The Butterfly Effect

Monday, 9 January 2012

Are you wondering why I am so obsessed of the Butterfly Effect!? Read on..

They say The Butterfly Effect means that every man's decision irrespective of how
 considerate or inconsiderate,has its consequences to an extent that it can affect
 the generations to come.In other words,a butterfly flapping it's wings in one part
of the world leads to a tornado in the other part of the world.Interesting hun!? :) 

Scientifically , two scientists proposed a Chaos theory. In accordance with the theory,
it stated that a seagull flapping it's wings here would have devastating consequences on the other side of the planet. And just to give a poetic boost,
They called this "seagull" -- "Butterfly"! 

And best part is, The Butterfly Effect is just theory. It is on it's journey to scientific 
conformation. But what I love most is the part where -Every decision we makes has 
its effects.The decision,if taken ghastly! Life goes haywire.It's not something 
threatening. Just another reason to have our eyes,ears,hearts and everything fixed
 on where our decision takes us.And to what extent it affects people around us.And
 to what extent we feel accountable for it and make the necessary changes, is 
where comes our roles to play.   

It is not wrong to be wrong. But to undo one mistake ,we tend to make a hundred 
more. Why not look at it this like this ,

I do a mistake.Everyone points fingers at me.Everyone brands me heartless.I feel
disgusted for having done that-whatever-mistake because people looked at me like i were some criminal. So here's the kick! Instead of pressing buttons of arrogance and pouncing 
back savageously-just Stop and think. Give yourself some time. Forgive yourself.
Stand up for yourself.Because in standing up for yourself, people will stand up for you.
 And when people stand up for you, you are not undoing your mistake(mind you!) you
are lessening the hastiness and contempt people throw at you! Life becomes easy. 
Being humble was never so wrong. And it's the 21st century,Nobody is really going to
 hurl you with stones for the "crimes" you've done!

Let the love grow in your heart. Because, love is so powerful.It brings miracles upon 
anyone seeking to be blessed with! And because of this very reason,people from down
the ages have sought to inspirational stories and real happenings that stress
 importance of the Butterfly Effect! It might not be scientifically proven.But so what,
does that stop us from believing somebody loves us ,if not scientifically proven?

*This photo was shot by Terren in Virginia.*

Love & peace,



  1. Kavi said...:

    You've decided to come out of our *hiding place* huh? :) Nice. I hope you become the best inspirational person you could ever be! :)

  1. Yes,my "hiding" time is over.I'm the new 2012 lady!:D Do stay tuned to my updates. I love you for always being the first to comment. :) :*

  1. I love The Butterfly Effect as well :) Great blog Jen xxoo

  1. Thanks Tracie! :) Just beginning something i believe in.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Beautiful post!! I especially love your last line:)!! Very well done Jennifer:):)!! Luv and Light to you always:)!!

  1. Thanks thanks thanks a Lot Daisy!! :)
    Luv & Light to you too,always!!! :)

  1. Madhusha said...:

    interesting.Very interesting. I'm going to read more about the butterfly effect on google.

  1. Madhusha said...:

    What a wonderful post.

    "It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent. "
    -Madeleine Albright

    You've defined creativity in a very special way. Very very special way.
    Its almost like some voices in my head spoke aloud through your post.

    I'll see you around more often.

    cheers! Keep up the wonderful work.

  1. Thank you Madhusa! :)

    I am so happy to hear from people like you!:) It gives me the pleasure of writing more often :)!!

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