Friday, 27 January 2012

Star-dusted in brown,
coated like sugary burn,
simmering with glee,
guess who can it be?

Enchanted chirps,
from north to south,
from east unto west,
tweeting so merrily,
my ecstasic power,
my power that can stun, 
throwing everyone,
 spell bound!

I dissolve all sorrows,
I dissolve all pain,
I emanate energy,
so full of ecstasy,
my aura can thunder,
like lightenings surrender,
that the time has come,
to give up their gloom!

Women love me,
Men love me,
Children love me no less,
so can you now guess,
what i might be?

This is your quest,
don't put me to the test,
for i will soon melt,
at anyone's compliment!


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