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Sunday, 22 January 2012
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Ever thought about pampering yourself? Self indulgence is a lovely treat to you-mindwise,body wise and soul-wise. Look around you, you find beauty parlours at almost every corner of the street or a spa at almost every crossing street. Also ,in the recent years there has been a wide frenzy over how one looks and how one styles himself/herself.Yes,they overdo it.However look at the positive side of it.. Is treating yourself really that bad?

Yes,crossing the line is not advisable.So what exactly does "crossing the line" mean.Simply that one needn't go to the wild extent of doing a nose job just to have a better nasal sound in her voice. indian audience should know whom I'm talking about *wink*wink*. But pampering yourself is great! The word pampering itself creates waves of optimism. But that nasal thingy,I think that goes right under "spoiling thyself" category.

Here are some obvious ways you'd like pampering yourself!

Body pampering 
1)Go for long walks every morning! Really helps the blood circulating generously all over your body.
2)Go for your regular regime of parlour vistits( I know how women feel everytime they get a new haircut.The happiness just glows all over their faces! I'm not yet sure about guys.)
3) Hit the spa once in three months or anytime you wish. Thai massages are supposed to be the world's renowned massage technique! So make that nearest spa your second home! 
4)Change hairstyles or haircolor. Did you know that hair-do/hair color determines the kind of person you are? Interesting ,ain't it? Go get that flaming red hair and your lovely mane gorgeously layered! It's Upto you.
5)Keep changing your wardrobe.The same wardrobe filled with the same clothes ,same colors cites a melancholic life and maybe you could pep up your wardrobe today?

Mind-wise/Soul-wise pampering
This is the most important part. The better your mind is set and free of clutter ,your soul sings with joy! So your soul-pampering depends on your mind pampering.

Whenever you are in doubt regarding what somebody did to you was mean or whatever- Clarify,go up and confront the person or if you are not comfortable with the confronting session just sit tight and practise patience! Just bring your mind to PEACE.And your soul will rejoice!
And for those with subtle souls ,MEDITATE.It's a real breather.For those who don't find the need to meditate,simply go jogging/play with your pet/talk to somebody you can just unwind yourself to,at any given situation.

So guys,Thanks for following me through uptil here.Now comes the actual beat! 
Always remember : When your mind is rightly pampered ,so is your soul and eventually so will be your body. How one moulds oneself , indulging in loving oneself and believing in oneself follows the way you pamper your mind , soul and your body.

The order you pamper yourself in:

1.Mind 2.Soul 3.Body

Before bidding adieu,just a mention about how one should never forget the lines blurring between spoiling oneself and pampering oneself today.
Always,Keep your head on your shoulders and Set your heart in the right place. I'm sure you will never fail yourself!


  1. Chintan said...:

    I loved Rihana's red hair, it does indicate an attention grabbing confident attitude :)

  1. Yes! I love that too! And thanks for coming by to read my blog Chintan! :)

    Do keep coming often! :)

  1. Elvirah said...:

    Very good tips by you to pamper our body, sould and mind.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great post- totally agree about pampering! it's so important for our overall well-being! And anything that warrants a spa day is a must-follow in my books :D

  1. Good one.. I liked the idea of making oneself happy.. It is so underrated..
    Nice blog.. :)

  1. Firstly, *Elvirah , *Kthadani and *Neha Shandilya - Thank you sooo much for taking the effort to come by and reading my blog! :)

    I love all your comments! Going to look through your blogs right away!:)

  1. Gayatri said...:

    Mind - Soul - Body! Will definitely keep that in mind.

  1. I'm happy you can connect with this Gayatri:)!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Another great post Jen:)! I do love pampering myself inside & out;)! Now excuse me while I go pamper myself some more;)!!

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