The Old Man and his two Wives

Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Here is an allegory I'd love to share.

There was an old man who had two wives.One was young and beautiful and the other one was old and frailing. And each of them loved him very much, desired to see him like herself.Now the man's hair was turning grey.So,on the nights when he was with the young wife,she used to comb his hair and get rid of all the white hair.And when he was with the older wife who feared of looking like his mom ,tweeked out all his black hair.Well, now you can guess what would've happened in course of time.

The old man soon found himself bald!

Moral:Yield to all and you will soon have nothing to yield.

I think it's a pretty self explanatory story. Needs no Einstein to get the point!

My inference

Let's get to the root of the problem.Yeilding and not yeilding arises out of the decisions we make for ourselves.So it all boils down to our decision-making capacity.Scientifcally,our brain is divided into Left Brain and Right Brain.

Left Brain -performs all the logical,analytical and rational reasoning.
Right Brain-performs all the intuitive,subjective and a holistic reasoning.

How we use the Right Brain Left Brain varies from person to person.More often,it is believed that people use their Left Brain more under the false impression that deciding life decisions logically can end our woes of life. However it is in developing the so called "Right Brain Left Brain Crossover" one can fully accomplish a holistic decision-making process in life.

In general,when making a decision,we weigh out all those possibilities that make our life so stressful.Hardly do we notice that it's the "kind of decision" we make ,the sole reason why its consequences are souring!

In a nutshell, making judicious use of Right Left Brains help us making sound,intuitive & rational decisions in life.

That's where my scienctific reasoning ends! Now, getting to the heart of it.

When we humans are brought into this beautiful Universe,we were and are a sign of love! That rich and immaculate love. Because we weren't dumped here by accident. We were created out of love. And so The Almighty/God even gave us the spunk to be on this not-so-immaculate Universe because He knew He was sending each one of us here for a "purpose".That purpose is Our Life.The journey to that "purpose" subliminally becomes our mission for life.This journey is not all rosey but fruitful indeed.So men ,old and young,tread this path dumping their saturnine nothings and entering a world of rakish sanguinity! Though it may sometimes be like playing with fire,imagine yourself a child because a child's play is always forgiven. And a child in each of us, no matter what,wouldn't yeild to the fiery fires of the world. He/She woud listen to the whispers of his own,cautioning when life decides to run him downhill.

Yeilding to wrong things can lead to the worst.In merely focussing all your energy on the things you love ,you are indirectly not yeilding to things you'd rather not love.

Ways to boost your built-in Control system
1)There are plenty of mind games.Maybe you'd want to try them?It helps.

2)Do medition the right way.Yoga/Pranic Healing/Reiki. It's an awakening to life like no       other.Believe me.

3)If you feel disinterested in meditations,just walk or sweat out all your worries.It releases all the endorphines in the body giving you a sound mind to think,love and love more.

That implies,you'll make decisions that weed out the unnecessary!
Do,everything it takes to embrace those dreams running wild into your life with not a sprinkle but a rainfall of love!

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  1. Incredible message :D
    Yield to all and you will soon have nothing to yield.
    It gives some sense...
    apart from the jokes, we must certainly consider few things to a level they deserve

  1. Grow up in a joint family, by the time you are 10 you know how to negotiate your way out of every situation :-)

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