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Friday, 20 January 2012

Talk about the pleasures of gardening! I've always loved plants,trees,flowers-the scented and the unscented.And those creepers ,climbers,those gorgeously twisty turning ones.It's a sight to behold .Don't you think?

Who doesn't love the nature at it's colorful glory!

A carpet of green,
much so serene.
Marshy earth,
crawling with mirth.
Residing insects,
fauna-flora visuals,
Delighting the eyes,
that costs no price.
So flaming red,
yet so delicately bred,
with sparkly waters,
surrendering to their fathers,
dribbling and splattering,
plentifully giving,
nourishing and satiating,
every fellow being.

Wrote that,when a lovely scene flashed before me ;a forest-look waterfalls with it's greens standing dominant at it's gaiety's best!

My garden
My mom and dad love gardening and I guess ,I've got into that groove now.Simply love the way plants ,flowers, trees are. They're so gorgeously majestic. Each and every plant/tree/flower is so gorgeous in it's own way.There again, steming it's way to "uniquness".

They say "Talk to plants and they grow faster!". The day I heard that,you have no clue how bonkers I went about "talking to plants".I used to talk,no wait,I used to whisper.For fear that onlookers would think I've lost it.I would whisper sweet things to plants like "You're beautiful,grow fast" or "You're the cutest of this crowd.Grow,grow,grow!".I used to do this like, seven years back. Now,I'm laughing over all that.

But secretly ,deep down ,from the bottom of my heart,I do whisper to plants,even TODAY,lovingly asking them to grow. I guess the plants can sense the love by the way you pour water over it or nuturing it,manuring it and protecting it from pests! 

"The way you pour water over it" meaning ,you just don't throw water over it like you were flinging a bag of garbage in the bin.Instead ,gently let the water's love and the pourer's love deeply penetrate into its roots and stem till the tip of the leaf!

Just let the water flow gently.Take care of it like a baby.You don't even have to talk! Just let the warmth in you spread to your saplings too.They'll enjoy growing and sustain everything just to please their master.They don't have mouths to cry but they rot away to agony and wither away if you don't care enough.They don't squeak for help when they're dying.They don't throw tantrums like us when they can't grow the way they want.They just grow the way they are destined to be born through that one blessed seed creating a niche for themselves,individually;creating a world where they belong and carrying on their leafy lives to eternally evergreen livelihood till death places its hand over it!

I wrote this just to thank the Universe for giving me such lovely flowers.I have been dedicatedly watering my plants from the past two weeks. And in three days, bloomed a splendid rose,then another,and then four more. All in peachish pinkish red.Oh,how I love them! And my hibiscus has grown to its matured beauty dancing in the breeze like a balerina on fire. And those cute baby tomatoes. My! You get the picture.There are many samplings we've planted,Er,Yet to learn their names! I'm waiting to expand my garden.Our garden.A lot of my mom's efforts run into it.Efforts and love.Gifts of love indeed!


  1. Hello Jen,
    I already like your garden.
    And i'm so happy that you decided to say something about your plants.At this point,i like to discuss about certain other interesting aspects about them,or any other creation of nature for that matter.
    For those of you who read the post and feels that 'loving' plants (in any way that Jen has mentioned above),is preposterous,then i suggest that you have a closer look at those plants.Or maybe spend some quality time with them.They themselves can teach you the value of some basic attributes in life.
    For example,consider a plant,holding a beautiful flower,just outside your house. Every day as you step out,the flower says "Good Morning to you!!" and as you start your journey,the leaves sway to the rhythm of the wind,saying,"Au revoir!take care!"
    It is hardly even noticed!
    Now coming to the point,does the plant get anything in return from us?or at least 'expect' the least from us?IT DOESN"T!
    It continues to do what it wants to,unconditionally!
    That's the lesson we ought to learn from them!We need to spread the smile and love,no matter what.It doesn't matter if none notices or appreciates us.
    Just like those plants who continue to wish us,(in addition to all the other selfless favors),inspire of our ignorance!!
    If every one of us start to realize this,we will see mankind flourishing and ever expanding like prolific verdant valleys!
    If you still feel loving plants is ridiculous,you have missed out on one of the rarest 'perfections' that nature has laid forth for us to appreciate and learn from!
    Love and Peace.

  1. Wow Aslem! WOW! :)I wanted to trigger this very emotion in everybody who read this.Actually I wanted to go ahead and explain all what you just did! But thought I'd better not be preachy because everyone knows best.Maybe a little triggering should help! :)

    So happy that happened with you! :)

  1. Nevin said...:

    I'm not so much of a garden guy cos I feel its very artificial. one anyway day I'd prefer some virgin forests. But your article has changed my perspective a little bit. Wonderful post and yeah, u have a new follower :D

  1. Unknown said...:

    Jen, I thought I was the only one who talked to plants and never really said it to anyone thinking they might call me an eccentric.But now, I have company,totally loved this post!

  1. Plants do respond to love and interaction, and this has been proven by science. I used to be branded as crazy for singing and playing guitar for my bhindi crop as a younger person, but god knows that they produced the tastiest an healthiest bhindi one has ever had. Enjoyed the passion with which you have written this post.

  1. AmitAag said...:

    Hey Jen I have no words to express my love for this post! Absolutely out of this world! We're so like minded(hearted!). Arnab,Subhorup we're pals dudes!

  1. AmitAag said...:

    PS: Will tell you about my spiritual and mystical experiences with trees I had while meditating in their aura...some other time!

  1. Wow.. Did I just make an impact or what? :) So flattered and Thank you *Nevin!! :)

  1. Wow! Join the club *Arnab! I know many people who are worse than us :)

  1. Thank you Subhorup sir :) I just love plants so much! The greens are real magical ,yea? :)And you actually sang to your bhindi crop with a guitar...LOL! That is just amazing!! :) Thanks for that info,I'll make someone do that to my saplings :D

  1. Wow! I'd love LOVE to hear about them Amit ji!! :) Maybe in the form of a new post on your blog will do :) Trees /plants are nature's gems of our living life! :)

  1. green post :)
    loved the poem espl
    and gardening, caring trees are the best thing to do than helping a human :)
    Trees has that gratitude which we lack...
    wonderful work Jen :)
    Thanks for thanking our universe :D -

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