the things I'm proud of is my blog. Some might wonder, what's the big deal about having your own food blog? I say, it certainly is a big deal. Having to deal with people who think the blog is just another outlet for my boredom and that it will soon end when I start "working". Having to explain how this is my passion and it is going nowhere. Having to keep it a "secret" from neighbors who at the given opportunity start talking about how well I cook and maybe its time to leave my studies and get married... Having to cook, click pics, edit, writeand network all the time... Phew! Honestly, if it were anything else, I would have given up a long time ago. But you know why I stick with it? PASSION & LOVE. Discovering it was the greatest gift! :)


I've been a Jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything and I like them all. But, when it comes blogging and cooking, I'm gripped with the thrill I've never experienced before! :) Okay, let me back up here a little bit. I've been academically above average, for the most times at least. But I kinda felt bored with life. But I could never make up my mind on what I would do about the future. I hoped and prayed for the Universe to show me the right path. I am good at what I do and wanted to keep doing that but I just wanted some zing back into my life. Like a side business, if I might say that. I love reading philosophical books.. They get me all excited about life. But when you truly realize and experience those teachings, you really are transported to a whole other level. Reading is one thing. But you are truly mesmerized when you see your wishes coming true AND realizing that what the great spiritual teachers say, is in fact, 100% true! :)

I still have a long list of dreams to achieve. But I know that as long as my dream is something I love and want to do, I can easily achieve them. Obstacles only come your way when you are scared of getting something. And always, ALWAYS choose to do what you LOVE rather than what is RIGHT. You'll never regret your decision. :)In fact, I am doing something soooo exciting right now! :) But I'm afraid I can't share it with you now! :) All I can say is its a dream that was planted 8 years ago. And I (hope) am finally embarking on that journey too. And believe it or not, things are just magically falling into place! They adjust themselves to make it easier for me!!!! I am at awe! :D Maybe I'll be able to share it with you guys in May 2012 (and if Jen permits another guest post :P)

*** P.S: Started with a humble Black Forest Cake, I've gone and posted more than 150 recipes with step-by-step photographs! My blog hits recently crossed 100,000! :) And I have started earning revenues from my blog! :) Who's the bored-gal-who-wastes-time-blogging now *****? :D
I'm inviting you all for a rendezvous at my blog - Edible Entertainment! You won't leave virtually hungry. ;)


#####What I most want you to dream of, are possibilities that thrill you#####- The Universe ~ hushhhhhhh.....


  1. That was an awesome post..
    Introduction part is wah wah :)
    good work both...

    dream :D Kalam will be happy :D
    if Butterfly effect permits i will post my dreams too !

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow! Beautifully shared:)!! I wish you both much success in all that you do and Im so glad you are doing what you are passionate about:)!!
    Luv and Light always:)!!!

  1. lovely!! btw..the chocolate lava looks so gooey, want to tuck into it right away!!

  1. And Kavi... ur blog's awesome!! Im a foodie and im enjoying reading ur posts!! congrats on touching the 100,000 mark!! following you..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Such passionate and talented girls. Good luck in your future endeavors :)

    Jen -- just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog :)

  1. What a sweet post!

    Jen, I'm returning the Linky Love from Happy Hour Projects, thanks for coming by this weekend!


  1. Thanks *Deepak!! Maybe you can when I need one sometime. :)

    Thanks for being here *Daisy!! :) And thank you for the lovely wishes.We need it so much!! :)

  1. *Little Princess ,Yes! her blog is a foddies magnetic blog!! LOVE her blog too.She's a great cook at a young age! And that is something. :)

    Thank you so SO much for being here *Kiran!! :) And thanks for the awesome wishes.We need more well wishers like you! :)

  1. *Adrianne , thanks for the reciprocation! That is REALLY sweet.Keep coming around here often!! :)

  1. wow this was really interesting to read. maybe i should look into my dreams!
    but i don't think it's too good for me to visit your blog since i love to baking cakes and all, because i'll be real fat when i want to make all that good yum yum!//Azure

  1. LOL! You got a lovely pic there *EyeGraffiti!! :) I am still in awe how beautifully you deck your eyes! Thanks for coming by to read my blog! Appreciate it :)!!

  1. This looks super yummy. I love chocolate. You might want to put the Linky Followers tool on your site. It is very iffy about how long the Google Connect will still be working. Some bloggers say it is going away and others say not. It's very easy to add the Linky Followers...

    Best wishes, Linda

  1. Kavi said...:

    Okay, I don't know what to say! :) :) :) Thanks for having me here Jen! :D

  1. Kavi said...:

    @ all - thanks so much! :)

  1. Kavi said...:

    @Eye Graffiti - I have healthy stuff too! ;)

  1. Thanks for being here Linda!! :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Oh my word your cake looks as if it should be illegal. So glad you have found your passion.

  1. interesting read...nicely shared ...also that feasting chocolate:)

  1. Nice pictures and interesting post.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    awesome one..i envy the friendship u guys share. Keep writing and keep making guest posts also hehe

  1. OMG, love your blog! Love how creative you are, and awe I want a twitter bird! I am new to blogger, I just started a new blog. I followed you and hoping you'll follow back. Thanks in advance!

  1. Oh yea *Vivian!! :) She's such an awesome chef! I hear she can dash up a dish in a few moments!! :)

    Thanks for coming by to read and COMMENT *Elvirah!! :)

  1. Thank you *Team G square!! :)

    LOL.You envy the friendship? That's a compliment.Thank you *Waathi!!:)And may you keep visiting here more often! Thanks for stopping by :)

  1. *Ebay!!! Thanks for the visit!! :) That is such a sweet gesture.Will peep into your blog rightaway!! :)

  1. LeoPaw said...:

    wow! So here we have two people who are born friends - one writing a guest post on the other's blog. You know how special it sounds? Love it.
    I dream a lot and for almost everything, I listen to my heart.
    And gues what, now I have a dream- I need to taste that cake that stole my heart in first sight.

  1. Firstly thanks for taking the time out to read my first guest post *Leo Paw!!:) And oh yea,go ahead and cherish the creamy cakes :)

  1. S said...:

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks a lot for your indepth feedback in my blog.I really appreciate your effort!
    This is my second comment in your blog, I commented earlier with a different id (as I was already logged in with that id at that time !)but my comment did not show up-so I am writing again-
    I feel there are some similarities between our thought processes and outlook towards life-and it shows in your blog.
    I really like your writing and I will come back for more-take care!

  1. Unknown said...:

    mmmmmmmmmmm, yummy, your posts are really very delicious like this black forest cake. Thanx for your visit to my blog and obvious for such encouraging comment. your posts are very well knitted and expressive. I like especially your leap year one.keep blogging.

  1. That is such a sweet thing to say *Sanghamitra!! :) And yes,I feel the wide connect in your blog as well :) So happy to be hearing from you!! :) You take care xoxoxo :)

    Thank you *Swagatika!! :) I love your blog as well ,it's an embodiment of willful expressions and leaves footprints on my soul in a special way!! :)Thanks for coming by!! :)

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. OH I love it Jen. I am also a "Kavi" but I only write in my mother language. I am from India MH. but from long time living in USA. I like whatever you are writing and you are so talented lady I ever met. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I will start selling my cards soon and will let you know. Keep in touch.

  1. Oh WOW! Thats so great *Archana!! :) And thank you for generously showering compliments on me.

    Makes me so happy to hear from wonderful people and so wondefully talented people like you!! :)

  1. Pranita said...:

    Touchwood..! May this frndship last forever... :)

  1. AWW.Sweet.Thanks a ton *Pranita! <3
    Lotsa love to you! :)

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