Patience Personified

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Patience is the companion of Wisdom . -St.Augustin.

What do you think about patience? Isn't it another manifestation of love? I believe so. Patience has played a very crazy role in my life. Simply because I never thought I'd be those types.Being patient was an ordeal for me. Meaning,patience was never a word in my dictionary. It was traumatic to face the even disastrous consequences of it. Here are the reasons why;

1)It was hurting people around me.
2)Being a conscience driven person,I used to feel hopelessly miserable.

When I read about The Secret;The awakening began.And I couldn't think of perfecting myself in a more perfect situation of my life! I kept attracting thoughts on being quiet when people did /said things I didn't like. And not only the book , there were other positive
attributes new to my life that had this tremendous effect. Mom almost gave up, rebuking me for being so agressively impatient. 

Truth is...
1) You are ruining everybody's happiness around you by being a pest like that.
2)Your own peace of mind is lost. 

So,I always say a silent prayer for patience before hitting the bed. Because,lately I've experienced how rewarding it is when you are patient with people.It not only saves you of trouble but also helps people breathe. Giving them all the time they need to fit into that square of your expectation.

Also,I wanted to mention that, I never even wanted to post this in the first place for fear that
people would judge me. It so happens, I don't care about what anybody talks about me
behind my back or on my face regarding what I've become now or how I've changed.Because, I diligently visualised this change and it happened. And this I've acquired with a lot of
pain.Believe me , it's not so easy to go against the grain! It is arduous. It's like taming a wild
animal.It has it's baggage of tears, prayers and more. But when you've achieved it,There's
nothing like it,it feels you are on top of the world.,you feel like a halogen balloon floating in
mid air! I'm already receiving my gifts of patience.And the feeling is overwhelming. But I also
know , the sustenance is the most vital part. However, I know that I'll never let ME down. 

Gifts of love,again!


  1. Purvi said...:

    You write brilliantly and never be feared of the judgements... I used to be very impatient at one particular point in time, I still am a little impatient but not enough to hurt people around be but just enough to get me going and wanting more :) :)

  1. :) I was a real rebel ,Purvi!! But now I've sobered down!Circumstances and our desires really change our perspective towards life.I'm sure you know that better than me :).

    And thanks for visiting my blog,Purvi.:)

  1. I am still a total rebel Jen :)
    I often think that patience is one of my life lessons, as I don't have any. I am extremely bad with being patient. Unless I have a camera in my hand and I am waiting for the perfect shot, then I can be infinitely patient.

  1. LOL! I think even I have that little bit of rebellion in me! :) But its not as much as it used to be! :)

    We have a lot of characteristics in common Tracie! Maybe we should chat about all that one day! :)

  1. RohithCG said...:

    Patience is a virtue ... For one to be patient when things go wrong, requires a lot of effort ... Rightly said Jen.. :)

  1. Thanks for reading through Rohith! :)
    Finally the model made it to my blog! :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    One of the great gifts I have been to find is patience:)! Makes a world of difference:)!! Another beautiful post Jen:)!!

  1. Very true Daisy!And I'm still STILL learning that. :)

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