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Monday, 6 February 2012

I normally don't come up with social issues here unless and until I'm compelled to. I read an article today in the church weekly and decided maybe some awareness regarding this should do good.Awareness regarding -Surrogate Moms.

Hours before stumbling upon this article I thought surrogacy was no big deal.I mean yes,It's no big deal outside India.But in India I hear surrogate mothers are not protected legally.And that's not good.Big yes.They need insurance.

I'm not going to be rambling on and on like some social protagonist.So I'm not going to fake it either. Just felt the need to share. So here goes, for people who don't know what Surrogacy means...

Surrogate moms are of two types.One falls under the traditional category.The other one is Artificial Insemination. Oh yes,like Jennifer Lopez did in The Back Up Plan.(Oh,how I love the movie!)

By Traditional means is like those olden days where women bore their own babies and had the biological connect giving those babies away to needy barren wives. In Artificial Insemination ,women sought to egg donors ,where in ,a woman transfers her embryo to the surrogate mom.Then ,the surrogate mom practically grows the little babe to maturity till birth.It's similarly given to a childless couple.

Now ask me why. Some couples may not be able to bear off-springs so this frustration,pain and trauma makes them opt for surrogacy. It's actually a very sacrosanct activity that has been marred today ,totally commercial driven. Women rent their wombs to provide babies at a cost of Rs.30,000 ,which is for the starters alone.Prices keep escalating every time the surrogate moms comes into structure for as many clients.Because they have all the maternity needs which are looked after by the medical agencies and the parents who crave for the baby.It's become a booming market today.Honestly,there is nothing wrong with surrogacy. I am all for it.

Statistics today has it that Indian surrogate moms earn totally around 445 billion-US $ per year. So you might say, anyone can give a random statistic.Well,you are correct.The problem is not with the statistics but with the fact that Indian Surrogate Moms do not have legal laws for protection. The numbers are climbing mountains and yet no hope of guiding light for them? They are entitled to all the rights a universal surrogate mom deserves.But I wonder why not much consideration has been given.

My point here is.I'm not going to be singing slogans or brandishing emotional frenzy amongst us.But a small awareness is going to do no harm.Maybe one fine day,a journalist or a social activist will stumble upon this blog and maybe this little silent voice can swirl into a megahertz revolution to protect these women?(I know I'm so ridiculously ambitious! ;) I hear/read ,these women are exposed to aplenty perils ,biologically and quiet socially. 

So, the freedom to(help) seek rights are not forgotten yet,right?! I just threw a pebble in the river.I've created ripples and I know it. Maybe ,you want to create a tornado? :)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Quite an informative post. good you took up the issue. keep writing such splendid posts.
    love :)

  1. Rika said...:

    I'm with you on this..gr8 post...lets hope it reaches out to the right people like you mean it to...thanks for visiting my blog :)

  1. Rika said...:

    OK so I spent some time reading your blog, and you have great one here, I'm following it!

  1. I'm not sure where I fall on this issue. On one hand I believe that every individual has the right to what is right for them as individuals and I don't believe the government should regulate us to death.

    but on the other hand, I was adopted. My biological mother was not a surrogate, just a teenager with too much time on her hands. And even though I was raised by two wonderful loving parents.. being adopted leaves scars - BIG ONES. After 25 yeas on a spiritual path I still harbour deep down pain and anger at being "given away" by my mother. If I had to live my life knowing that she had also benefited financially from abandoning me, I just don't know how I would live with myself.

    Just a thought.

  1. Sujana said...:

    This is such a complicated issue! And you did a great job explaining it! Very informative and engaging :D ...and hey, I admire you ambitiousness ;)

  1. Purvi said...:

    In India where people are so judgmental about such concepts, not being legally protected simply adds to the escalating problems....
    I also hope the required change comes about soon

  1. Purvi said...:

    In India where people are so judgmental about such concepts, not being legally protected simply adds to the escalating problems....
    I also hope the required change comes about soon

  1. Excellent post Jen !
    i have commented before, but now showing up !
    Really loved the way you spotted the issue and it is quite sensational one !
    Handled nicely..
    Extremism in science these days sounds similar to HITLER's SUPERIOR RACE strategy :(

  1. it is a serious issue u stumbled upon.. d doctors/agencies here r just looking to make money..

  1. Arti said...:

    Wonderfully well explained! It is a sensitive issue, that needs some attention today. Kudos to you for bringing it forward. Awareness is all that is needed and a single step like this really helps go a long way. Brilliant! Keep writing :)

  1. Thank you thank you *Diksha!:)

    *Rads ,Sweet of you to have come here and commented! :) I'll follow ya back! ;)

    *Tracie,I simply dono what to say. I don't want to sound sympathetic coz I know thats the last thing any strong person like you would want.You said your mom was a teenager and had too much to handle. Leave the rest of your thoughts to rest. I know and can sense that you are a beautiful woman inside out.And I don't think you out of everyone should waste yourself to something like this.You never know,maybe she's feeling guilty too? Anything is possible.

    Let's live the life we have on our platter right now. I think all these imperfections in life help us add more beauty to life! :)Lotsa hugs and love to you,Tracie!! :)xoxo

    LOL! Thanks *Sujana! :)

    I totally TOTALLY agree with you,*Purvi! The very reason why I sometimes feel ,maybe the Britons shouldn't have left.They could've partially rued.I could be wrong.But at the end of it-We all strive for the welfare of everyone right?!

  1. *Deepak,Thanks for the feedback.Yes,That's our country.What can you expect?! :)Sometimes we people have got to be more tolerant to science like we do with our diverse cultures/religions etc.

    *Dreaming Wanderer ,Today we can't even dream about stepping out of homes without our pockets full!That's our default tragedy.This system cannot be reverted.But maybe these women really need the support they deserve.I mean,they are carrying a baby.It's not like they're manufacturing it! I value your feedback.Thanks for being here :)

    Thanks for the encouragement *Arti!! :)And and.Welcome to my world. :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    It is conincident today morning me and my friend had a debate on this. I agree with you Jen :)

  1. Agree with you. Nice to see a post on such a topic. Nice :-)

  1. Thanks *Ashwini .And thanks for being here!! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think Our govt. should be replaced by youngsters.That can prove a blessing.Because modern science methods such as these,our oldies infested govt. find it un-traditional! Anyways,I don't think that is happening in light years.

    Awesome post Jen.:)

  1. Replacing the youngsters indeed is a far-fetched dream,Kevin! :) But I think implementing legal laws for surrogate women should be achieved by any means! It needs a strong foundation of support.And I think NOW is the right time.

    Thanks for coming by,Kevin! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's a very informative post. I now see this in a new light. Thank you.

    It's great to be here at your blog. Am glad you found your way to thoughtful thoughts so I could find my way here.

  1. That is such a genuine compliment! I appreciate you for taking your precious time in reading all my posts *jojofeelings! And so happy you could find yoursef here. My blog is all about spreading smiles&happiness &love. And I'm glad all that caught up with you! :)

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