Launching The Dream

Friday, 24 February 2012
Wondering what this all about? This is a crazy segment I just fancied starting up. It's about all those interesting success stories we need to know /read to be a part of a successful story ourselves.Some say success came their way hard ,some say it was all about being smart ,let's see.We all need a driving force.Agreed? This is for those. 

The stories could range from a fragment of my imagination to a slice of my real life friend's stories or could be any of your success stories we sometimes claim -"You know this is what happened to my friend's aunt's sister's friend" Who knows.That could've been YOU.Amazing right! We are after all a sect of people congregating in unison to a cause of being unique.So these stories are meant to add another dimension to my blog which is otherwise a song of love :) 

We are a small network here but even this is part of our little world ,where God knows how we might be sharing our lives with one another in a way we ourselves might find puzzling.Like for example, I'm a blogger ;you are a blogger ,maybe your non-blogging best friend might have been my long lost friend. Who knows.We all might have so many co-inciding happenings/people and dreams in life.So let's share it and dream on...!! :)

Some of you might find this preachy & some of you might find a string of your life here.Whatever it is, Dream big! So here I am ,launching my-The Dream segment , somewhere beneath you will find my soul.You might find yourselves too.Do not forget to pick up a slice of your soul and bequeath all it's jewels. You never know, those jewels might be for real and have you shining all through  this transitory dance of our lives.


  1. I see no SUPER model nor a HUNK :D
    how can you launch without them ? :D
    you must have a word with SRK(marketing guru).
    Jokes apart...
    the whole meaning of your post lies in the bold words and that paulo coelho's quote !
    good work again...

  1. Kavi said...:

    that's soo cool! :) I have soo many stories o share! Shall mail you :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    This is gonna interesting..really :)

  1. *Deepak, I'm my own super modelling brand ambassador for my blog!! ;)

    I'm more than glad to hear it *Kavi!! :)

    Thanks *Siri!! :) Keep checking out this space :)

  1. Prashanth said...:

    This is great initiative Jen..:) Hope to hear some great stories and incidents. So how this is gonna work, is it like if we have a story or an incident we tell you and you blog about it or we blog about it and you share that link on your blog...??

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