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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What is love?

I have this interesting friend with whom I had an even interesting conversation today.It all started from somewhere and we landed here. So,Love- ?

Let me be specific .I'm talking about love between two hearts and what it means to each of us.Yes,I know ,everyone views love in every other way. And from what I've learnt,dealt and experienced life;I think the way we love a person (our life companion) talks mountains of who we really are.

Promise,I never looked up on any scientific thesis! Just my way of evaluating the different human nature ,the way they emote in different circumstances,and how they  go hand-in-hand with this strange-beautiful being called "Love".

For me,It is something that is the most naturalest thing in the world(Forgive me for inventing this new word "natural-est".Just trying to emphasize my point!)."Naturalest" is my highest degree of natural. So,

Love is the most naturalest feeling.Like breathing,like hearing the whooshing of the wind or hearing the distant sounds,like seeing ,or like listening! Love is something that sparks between two hearts without even knowing it sparked.

For example,if A liked B. It's very ridiculous when A has to chase B all his life just to win her heart.And even if A does get her ,what next? I think the answer is pretty obvious! I doubt if the relationship will work out.I'm not being pessimistic,merely sharing what I've seen happen.

It's like,if I am madly infatuated with the latest sports car, I'll do probably anything to get my hands on it.But I also know,it's just a passing cloud and I'll get over this whole "sports car" mania.Again,I'll be obsessively infatuated with something else.It's like the circle of infatuation, going round and round,with the same happenings!

I think this is how people confuse themselves, treating people like commodities,making rash transitory choices,commitments, eventually bombing their lives into smithereens.

 However,we know ,life today is filled with many a conflicting set of interests.

Some people choose everything.
Some choose what they like and ignore the rest.
Some simply know what they want or so it seems.

Love is something that naturally creeps into the hearts of two,something so ordinary,yet in the complexities of life where it is labourious to even make a mole-hilled decision,what makes this ordinary feeling so extraordinary.It's that spark that sparkles in the hearts of very few.  The very few pen poems of long -lasting death-do-us-apart poems and the rest crave for "that love".

"Love is after all a simple being with an innocent heart and misunderstood a complicated being."

Oh,I'd love to hear from each of you ,your take on love! Let's see all those fascinating feedbacks on love,you could even not agree with whatever I mentioned in here,So what? I'm looking forward to it! Bring it on.

Let the Love rain heavy upon you! :)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Jen, Manali from TUT here.
    Check this out: A poem by Khalil Gibran that I posted on my blog.
    That's my exact opinion of love!

  1. Agree more than ever!! But I'm merely talking about how one chooses the right one to actually have what YOU described happen next. No matter how we humans go through the journey of self discovery, I think we are still social beings, need one another, in your words "complimenting one another" but yes, not really completing each other. :)

    Loved the poem Manali! Thanks a ton for stopping by to read my blog. You have idea how happy this makes me!! :)

  1. AmitAag said...:

    Very well written Jen! I loved each n every word of it!

  1. That was awesome Jen :)
    loved reading it...
    Love shower.. hmmm lets bestow it :)

  1. People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used. But some people get it the other way around. Enjoyed reading.

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