All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Hellooo all my chocolate lovers! It so happens I have my project review tomorrow and here I am sitting and pounding away on my keyboard though nights wear me out. Infact I love nights. But tomorrow is a busy day for me so the fact that I'm sitting up late is a bit of my other-self's concern.However,I've come here to entertain you with some chocolate chatter! :)

I don't know how far this is true but they say Women love chocolates more than anything.But I do know guys who can bear all for a chocolate(I mean,not literally!).So chocolate is another thing other than love that has surpassed all human caste/creed/religion from simply meandering into residing in the hearts of people young and old.

People,old and young,white or brown or black or yellow have all gone gaga over chocolates!(not being racist,just describing people how this world does!) And I don't think the chocolate madness will ever end.Owing to it's ingredients that delve into each of our taste buds are TRUULY ...A class apart! 

Chocolates? Don't you think it washes away all our sorrows.Or maybe not. It atleast puts our thoughts to rest. Right? Don't you think the moment you start relishing it more,the more you start slurrrping and enjoying every ounce of it,it momentarily erases all the subconscious negativity?

I am not stating any scientific facts here. Merely saying how concentrating and relishing on smaller things in life can get you where you have to. It's amazing how one can fully finish a bar of chocolate in one gulp and not remain unhappy. 

Do take a break from your heavy schedule/diet/work/study or whatever and give into a teenny-weeny temptation to a little chocolate snack! ;)

Enjoy every bite and taste the insides of this sugary miracle.A sure masterpiece indeed that keeps the world in enigma surrounded by this heavenly la choclatier story!

*Dance the chocolate style yo!* 


  1. Elvirah said...:

    I love chocolates! When that flavour touches my tast buds, i just feel like i am in one some sort of wonder land. No matter how strict diet i follow to keep myself fit, i don't mind having a chocolate atleast once a week. You are right chocolate is something which makes no difference between any kind of people.

  1. It truuuly is!:) Chocolates makes us kids again. Which reminds me of all those cute Dairy Milk ads they broadcast in India! :)

    Glad you connected with this,Elvirah!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Chocolate does cure everything! Broken hearts, hurt feelings, anger. Most wouldn't turn down chocolate of any kind. I'm a chocolate lover myself.

  1. I know Kristy! Join the club :D Chocolates are really everything!

  1. Loved it, I always believed that the purpose of life is chocolate, cheesecake, and chocolate cheesecake.

  1. First of all good luck for the review JEN :) rock it !
    Yummy post :)

  1. *Subhorup Dasgupta ,Ofcourse Sir! After all, I don't think anything ever listens to our misfortunes silently! :)

    *Rajkumar .rr ,Thanks for coming by to read!

    We did rock at the review *Deepak!:) Even I go *drooool* everytime I take a look at my chocolate cake pic above! :)

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